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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Notsavage19Notsavage19 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★
    Minvis said:

    Also some of the forms “revert” conditions are to easy. Especially stone, 5 hits is basically one combo. Also the special forms (Previously mentioned three) seem to easy to lose.

    So I was thinking since stone is plentiful in the different locations, that it would be easy to absorb, l and therefore, easy to lose as well.

    For the special materials, I feel that if you make a mistake, you should lose the material, but that's also why a few of the locations have the rarer materials. The only materials that can't be found in a location are adamantium and ice. I mean I think Ice might be a little to easy to revert, but not many champs use Coldsnap, so Adamantium would pretty much stay with you as long as you don't revert.
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    Notsavage19Notsavage19 Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★


    Class: Mystic

    Awakened Ability

    Sorceress Supreme
    Activates Dimension Link for 10 seconds after activating a Special Attack.
    Additionally, Clea doesn't take physical damage while DImension Link is active.


    Clea gains 60% less power from landing/taking hits.

    Dark Dimension
    Whenever the opponent has more unique buffs than Clea, Clea gains 2.5% of a bar of power per second.
    Gain 30% of a bar of power for each buff Nullified.
    Whenever the opponent dashes back, Clea places a Spell buff on the opponent. These buffs have no effect by themselves.

    Landing a Critical Hit
    Clea gains 20% of a bar of power.

    Heavy Attack
    Clea gains 30% of a bar of power for each buff on the opponent.

    Basic Attacks
    Clea's Medium Attacks do not make contact and all her attacks deal energy damage instead of physical damage.
    Each attack has a 5% to inflict a 4 second Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by 60%.

    Special Attack 1
    Nullify all buffs on the opponent, Stunning them for .5 seconds and draining 5% max power for every buff removed.

    Special Attack 2
    Throws real and illusionary projectiles.
    On activation, reverses the opponent's controls for the duration of this attack.
    If the opponent has a Spell buff active, this attack inflicts a Falter debuff, causing the opponent to miss the next attack.

    Special Attack 3
    Gain 20% of a bar of power for each Spell buff active.
    Activates Dimension Link for 10 seconds.
    During this time, Clea has a 20% chance on each hit to Nullify one buff. If the buff she Nullifies is a Spell buff, Clea inflicts a random debuff for 4 seconds: Falter, Inverted Controls, Buff Immunity, Power Drain, draining 20% of max power, or Degeneration, inflicting 4028 damage.
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    Lucasjones_98Lucasjones_98 Posts: 461
    Scorpion (mac gargan)
    Anti Venom
    Sand man
    Kraven the hunter
    The symbiote God Knull
    Arnim Zola
    And Release Thanos for us in the alliances that will never come close to scoring him.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited January 2020
    Baron Zemo
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Mandarin (Rings not terrorist)
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    TheWebmasterTheWebmaster Posts: 35

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Nemesis: Blade

    • Blade: Danger Sense activates against all opponents.
    Love the Moribus. Would change this synergy to ”Danger Sense activates against all Heroes.” Keeps Blade’s other synergies relevant and Blade from being too extreme.
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    TheWebmasterTheWebmaster Posts: 35
    Kraven the Hunter
    Professor X (House of X)
    Adam Warlock
    Spider-man 2099

    Master of Kung Fu Event:

    Brotherhood of Mutant Event:

    Coming of Galactus Event:

    Skrull Invasion Event:
    Super Skrull
    Skrulls as non-playables like Syms, Ultrons, and Sentinels.
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    Z2f6hQZ2f6hQ Posts: 32
    My character wishlist is:
    1)black cat
    2)Justine hammer
    3)lord pumpkin
    4) The scorpion
    5) blackheart
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    Punisher War Machine
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    _Reef_Reef Posts: 267
    Okay, if you all wont redo Storm, can we just have a new Storm in her white suit with the same powers as the new Vision. She does so much more than just lightening. She is an Omega Level mutant, on this game she's a joke
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    Aryan9233Aryan9233 Posts: 74
    Goblin ultimate spiderman
    Thanos mcu
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    Aryan9233Aryan9233 Posts: 74
    Apocalypse too
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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13
    My Top 10 wishlist:
    1. Tombstone
    2. Minotaur
    3. Doom 2099
    4. Gamma Rage She Hulk
    5. Bullseye
    6. Age of apocalypse Sunfire
    7. Superior Spider-Man
    8. Baron zemo or Citizen V
    9. Earth X Captain America
    10. Earth X DareDevil

