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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Doctor Strange
    Unique Abilities
    Drawn Power
    Strange draws power from mystical beings, allowing him to gain a Power Gain Buff every 16 seconds, gaining 12% of a Power Bar each second.
    Time Manipulation
    Every time a Debuff expires, Strange has a 31% chance to alter time and restart his Opponent’s Debuff.
    Block Shield
    If his Opponent hits his shield while he is holding block, the Opponent will either be Staggered for 6 seconds or Power Burned. He also has a 56% chance to gain a 7 second Fury from this.
    Special One: Cloak of Levitation
    Strange flings forward two magically summoned weapons before the Cloak of Levitation flies forth.
    79% chance to Stun for 4 seconds. 100% chance to Power Burn.
    Special Two: Sling Ring
    Strange quickly kicks his Opponent then dashes back to open a sling ring, which drops a car upon his Opponent.
    100% chance of Stun for 5 seconds. 59% chance to Armor Break for 8 seconds.
    Special Three: Teleportation
    Strange teleports his Opponent threw multiple locations as he charges a burst of energy, which awaits his Opponent’s return.
    100% chance of Power Loss for 13 seconds. 75% chance of Degeneration, dealing 1157 damage over 8 seconds.
    Strongest Enemy with Ebony Maw
    Strange: Gains a chance to Evade due to his Cloak.
    Maw: Increases his Degeneration Damage from 0.3 to 0.7.
    Magic Partner with Mordo
    Strange: Gains a Fury when he first Staggers his Opponent.
    Mordo: Makes his Degeneration last 3 seconds longer.
    I’m here to make a Bargain with Dormammu
    Strange: Adds an extra Debuff with his Block Shield Ability: Poison.
    Dormammu: Immediately starts the fight with a Soul Link.
    Awakened Ability
    Mystical Presence
    Simply being in the presence of Doctor Strange will drastically lower the Opponent’s ability to gain power. Loses 0.50% of Power every 5 times Strange is awakened.
    Lemme know how you feel about it! I hope you like it..
    I’m working for one about Morgan le Fay as well..
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    These are some character ideas I had for some new Kabam original Champion ideas that I posted a couple months ago and I realised i should have put them here so, yeah, here they are again:


    #Hero #Metal #Size:M #Offensive: Damage Over Time (or) #Control: Denial (I'm not sure which one)

    Bio: Lance Ainsley was a Captain of the 604th Salvarian interplanetary task force when he discovered that the army commanders were planning on executing him and his squad after they found some shady deals between them and the Zanthak people. He then formed his own squad of warriors to rise up and fight against the invading Zanthaks and the corrupt Salvarian leaders.

    Passive:Starlancer's suit grants him extra Physical damage resistance. Starlancer starts the fight with 3 power cells.

    While blocking basic attacks: if the attack doesn't make contact, the opponent takes 40% of their attack as direct damage.

    When struck: 30% chance to gain an armor up buff.

    Light and Medium attacks: Starlancer has a 30% chance to inflict a shock debuff dealing 60% of Starlancer's attack as energy damage over 10 seconds.

    Heavy attacks: This attack has a 100% chance to remove all shock debuffs from the opponent stealing 5% of max power per shock removed.

    While not at full power:
    Dashing back and holding for 2 seconds will consume a power cell and give Starlancer a power gain buff giving him 15% of max power over 10 seconds.

    While at full power: Any shock debuffs inflicted will deal 100% of Starlancer's attack as energy damage over 14 seconds. Starlancer gains a 10% increased chance to inflict shock debuffs.

    Special 1: All sword strikes in this attack deal an extra 20% damage per unused power cell.
    This attack consumes 1 power cell.

    Special 2: If the opponent has 5 or more shock debuffs, this attack is unblockable. Consumes 1 power cell to Inflict a power leak debuff that drains 8% of max power per second and lasts 12 seconds.

    Special 3: Gain 3 power cells. For each shock debuff on the opponent, this attack drains 10% of max power and power burns for the amount drained.

