Ever get a really good champion, then it seems like all your luck was thrown out the window?

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I typically have pretty good luck with 5*'s, but 6*'s... Meh.
Anyway, a few months ago, i got 6* Nick Fury! Exciting.
But since then i have gotten moon knight and got Green goblin twice. My only other good 6* is KM, who i don't use. Everyone else is trash, never to see the light of day.


  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,427 ★★★★★
    Literally every time I get a good champ 😂

    There's typically a dozen duds in between every strong pull for me.
  • H3t3rH3t3r Posts: 794 ★★★
    Yes ever since i pulled 6* corvus i havent gotten a single good or usable 5* champ
  • I pulled 6* Corvus 3 weeks ago, since then I haven’t had a single 5 or 6* that benefits me
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,006 ★★★★
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    I pulled 5* Sunspot, 5* Colossus, 5* Stark Spidey, 5* Vision Aarkus and 4* BWCV. So nope, not yet anyway.
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    I opened a buddy’s 5* and got him Ghost. That was like 3 months ago. My only decent pull since then has been the Havok 5* I got a week ago.
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 879 ★★★
    I was super excited to get a generic 4 star awakening gem to use on my void, and then I pulled a 5 star void. I ranked up both of them and now mainly use the 4 star over the 5 star.
  • LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 2,448 ★★★★
    Yes. Everytime. Anytime.
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,298 ★★★★★
    yep, every time!!! I always have a "lucky day" where I get at least a couple god 4 stars and maybe a decent 5 star ( I'm proven and free-to-play) last streak was 4 star NF dupe, 4-star BWCV, and 5 star havok!!
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  • LainuaLainua Posts: 751 ★★★
    Of course that will happen because number of worse champs are overwhelming. You can't expect good pull everyday or even every month.
  • thetaman23thetaman23 Posts: 43
    Yes, when I pulled Namor.
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 2,316 ★★★★★
    ever since i sold my soul to dupe 6* fury, i've gotten nothing lol. Still worth it
  • Datman257Datman257 Posts: 150
    My last good 5* pull was legit 7-8 months ago... Pls kabam I want someone good.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,247 ★★★★
    6* Captain Marvel (2019)

    Since that pull, my 6*s have been: Diablo, Ebony Maw and SIM.
  • LainuaLainua Posts: 751 ★★★
    I will need probably a year to max out all good 5* I have gotten recently.
  • solopolosolopolo Posts: 546 ★★★

    I pulled 5* Sunspot, 5* Colossus, 5* Stark Spidey, 5* Vision Aarkus and 4* BWCV. So nope, not yet anyway.

    Huh. Out of my last 6 pulls 4 of them were Sunspot, Aarkus, and 2 Starks.

    I'll gladly take that BWCV off your hands though :p
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