    Honorable mention:
    1. Sandman
    2. Amadeus Cho Hulk
    3. Arise
    4. Mockingbird
    5. Werewolf captain america
    6. Cosmic ghost rider
    7. Age of apocalypse Saber tooth
    8. Movie version Iron monger
    9. Red Harpy
    10. The Klaw

    Kabam please make it happen.
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    StrategicStrategic Posts: 632 ★★★
    I was thinking why not add mystique? She can have some very unique abilities like a pre fight ability that allows you to choose which champ you want her to turn into at the start of the fight.
    For example you choose to turn into Blade and you can use all of his abilities and synergies.
    But you can only turn into champs you own and are at the same tier Mystique is.
    Also, if she's not duped she can't use their awakened ability when turning.
    And if you have her at R5 5* and she turns into a 5* champ you have but at a lower rank she will turn into that champ as if he was R5 (might be a bit OP though).
    Also when controlled by the AI she could have an ability that allows her to turn into a random champ when activating a special and use that champ's special. That will be relly annoying on defense cause you can't prepare for that but would be really fun. When controlled by the AI she could use any champ in the game even if you don't have him.
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    060295060295 Posts: 47
    edited January 2020

    Add Lizard, as he's one of the most well known spiderman enemies. A villain that works on jekyll and Hyde principles. A selfless, kind and hardworking scientist that thrives for the scientific breakthroughs of humanity. Hard to believe that the same individual acts as a selfish, mindless beast that's blood thirsty for anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon his path.
    Class- science
    Availability - 3,4,5,6 star rarity
    Signature ability - reptilian mutation - Lizard shuffles through bleed immunity, shock immunity, regeneration and poison immunity after every 15 hit combo.
    Attacks -
    Sp1- Lizard leaps towards his poor prey and slices his claws, causing bleed for 4 seconds.
    Sp2- sprews a stream of acid that causes degeneration/stun.. Depending upon active mutation.
    Sp3- It's suicide to go against an intimidating predator. Lizard ensures to knock out the lights of his prey (u guys decide the animation) lol
    Synergies - evil geniuses (modok and doc oc) (mutation cycle becomes faster... And stay longer with benefits like auto block, dodge and armor break!!!

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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited January 2020

    The Destroyer

    Class: Magic (or cosmic)

    #Offensive:Tank #XL #Asgardian #metal

    Signature Ability

    Celestial Slayer Increase damage by 20% for each armor break debuff on the enemy up to 500%. Armor break last 5 seconds longer.


    (Main thing for Destroyer)
    the Destroyer is living armor made of nigh indestructible material. The Destroyer is immune to poison, incinerate, coldsnap, shock and bleed. (Also immune to telepathy)

    Rational: Being non-organic would make it immune to bleed and poison and the metal it’s made of can (I believe) resist the temper extremes of incinerate and coldsnap and Thor’s lightning never seems to shock it so shock resistance

    Medium Attacks

    25% to inflict armor break

    Heavy attack

    100% to inflict armor break. (Could be punch or eye laser for animation)

    Special Attacks

    Special 1:

    The Destroyer blast the opponent with powerful destructive energy (from eyes).
    1 attack/hit. Inflicts incinerate dealing 150% base attack as energy damage over 10 seconds

    Special 2: Destruction

    The Destroyer does what its programmed to do and destroys it opponent with a series of devastating blows meant to shatter their defense and finishing by hurling them into the ground.
    - Converts all of the opponents armor buffs into armor break debuffs of equal (but opposite) strength. The first blow also inflicts a armor break debuff reducing armor rating by 1500. On finial hit (or slam in this case) 0% chance to stun for 10 seconds, +10% chance for each armor break debuff on enemy.

    Special 3: Absolute Destruction

    The Destroyer unleashes it full power in a vicious onslaught of powerful attacks.
    Inflicts armor break (-1000 armor) incinerate on beam attack, and stun on the final attack. (6 attacks)
    Animation: The Destroyer punches the opponent into the wall rushing forward and hitting them repeatedly before they fall. Then the Destroyer grabs them throwing them high into the air before unleashing a powerful energy beam attack. Wrapping up the onslaught, the destroyer grabs the opponent as they fall from the air, and throws them back into the same wall.