    Signature ability (Tactical Prowess): If you KO your opponent using a special 3, you start the next fight with (lvl 1) 5% (lvl 99) 50% (lvl 200) 100% of the previous opponents power at the time of KOing them.
    Gain +2 power cells at the beginning of each fight.

    "Fight for Justice" (Brakkus) all #Hero champions: when fighting a #Villain champion, gain 10% greater offensive power gain per bar of power on the opponent. Solo synergy.
    "Inspire courage" (Captain America IW) other team members: gain 12% greater attack while below 35% health.
    Solo synergy.
    "Soldier's Code" (Captain America, Winter Soldier, Civil Warrior) all team members except Starlancer: once per fight when a champion would receive a blow that would knock them out, they instantly gain 10% health and remove any damaging debuffs., if after doing so they win the fight, Starlancer gains a Fury buff at the start of the next fight increasing attack rating by 20% for 10 seconds. If that champion loses the battle, Starlancer loses 15% of his current health.
    "Friends" (Star-Lord, Captain Marvel) all team members: increased critical rating.

    (Important info)
    "Salvarian" and "Zanthak" are race names that I am by no means in love with, please someone give me some names that are cool.

    I want to make sure that you guys keep this guys character the way I made him. I know you're good with that sort of thing, so I'll lay it out for you; he is in my opinion as far as his personality essentially a combination between Captain America and Star-Lord. He's got the strategical thinking and leadership skills of cap, but can still be a funny kind of guy like Star-Lord.

    His sword is actually a stolen Zanthak energy blade, so it shouldn't look much like the rest of his outfit/weapons, and he should always be holding his shield like cap or taskmaster. I never really pictured this character with guns, but if you feel like he should have them, feel free to add them in.



    #Hero #Offensive: Raw Damage #Flying #Defensive: Utility #Size:M

    Bio: Lieutenant Ryan Culper is the best friend of Lance Ainsley, aka Starlancer. After getting lost on a recon assignment, he stumbled upon a group of Entities made of pure light. He bonds with the Entities to keep them alive, and they empower him with powerful abilities including flight, Photon blasts, and the ability to manipulate the Entities forms to create weapons and armor. He then became the hero known as Knightlight.

    Basic attacks: these attacks deal energy damage instead of physical.

    Heavy attacks: 20% chance to place an energy siphon on the opponent lasting 10 seconds. Refresh the duration of all Fury, Precision, and Cruelty buffs.

    While blocking: Gain an energy resistance buff for the duration of the block.

    Photonic Entities:
    Knightlight has a bond between a group of different Photonic entities. Dashing back and holding block for 2 seconds will randomly change which entity is in control.

    Green entity: While the green entity is in control, Knightlight gains 10% increased offensive power gain.

    Yellow Entity: Base attack is increased by 8%.

    Blue Entity: Block proficiency is increased by 12%.

    Each Entity receives bonuses after a total of 30 hits dealt or received using that Entity. These last until the end of the fight and are not removed when switching between Entities.

    Green Entity after 30 hits: Has a 10% chance to health steal for 125% of damage dealt while attacking with basic attacks.

    Yellow Entity after 30 hits: Special Attacks have a 25% chance to be unblockable.

    Blue Entity after 30 hits: 10% chance when attacking with basic attacks to gain a physical or energy resistance buff lasting for ten seconds.

    Special 1: place a concussion debuff on the opponent reducing ability accuracy by 10% per buff on Knightlight. Randomly change the Controlling Entity.

    Special 2: This attack has a 20% chance to be unblockable. Gain 2 Fury, Precision, or cruelty buffs lasting for 12 seconds. These buffs may stack up to 3 times per buff. Randomly change the controlling Entity

    Special 3: After this attack, Knightlight goes into White Entity mode for 15 seconds, the white Entity has the abilities of all the Entities combined. After that, a Random Entity gains control. While in white Entity mode, Knightlight's basic attacks have a 15% chance to activate a power gain buff on himself, gaining 25% of max power over 10 seconds.

    Signature ability (Fourth Entity): Knightlight gains another Photonic Entity, the Red Entity.

