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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We are aware of an issue with the seeding for the beginning of the BG season.
We are adding rewards to higher progression brackets to offset the additional grind.
More information here.
**Arcade is being extra tricky with his Murder Box...**
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[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    Hey kabam please fix the war matchmaking thanks
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    Randi ka bacha kabam
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    andre98andre98 Posts: 25
    theres a glitch where the profile of the boss does not show up before starting the quest. this way you cant see who's the boss without entering the quest.
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    ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 864 ★★★★
    Day 19. No acknowledgment, no fix.
    Nothing to see here.
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    kaktakkaktak Posts: 1
    In game name: kaktak
    Device name: Xiaomi redmi 5A
    Game version: 28.0.0
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: Both
    Game mode: event quest, arena, story quest, duels
    Description of the issue: Persistent connection errors.After the update, the game does not start over Wi-Fi.You have to spend additional resources on completing tasks.A week has passed since the release of the update, players write about various errors and developers do not seem to want to pay attention to us
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    CaptainMarvellCaptainMarvell Posts: 42
    just wasted revives & potions in summer smackdown only to get constantly disconnected making all the resources i used pointless. lag is also making playing the game impossible to play. will they fix the game anytime soon? seeing how they don't bother responding or giving updates to all the problems people have listed i highly doubt it. stop telling people to post the problems in this post if your not going to respond & fix it
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    harsh8029harsh8029 Posts: 10
    In game name: harsh8029
    Device and model: redmi y2
    Device operating system: MIUI 11.0.5
    Cellular or WiFi: cellular
    Game version: 28.0.0
    Description of issue: Game crashed while opening it.
    The above link will show the recorded screen.
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    Grifter68Grifter68 Posts: 5
    In game name: GrifterX
    Device model: Huawei ALE-L21
    System: Android 6.0
    Wifi & cellular: both
    Version: 28.0.0
    Game mode: ALL

    Every Mission, Quest and whatever where Vision Aarkus is involved, i get multible game crashes or game freezes. in the new side mission with Vision Aarkus i put more revives to try to kill him as never before.

    AND fix it, that the Champions infight loose not half of there HP, when game crashes or disconnects. That a shame, that this happens since i play this game.
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    Saket_123Saket_123 Posts: 139
    In-Game Name:
    Saket Stark
    Device and Model:
    Redmi Note 7s
    Device Operating System:
    ANDROIDos 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi:
    Cellular (Mobile Data) Vodafone
    Game Version:
    Game Mode:
    Description of the Issue:
    While using the mobile data I am not able to login. Whenever I try logging in it shows check your internet connection even though I am getting internet speed of 1.1mb while using netflix.

    I tried reinstalling the game but same issue.
    On wifi the game is working fine.

    I changed the device and the game was working fine.
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    Stardios1Stardios1 Posts: 26
    Nick mame: stardios1, LEGIÓN y grucho 3212
    Dispositivo : Nokia 3.1 plus 3 GB RAM Octa-core
    Samsung A30s 4 GB RAM y Octa-core
    Android 10 en ambos
    Versión 28.0.0
    Datos móviles y wifi
    El problema persiste en todos los modos de juego principalmente en AQ y Aw y no dan solución .... cuando aceptas una pelea tarda y se agota el tiempo no entrás te saca al mapa principal y te quita la mitad de vida... solución a este grave problema no podemos jugar en ningún modo y No QUEREMOS COMPENSACIÓN... QUEREMOS SOLUCIÓN AL PROBLEMA esto fue hace 2 actualizaciones
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    Stardios1Stardios1 Posts: 26

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    Stardios1Stardios1 Posts: 26
    SOLUCIÓN a la búsqueda de oponentes es un asco
    Nos tocan guerras contra Alianzas del doble de potencia por qué no al contrario??? ... Emparejar x potencia guerrera es un fraude y es lo más ridículo que pudieron hacer ... debe ser x la potencia de Alianza para que sea equitativo para todos los participantes...desde las guerras Fake de 5 minutos que hicieron perdimos sin haber participado ....nos bajaron de categoría y no hemos podido recuperarnos y ustedes nunca se hicieron responsables... Los aliados no quieren participar y cuesta mucho conseguir participantes por la categoría que tenemos por culpa de todas las fallas que ustedes tienen...
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    Stardios1Stardios1 Posts: 26
    edited August 2020

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    BlueWarlockBlueWarlock Posts: 10

    In-Game Name: BlueWarlock
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
    Device Operating System: 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 28.0.0
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue: Graphical issues after just a minute or two of play. Flickering, flashing, black/pink/rainbow textures, missing textures, missing images. After a few minutes more of this the game will completely crash. This issue has been ongoing for weeks but has gotten exponentially worse since two updates ago and has escalated to the point where the game is completely unplayable because I can't even see anything properly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, cleared the game cache repeatedly, killed all other running applications in memory management, restarted the game repeatedly, even factory reset the entire tablet, all with no change in the problem. I have opened support tickets and gotten only scripted responses with no useful info.

    Issue STILL ONGOING with no acknowledgement of problems from Support or Dev. Additional screenshots below.

    Kabam, will you kindly acknowledge this extraordinarily annoying and widespread issue and please do something about it. The lack of response does not encourage me to spend money on this game.
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    CaptainMarvellCaptainMarvell Posts: 42
    kabam won't fix the problems because they don't care about the everyday player. if this was happening to seatin, dorky or any other member of the ccp these problems would be solved immediately
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    VakoVako Posts: 10
    In-Game: Guardian
    Model: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: both
    Android op. system: 7.1.1
    Samsung Experience: 8.5
    Game version: 28.0.0
    Desc.: When I enter game it takes 10-20 seconds and then screen freezes, game shuts down itself.
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    ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 864 ★★★★
    In the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

    Right now, we are facing a developer-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in scores of game updates. Android game optimization for high display refresh rate devices. If we don't take action the collapse of our community and the extinction of smooth gameplay is on the horizon.
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    BeloriBelori Posts: 19
    In-Game Name: Lonely Belori
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Redmi 4A
    Device Operating System: Android 7.1.2
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 28.0(latest)
    Game Mode: Every game mode.
    Game is literally impossible to play. It lacks optimization, lags all the time in every aspect of the game. Arena, quests, AW, AQ. I'm complaining about it for a second time already. I hope you will take care of it.
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    AlphaChaosAlphaChaos Posts: 20
    Thecurler said:

    In the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

    Right now, we are facing a developer-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in scores of game updates. Android game optimization for high display refresh rate devices. If we don't take action the collapse of our community and the extinction of smooth gameplay is on the horizon.

    Maybe they are crippling Android since there are a handful of Android devices that are actually better than iOS devices. For example, iPhone 11 Pro Max 60Hz display / 120Hz touch response. Budget Android phone like OnePlus Nord 90Hz display / 180Hz touch response or high end device like Note 20 Ultra which claims a 120Hz display / 240Hz touch response. Since none of the content creators use Android for streaming (AFAIK) I am pretty sure we are not getting a fix any time soon.

    Best example is to have a look at this YouTube video describing a weird AI behaviour. Seatin complains he doesn't like this change and whaddaya know, you don't see this behavior the next day. Not sure who else noticed this but it was definitely there for a while after 28.0 update.
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    Kabam to madharchod hai
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