    Weapons of Destruction
    Sentinel, hulk-buster

    Destroyer: increase armor break chance by 25% on medium attacks.
    Sentinel and hulk-Buster: 10% increase damage

    Sinister Plot
    Loki, Doom

    Destroyer: Start with 1 bar of power
    Doom: ??? (Haven’t used him)
    Loki: stolen buffs last 100% longer

    Asgardian Weapon (Or Origin or Defense)
    Thor, Hela, Angela

    Angela (Heimdel too maybe): Fury 75% more effective
    Hela: critical hits deal 10% more damage
    Thor: shock debuffs are 250% more effective
    Destroyer: Increase base attack by 20%

    Destroyer: Increases damage by 50%
    Odin: Odinforce charges increase armor
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    I think the game needs more Tech female characters. The only ones I can think of is Ghost and Nebula.
    Iron Heart would be a good addition.
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    Secret_GamerSecret_Gamer Posts: 348 ★★

    I think the game needs more Tech female characters. The only ones I can think of is Ghost and Nebula.
    Iron Heart would be a good addition.

    Well, there's also Guillotine 2099.

    But yeah, you're right. Tech has the least amount of female champs and Guilly is a Kabam OG character...
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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13
    Because I'm Bored...
    My top 10 Female characters:
    1. Songbird
    2. Lady Deathstrike
    3. Spiral
    4. Goblin Queen
    5. Gamma Rage She Hulk
    6. Black Cat
    7. Power Princess
    8. Morgan lay fay
    9. Enchantress
    10. Thundra

    Honorable mention
    1. Moonstone
    2. Age of apocalypse Rogue
    3. Amazon
    4. Satana Hellstrom
    5. Red She Hulk
    6. Riki Barns
    7. Moongirl
    8. Valkyrie
    9. Titania
    10. Shark Girl.. pretty much King Shark lol
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    elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 85

    I think the game needs more Tech female characters. The only ones I can think of is Ghost and Nebula.
    Iron Heart would be a good addition.

    Other FEMALE TECH-CLASS possibilities include
    • Black Cat (who relies on Tinkerer tech)
    • Lady Deathstrike (cyborg of Mojoverse tech)
    • Silver Sable (wealthy merc with all the high tech weaponry)
    • Shuri (the tech genius of Wakanda)
    • Rescue (Pepper Potts in a Stark suit)
    • Songbird (sonic powers came from tech implants originally)
    • Madame Masque (has a lot of gadget-y tech)
    • Spiral (she's should probably Mystic or Mutant, but has been subject to Mojoverse tech/science)
    • Black Mamba (could be any of several classes; Tech is one)
    • Black Widow (Yelena Belova uses some spy tech; a Tech BW might be a nice add)
    • Misty Knight (cybernetic arm)
    • Sun Girl (Selah Burke in a super suit)
    • Thena (the Eternals are very high-tech)
    • Beetle (Janice Lincoln in Abner Jenkins' super suit tech)
    • Beetle MK III ( basically the Hulkbuster version of the Beetle armor, which was piloted by Leila Davis)
    • Doc Ock (Earth-TRN700, Liv Octavius, Into the Spider-Verse)
    • SP//dr (Peni Parker and her spidey-mech)
    • Enigma/Pod (human with alien robotic symbiote)
    • Jocasta (Avenger bride of Ultron)
    • Silver Scorpion (Betty Barstow, latter armored version)
    • Yo-Yo (cybernetic arms)
    • Iron Patriot II (Toni Ho)
    • Danger (the robot personified embodiment of the X-Men's danger room)
    • Ms. Thing (Darla Deering wearing the tech Thing suit Reed made for Thing when he was depowered)
    • White Rabbit (insane wealthy criminal flush with gadget-y tech)

    You can vote for almost all of them on the MCOC Wishlist Poll.
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    060295060295 Posts: 47
    edited January 2020
    Add machineman!!! I know there's a good amount of tech Champs)(looking at u stark spidey, ghost etc) but having an android superhero other than the 2 visions (og, A.O.U).It would be visual treat to see canons, flame throwers, blades, blade launchers, missiles popping out of an individual that looks like ur average guy.... Oh regeneration, bleed immunity and poison immunity are also included!!! This guy single handedly destroyed whatever marvel zombie stumbled in his path. Do I need to say more?
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Songbird could be cool
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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13

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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13

    Cannon ball!, way cooler than longshot..
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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13

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    DoctorSombreroDoctorSombrero Posts: 1
    edited January 2020
    Captain Britain! It's be great to have some British heroes in the game, and in these divisive times we could use some unity.
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    elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 85

    Morbius, the Living Vampire

    FYI your Morbius workup was well-received by community members and content creators on Twitter. (To summarize the discussion, people think he'd be a bit OP, but the concept generally is popular.)
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