    Red Entity: Basic attacks have a (lvl 1)8% (lvl 99)20% (lvl 200)40% chance to gain a 5% fury passive that lasts as long as the red entity is in control. Max fury passive stacks: 10

    Red Entity after 30 hits: Each time a Fury passive is applied to Knightlight, he instantly gains 10% of max power.

    Synergies: "Galactic Protectors" (Starlancer) Knightlight: When fighting a #Villain champion, Knightlight's buffs and his White Entity mode last 4 seconds longer. Starlancer: When Starlancer uses power steal, the opponent takes direct damage based on the amount stolen.
    Solo synergy.
    "Enemies" (Ronin, Brakkus) all team members: All champions gain 6% greater attack.
    Non-solo synergy. "Cosmic Powerhouses"
    (Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Hyperion)
    Captain Marvel: Gain +1 energy charge when struck by an energy attack. Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer's heavy attacks have a 50% chance to refresh all power cosmic buffs. Hyperion: When Hyperion receives a Fury buff, the opponent receives a weakness buff for the same period reducing the opponent's attack by 6%. Knightlight: gains 4% block proficiency per unique buff active on Knightlight.

    (Important info) so, there's a few fun things here for the animation department. When a certain colored Entity is "in control" his armor needs to be made of that Entity's color. The armor I'm picturing for his base level should be not much more than a laser full body skin suit, a bit like silver surfer, but instead of silver, it's light. Also, when a certain Entity has reached its bonus ability after 30 hits, his armor should become more bulky and detailed. Another color should be a shield for when he's blocking, then the other color (or colors, if he's awakened) should be used for his basic attacks, in a similar style to magneto's basic attack animations.



    #Metal #Villain #Villain of the contest? #Size:L #Flying #Defensive: Tank

    Bio: Brakkus is the High General of the Zanthak nation. He believes that the Zanthaks are the greatest race in all the cosmos and seeks to destroy all those who would dare defy the Zanthak race.

    Passive: Brakkus has increased energy resistance. Brakkus's Mechanically enhanced physiology grants him immunity to bleed. Brakkus's extensive military training and experience makes him immune to Taunt.

    Zanthak armor passive:
    Increases armor rating slightly and increases block proficiency by 0.2% per armor up buff on Brakkus. Zanthak passives can be removed by armor brake debuffs but if there are armor up buff on Brakkus, those are removed first. Can stack up to 10 times.

    5 or more Zanthak passives: Brakkus has a 40% chance to auto block against the opponents dash. This auto block triggers the party mastery.

    While attacking:10% chance to gain an armor up buff lasting 10 seconds.

    While blocking:35% chance to gain an armor up buff lasting 10 seconds.

    Well timed block: inflict an armor break debuff for 12 seconds. If the opponent is aready suffering from an armor break debuff, inflict a poison debuff dealing 110% of Brakkus's attack as poison damage over 12 seconds and reduces the opponents healing rate by 50%.

    While being struck:40% chance to gain a Zanthak armor passive.

    Heavy attacks: Pauses the duration of armor break, poison, or Photon decay for 4 seconds. This pause cannot stack.

    Counter offensive measures: While Brakkus has 7 or more Zanthak passives, Brakkus takes 40% less damage from physical attacks and reflects 40% of the damage from physical attacks back at the opponent.

    Passive: Brakkus has increased energy resistance. Brakkus's Mechanically enhanced physiology grants him immunity to bleed. Brakkus's extensive military training and experience makes him immune to Taunt.

    As his power meter fills:
    Brakkus gains up to a 85% resistance to power drain.

    Special 1: Remove all poison effects to apply a weakness debuff lasting 12 seconds reducing opponent's base attack by 10% per poison removed.

    Special 2: Gain 2 Zanthak armor passives.
    If the number of Zanthak charges and armor up buffs equal or are greater than 8, this attack is unblockable. Place a Taunt debuff on the opponent lasting 15 seconds reducing attack by 60% and increasing the chance to activate a special attack by 70%

    Special 3: This attack gains 10% attack per Zanthak passive on Brakkus. Inflict a Photon Decay debuff that deals 200% of Brakkus's attack as energy damage and drains 60% of the opponent's power over 12 seconds.

