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    Ashok1504Ashok1504 Posts: 40 β˜…
    In game name - Ashok1504

    Items- 2 GGC’s

    Best thing that ever happened to me this year was to get Hyperion for the first time (and dupe him twice after a few weeks) after 4 years of playing this game. It's that moment I knew I got someone to clear almost any content there ever is.
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    BlindChickenBoyBlindChickenBoy Posts: 22 β˜…
    ign: BlindChickenBoy
    2 GGc's would be great

    2 reasons:
    Firstly my ign is funny as hell,
    Secondly I finally managed to get my first path in Labyrinth under my belly a cpl weeks ago.

    Have a great christmas everyone.
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    LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 1,178 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
    IGN: MaddogHT

    I would like 2 Greater Gifting Crystals if I win

    Best thing that happened to me in the game this year was what I did last night: I was able to finish my 100% exploration of Act 6.3 and never have to see that Mysterio boss ever again! :D

    The gifting event helped me get the items I needed to finish while getting the bonus gifting milestone rewards which was awesome.

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    Doc_HollamonDoc_Hollamon Posts: 173 β˜…
    edited December 2019
    IGN: Tha PoppaDoc

    2 Greater Gifting Crystals

    Great things this year

    I pulled void 5*. R5 him. Explored act 5 and used the generic AG on him.
    I pulled Sentinel 5* duped and R5 him. I became Cavalier in November. I pulled capiw out of a grandmaster. He’s getting ready to be my next r5 once I get the few T2A shards I need. After a few lackluster 6* I pulled Ghost recently. It’s been a pretty awesome year.
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    SubExtaByteSubExtaByte Posts: 80 β˜…
    edited December 2019
    1 Greater Gifting Crystal And 2 Stony Mastery Cores+1 Energy Refill*
    User: SubExtaByte
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    TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 506 β˜…β˜…
    Ign- Taz4178

    Best thing that's happen to me this year I'd say either taking my 5* Corvus to rank 5 or crushing variant 3 with my 455 Sentinel that was fun also I loved the Doom invasions beat event this year in my opinion for overall everything! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone else! Happy Holidays😁
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    TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 506 β˜…β˜…
    Also just pulled the 5* from the monthly log in (1st time ever getting a 4* or higher) , so I've got to include that as well! Really looking forward to that buff now!😎
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    Froaki3Froaki3 Posts: 7 β˜…
    Ign : froaki3
    I'd like the 2 gifting Crystal's I'm 4000 6* shards from my first 6* I just started playing this year so I'd like to end my first one with being that much closer:p
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    CHIEF1121CHIEF1121 Posts: 18 β˜…

    2 GGCs

    Pulled a 5 star Blade!

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    LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 4,179 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
    Only about 19 Hours left to enter in!
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    Brandon2150c1Brandon2150c1 Posts: 4 β˜…
    IGN almost done
    I have had a good year... finally tackled becoming Cavalier. Which was so satisfying! Then pulled this guy last night...

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    Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,996 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    IGN: mr spider 568
    Item: 5 ggc 3 ggc from the calendar
    Best moment: got a 5* thing from 5* hero crystal
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    ZeusgodofkingsZeusgodofkings Posts: 4 β˜…
    Two GGC
    Ign: Zeusgodofkings

    The best thing happened to me this year is during the last week, my alliance kicked me out since they need whalers for gifting event πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ so i got into a new alliance, i missed a lot of milestones but still, i opened 5 GGC and got a AG, around 10k 6* shards in total ( not a single pull) and 7500 5* shards. And pulled my first 6* invisible woman and pulled NF as well. I'm not sure if I would have got them if i was in previous alliance. Everything happens for a reason
    And merry Christmas
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    X_E_CutionerX_E_Cutioner Posts: 155 β˜…
    IGN - X.E.Cutioner
    2 GGCs
    Best thing that happened this year was getting a 6* Void, 5* Domino and Symbiote Supreme from regular cavs within 24 hours 😁😁
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    PanbohPanboh Posts: 72 β˜…
    IGN: Panboh
    Item: 2 GGC's
    Best moment: Well there was a few, but pulling, awaken and r5 Claire in one day was the best one.
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    RaikisRaikis Posts: 173 β˜…
    Ign: Raikis

    Would love to get 2GGC :)

    Best thing is I explored act5! Oh boy, it was long. Also I joined my second ally since I have started playing, I am very happy in the new family!

    Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 756 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    IGN : maher Najem
    Would like to get 1 greater gifting crystal and 10 energy refills.
    Best thing I've done this year is become uncollected.
    Merry Christmas everyone!!
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    Dragonjax64Dragonjax64 Posts: 17 β˜…
    IGN: Dragonjax545
    Prize: GGC and mastery cores
    The greatest thing that happened to me this year is me finally being able to grind arena allowing me to get many wonderful champions
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    Apollo107Apollo107 Posts: 104 β˜…
    IGN- Gulk buster

    Would love 2 ggcs

    Best thing is probably getting medusa from the arena by accident
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    Will5blueWill5blue Posts: 11 β˜…
    IGN- will5blue
    Would warmly welcome 2 GGC's

    This year back in July I picked back up the game from years ago and the best thing that's happened is my progression. I went from my old account of 80k p.i to my current account of 270k+ in 6 months. In that time I 100% act1-3, completed and 100% act 4 and became uncollected two months back. From not having a four star r5 or a single 5 star to 8x 4 stars maxed and 17 x 5stars with nearly being able to r5 one of them.

    To sum it up it's been a good year.
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    ShadowXShadowX Posts: 42 β˜…
    IGN: Shadow Bruh
    2 GGCs

    Recently pulled 10k 5* shards from a free ggc and used that to open my first 5* featured to pull a 5* doom so hyped about it
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    BloodshedzBloodshedz Posts: 45 β˜…
    Ign- Reaperofsoulz
    2 ggc would be cool .
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Hope you and your family have a safe holiday.
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    LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 4,179 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
    *Merry Christmas Everyone, hope everyone has a great day!*

    Just a reminder for the Giveaway, there's now 4 Hours left, I should be around to let everyone know when it's over, and the Winner will Not be drawn Immediately!
    Please understand I'm having Christmas with my own family today so it going to take some time before I can sit down and count all the Entries, but it should be done by today even if it's late. (Also I will give the winner Plenty of time to accept their Reward just incase they are busy with anything)
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    KoxinuKoxinu Posts: 3 β˜…
    IGN: Koxinu
    I would like 2 ggc’s

    I started playing just a couple months ago and my first 5* pull was DarkHawk, shortly after I pulled him again for the dupe! ;).
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    AnujkewlAnujkewl Posts: 24 β˜…
    Ign anujkewl
    2 ggc
    The best thing that happened with me in the game was to dupe my corvus and get omega red and awakening him
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    LJFLJF Posts: 172 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    IGN - Lord Jerkface

    2 GGCs

    Best thing was a 6* Warlock on a random featured cav crystal. Changed the way I approach the game and made a lot of hard content much easier.

    Thanks for being awesome!
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