    Signature ability:(Flawless Design) Brakkus is immune to the effects of armor break. For each poison active when a special 3 is activated, there is a (lvl 1) 7% (lvl 99) 40% (lvl 200) 80% chance to convert a poison into a photon decay debuff lasting for 12 seconds.

    Bio: Brakkus is the High General of the Zanthak nation. He believes that the Zanthaks are the greatest race in all the cosmos and seeks to destroy all those who would dare defy the Zanthak race.

    Synergies: "Hatred" (Starlancer, Knightlight) Brakkus: Gain a 5% fury passive per debuff on the opponent. Solo synergy.
    "Warminds" (Red Skull, Cyclops (new Xavier school), Doctor Doom, Thanos) all team members: Increase offensive power gain by 6%. Non-solo synergy.
    "Bio-Mechanical Enhancement" (Warlock)
    All #Metal champions have a 30% reduced class disadvantage and a 30% increased class advantage. Solo synergy.
    "Enemies" (Star-Lord, Gamora, King Groot) all team members: Increase base attack rating by 6%
    "War for Supremacy" (Ronan) all team members while fighting non-cosmic champions: place a weakness passive on the opponent reducing base attack by 10%. Solo synergy.

    (Important info) the general look I wanted for Brakkus is a similar look to a character in the mobile game monster legends. The character is called Irockman. These aliens are a race that seem to look robotic, but they are in all actuality just a heavily mechanically modified race.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Mystery Maestro

    I think there’s a problem with your original characters lore wise. Based upon Ægon, the only fully original Contest character I can think of, original champions would have their origin based in or around the battle realm.

    Also creating whole new races is probaly not something Kabam would do even if they were allowed to.

    Cool ideas though!
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    PasssiPasssi Posts: 1
    hello i have a suggestion for ghost rider i dont understand why he doesn't have an immunity to cremation
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    Saint_Mart74Saint_Mart74 Posts: 84

    Let's change his costume, animation, and improve his abilities. Also, add regeneration as part of his abilities.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited February 2020


    I suggested Odin before but it was really long and I didn’t know what I was doing, so here it is shorted. Somewhat.

    Why Add him?
    1. Odin “would” be fun to play as.
    2. Synergies with other Asgardians tor them together and make them more useful.
    3. More representation for old people.
    4. He has potential for really cool abilities.
    5. Would make for a cool event. Event could also introduce The Enchantress.

    Now my ideas for the character.

    Class: Cosmic or Magic

    Odin force: Odin’s main mechanic would be the Odinforce. This would be a persistent charge. The charges would provide passive benefits (i.e power gain, increase armor and attack rating) and can be consumed for different abilities. If Odin runs out.. it’ll be bad for him.

    Odin Rest: This is how he gains charges. Odin gains charges for every fight he isn’t in (he rests during it). The amount of charges would either be fixed per battle, increase with champion level or based on how long the fight is. Could also heal Odin.
    Certain champions could allow him to gain more when you fight with them, such as Thor.

    Restoration Dodge back and hold to remove all debuffs. Cost 1 Odinforce.

    Synergies He’d have powerful unique synergies with all the Asgardians. The synergies could effect all Asgardians but not non-asgardians.

    I know Heimdel already sorta does this but his synergies effect all champions Odin’s would be more focused on Asgardians. Also Odin just should have good synergies as King of Asgardian.

    Awakened Ability: Runes
    Prefight ability
    “Odin makes use of the knowledge he sacrificed his eye for”

    Before battle Odin can use the power of one of nine Nordic runes to assist his allies or weaken his enemies. (Posted list of rune ideas earlier in this thread).

    A way to counter magic disadvantage
    Odin’s vast knowledge as the god of wisdom and magic allows him to negate his class disadvantage when he has # Odinforce charges or more. Instead of this Odin could have a rune that reverses Magic’s type advantage.


    Odin could be an incredibly powerful champion that can counter many champions but one you’d have to use wisely due to his limited Odin force charges.
    To maximize his effectiveness you’d have to be strategic in activating his abilities as well as when to fight with him and when to let him rest.

    Having him on a team with other Asgardians greatly increases their power and his own.

    Can aid outside of battle with Runes.

    I hope that they make Odin a good champion if they add him. Having the highest of the Asgardian gods below god tier would just be disappointing. Also he fights Galactus and doesn’t instantly die.

    For farther ideas and details look for my original post Because believe it or not it’s actually longer.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Super simplified version of my ideas for Odin incase you don’t like reading.

    1. Powerful synergies with all Asgardians

    2. The Odinforce and Odinrest to gain it

    3. Prefight ability called “Nordic Runes”
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    Marc_TanMarc_Tan Posts: 15
    1. Quicksilver - mutant / mystic / skill
    2. Cloak - mutant
    3. Dagger - mutant
    4. Captain Britain - mystic
    5. Spider-man 2099 - science
    6. Apocalypse - mutant
    7. Mandarin - mysic
    8. Crimson Dynamo - tech
    9. Mantis - mystic
    10. Spider-man Noir - skill
    11. Black Panther (movie) - skill
    12. Captain America (endgame) - science
    13. Thor (endgame) - cosmic
    14. Iron Man (endgame) - tech
    15. Power Man - skill
    16. White tiger - skill / mystic
    17. A-Bomb - science
    18. Lizard - science
    19. Kraven - skill
    20. Skarr - science
    21. Jessica Jones - science
    22. Ant-man (classic) / giant man - science
    23. Mystique - mutant

    Pls make these requests possible 🙏
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    CruelSun777CruelSun777 Posts: 2
    Add Green Goblin ( New Goblin) and Sand Man from Spider Man 3 movie

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    Whirlwind (Tech)

    Signature Ability- The North Wind

    Whirlwind’s winds are colder, which slows down opponent’s abilities.

    Would-be critical hits have a (50)% inflict a Coldsnap passive on the opponent for 7 seconds. This coldsnap prevents evade and deals (500) energy damage.

    This coldsnap Damage increases to (1000) if the opponent is under the effects of an unbalanced debuff.



    Enemy hits have a 10% chance to glance. Glanced Hits cannot be critical, deal 50% less damage, and have -100% ability accuracy.

    The chance to glance attacks increases to 30% if the opponent is inflicted with an unbalanced debuff.

    Medium attacks cannot be parried, and cannot glance. They also deal true damage, which ignores armor, resistance effects, and have 30% block penetration.

    Constant air fluctuations mess with the opponent’s footing, granting them a flat -30% ability accuracy reduction. This ignores immunities.

    Whenever an opponent’s abilities fail to trigger they gain an unbalanced debuff for 7 seconds which prevents evasion and decreases buff and debuff potency by 50%.

    When unbalanced is active on the opponent, the lose an additional 10% ability accuracy.

    Critical hits

    Whirlwind cannot strike with critical hits, even if it is guaranteed, but every time he would strike with one he deals a flat 200% additional damage as direct damage. This damage can be dealt through block.


    Heavy attacks power steal 10% of the opponent’s max power for each debuff on them. If there are no debuffs on them, instead gain a precision charge that guarantees the next hit to be critical.

    The Will of the Winds

    Every 7 seconds randomly gain a fury, precision, power gain, or regeneration buff that lasts 7 seconds.

    Fury: increases attack by 50% of base attack
    Precision: Gain a flat +30% critical hit chance.
    Power gain: Gain a bar of power
    Regeneration: Grants +7% health

    Special Attacks

    Special 1

    Grants 5 Precision charges, +1 charge for each debuff on the opponent and buff on Whirlwind. These charges guarantee critical hits. Max 10 charges

    Activate another random buff, which is removed when the rotation occurs for the original buff.

    Special 2

    Has extra bonuses depending on which rotating buff is on Whirlwind at the time of activation.

    Fury: Each hit has a 20% chance to stun the opponent for 3 seconds.
    Precision: Each hit is guaranteed to be critical.
    Power Gain: The target has -100% ability accuracy during this attack.
    Regeneration: Places a heal reduction on the opponent for 20 seconds, which reduces healing from all sources by 150%.

    If the opponent is unbalanced, refresh the unbalanced debuff and power drain 50% of their current power.

    Special 3

    Inflicts unbalanced on the opponent for 15 seconds.

    Gains an greater aptitude buff, which increases all buff potency by 50%. When this aptitude buff is active, all attacks have a 10% chance to power drain 20% of the opponent’s max power.
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    Bloodwraith (Mystic)
    Size: Small
    Base Stats
    Health: 16,000
    Attack: 1,570
    Crit Rating: 25%
    Crit Damage: 170%
    Armor: 5%
    Block Proficiency: 66%

    Signature Ability- Cursed Blade

    The Ebony Blade continues to corrupt Bloodwraith and begins to corrupt his opponent too.

    When Nullifying a buff, Bloodwraith power drains (5)% of a bar of power per Soul charge.
    Each soul charge also grants a (2)% chance to regenerate 75% of the damage dealt by Heavy Attacks.


    Ebony Blade

    (Mediums, last three lights, 2nd Heavy hit)

    Critical hits with the Ebony Blade inflict bleed, dealing 600 damage over 3 seconds.

    Medium Attacks with the Ebony Blade have a 50% chance to nullify one buff on the opponent. If a buff is nullified, the next hit is guaranteed critical.

    Soul Charge

    Whenever a buff is nullified or a bleed expires from the opponent, gain an Soul Charge. Soul Charges increase Offensive Power gain by 1% per Charge and increase bleed damage by 3% per charge.

    When Soul Charges reach 20, a persistent charge is gained, as well as a permanent fury increasing attack by 1,150. Only one Persistent charge can be gained per fight.

    Pre-fight Ability- Soul Consumption

    Bloodwraith can consume his Persistent charges to increase or decrease his size depending on the number of charges he has. These are recovered at the beginning of the fight.

    Cost: 1 charge- Medium
    Cost: 2 charges- Large
    Cost: 3 charges- Extra Large

    Size-Based Abilities


    When Small Size, gain a flat 20% chance to evade attacks while not blocking. Additionally, Gain true strike when striking with a critical hit, which lasts for 7 seconds.


    When Medium Sized, gain a 50% chance for a block to be perfect block, and all attacks have a 30% chance to inflict bleed. Additionally, all debuffs last 1 second longer.


    When Large Sized, critical hits also inflict an armor break debuff, which decreases armor by 1000 for 5 seconds. Additionally, when intercepting the opponent, inflict heal block and power lock for 3 seconds.

    Extra Large

    When Extra Large, gain a permanent fury buff increasing attack by (2,000) at the beginning of the fight. Additionally, all Ebony Blade strikes have a 20% chance to be unblockable.

    Special Attacks-

    Special 1

    This Attack gains +(2000) Critical Rating.

    Any Bleed caused by this attack has its potency increased by up to 50% the smaller Bloodwraith is.

    Special 2

    This Attack has a 100% chance to nullify all buffs on the opponent.

    This attack has additional attack up to 200% the bigger Bloodwraith is.

    Special 3

    Bloodwraith blocks a blow with his sword, then stabs it through the opponent’s leg. He then knocks them over with a punch to a face and stabs his sword into their neck.

    This attack inflicts bleed, which deals (250) direct damage for every soul charge on Bloodwraith for 10 seconds.

    When this bleed expires, Gain half a bar of power and a Permanent Fury increasing damage by (600). This fury potency is doubled when striking a bleeding opponent.


    Soul Stealers- Guillotine, Morningstar, Mephisto, Black Widow (Clair Voyant)

    All champions in synergy- When the opponent gains a bar of power, 15% chance to power steal a bar of power from them.

    Master Swordsmen- Ronin, Gamora

    Bloodwraith- A Soul Charge is gained every time Bloodwraith Crosses a power threshold.

    Ronin- Each Bleed inflicted on the opponent reverses healing by 15%.

    Gamora- For Each Buff on Gamora, Sword strikes deal +5% damage.

    Sword And Shield- Captain America, Taskmaster

    Bloodwraith- When fighting Smaller champions, gain a 5% chance for an attack to be unblockable.

    Captain America- When Striking a stunned opponent, 100% critical hit rating.

    Taskmaster- All sword strikes have a 20% chance to inflict bleed.
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    Darwin (Mutant)
    (Based on a maxed out 4 Star)
    Health- 15,450
    Attack- 1,250
    Crit Rate- 21%
    Crit Damage- 190%
    Block Proficiency- 65%

    Signature Ability- Survival of the Fittest

    Darwin becomes more familiar with his mutation, letting him use his adaptations more to his advantage.

    Debuffs inflicted on Darwin have -(40)% potency.

    Increase the potency of his fury and prowess effects by +(50)%



    Darwin’s mutation allows him to adapt to nearly any situation

    -50% chance after a debuff is inflicted to become immune to that debuff.

    -When inflicted with a debuff he is immune to, regenerate (5)% health instantly, gain a fury increasing attack by (780) for 5 seconds, and gain a passive prowess buff which increases special attack damage by 20% until the next special attack. Max: 10 stacks.

    -If the debuff was a damaging debuff, increase the regen to (7)% health and also gain a 100% chance to perfect block for 3 seconds.

    -Opponent’s Special 3 cannot deal more than 20% damage, but resets all immunities and removes all prowess.

    -When degenerating of any kind, regen 30% of the damage taken and gain 10% of max power per second.

    Critical hits

    -Critical hits have a 30% chance to inflict each debuff he is immune to on the opponent (Except stun effects). This can only trigger one debuff per critical hit.

    Special 1-

    Darwin’s body turns to metal, and he kicks and punches his opponent to the ground.

    This attack deals +(100)% damage as energy damage if immune to shock.

    Inflicts up to 3 bleeds, each lasting 4 seconds and dealing (200) damage per second.

    Armor breaks the opponent, decreasing their armor by (1000) for 8 seconds.

    Special 2-

    Darwin’s brain evolves to let him use more precise strikes, which take their toll on the opponent.

    Inflicts an Unbalanced debuff on the opponent, which prevents evasion and decreases buff debuff potency by 50% for 10 seconds.

    Gains a precision buff, increasing Crit rating by 30% for 10 seconds.

    Gains a Cruelty buff, increasing Crit Damage by 100% for 6 seconds.

    Special 3-

    The opponent throws Darwin Against the wall, but he teleports behind them before the impact, and ambushes them.

    This attack deals +50% damage for each debuff he is immune to.

    For each Prowess on Darwin, this attack drains 20% of the opponent’s max power.
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    Anti-Venom (Cosmic)
    Size: Large
    Health: 15,340
    Attack: 1,750
    Crit Rating: 30%
    Crit Damage: 165%
    Block Proficiency: 55%

    Signature Ability- Violent Mind

    Anti-Venom forces his opponent into submission, and refuses to let them recover.

    Anti-Venom prevents opponents from regenerating from effects other than active regeneration buff. Additionally, All special attacks have a flat +(50)% to be critical, and whenever a buff is gained, (40)% chance to gain true strike for 7 seconds. This chance is doubled against symbiote champions.


    Bane of the Symbitotes

    When Fighting Symbiote Champions, Gain a passive fury increasing attack by (1,200) permanently.

    Each hit deals a burst of (600) incinerate damage when fighting Symbiote champions.

    Symbiote Champions suffer from -50% ability accuracy.


    Critical hits have a 40% chance to inflict bleed, dealing (300) direct damage over 3 seconds. This chance is increased to 100% against Symbiote and Tech champions.

    When the opponent is bleeding, each hit has a 50% chance to refresh the bleed. Each bleed cannot be refreshed more than once.

    Symbiotic Lifeform

    Every 10 seconds Anti-Venom gains a passive Alien Hunger Buff. (Max 5) Each buff grants Anti-Venom 5% of a bar of power every 10 seconds, and a 10% chance to regenerate 2% of max health every 10 seconds.

    An Alien Hunger buff is removed When the opponent strikes into Anti-Venom’s block or hits him. Well-Timed blocks will not remove a buff.

    Whenever an alien hunger buff is gained, 25% chance to gain each of the following buffs permanently.

    Fury: Increases attack by (400)
    Precision: Increases Crit rate by a flat 3%
    Cruelty: Increases Crit Damage by (300)
    Aptitude: Increases potency of Fury, Precision and Cruelty buffs by (10)%
    Physical Resistance: Increases Physical resistance by (500)
    Energy Resistance: Increases Energy resistance by (500)

    Special Attacks

    All special attacks deal +200% damage to symbiote champions.

    Special 1

    Any bleed inflicted by this attack has double the duration.

    Each hit has a 50% chance to nullify a buff on the opponent and grant Anti-Venom +30% of a bar of power.

    Special 2

    This attack deals +20% additional damage as incinerate damage for each buff on Anti-Venom.

    This attack is unblockable if the opponent is under the effects of a passive buff.

    Special 3

    This attack Generates no power in the opponent.

    This attack grants Anti-Venom a fury buff, increasing attack by 15% for each buff on him at the time of activation. This fury lasts 15 seconds, before it is converted into a normal fury buff.

    Gain True strike for 15 seconds.
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    AbyzssAbyzss Posts: 2
    Cool idea for a character: Warstar. It's actually two aliens with one smaller guy piggybacking off a bigger guy. He's (They're?) a member of the shi'ar imperial guard along with characters in the game like karnak. I think along with Warstar you guys could add triton, another inhuman who could synergize with the already existing ones. Great job btw keeping this game great for so long. andalsobuffmoonknightplz :smile:
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    I’d like to see these please
    The Lizard
    Kraven the Hunter
    Lady Deathstrike
    Jessica Jones
    Jean Grey (non Phoenix)
    Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight persona
    Moon Knight’s Bone armor (mystic champ)
    Hala the Accuser
    Moon Dragon
    Warpath, Cannonball, Boom Boom, Shatterstar and the rest of X-Force
    All the OG Guardians of the Galaxy
    Typhoid Mary
    Black Knight
    All of the Eternals
    Blackout (Ghost Rider villain)
    Make Red Suit Deadpool available
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    I'd love to see an infinity war version of black widow or Ragnarok version of Valkyrie and loki
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited February 2020
    Kraken the Hunter
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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    Vulture 2099

    Have a bloodlust, where every time he fights a champion that bleeds he gains a persistent charge. Each bloodlust charge increases fury, critical rate and critical damage.

    After three persistent charges he begins the next fight unblockable and unstoppable for 3 seconds. Then every special attack he throws he is unblockable and unstoppable during and for 1.5 seconds after the animation ends

    Immune to unblockable and unstoppable attacks if opponent is bleeding

    First medium, second light inflict bleed lasting 8-10 seconds (minimal damage- just to make opponent bleed to have above effects activate)

    Finishing combo with medium attack causes bigger bleed lasting 6 seconds.

    Finishing combo with light attack causes weakness for 8-10 seconds (if opponent is already bleeding) decreasing attack minimally)

    Synergies should be something like:

    w/Blade, Sabretooth,

    Vulture2099 only:

    If Vulture2099 finishes a fight against a champion who is bleeding, he consumes a portion of that champion and regenerates 10% of his base health for each persistent charge active on him (30% max).

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    FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    For Vulture 2099:

    If weakness and bleed are both active, a heavy attack will consume both of those debuffs and convert into an Anguish debuff, decreasing attack by 60% for 12 seconds (cool down 12 seconds)
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    Shadow_33Shadow_33 Posts: 6
    Spiderman 2099 completely open to all the specifics i really dont care about those just love the character
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    I only have character ideas but not how to create their powers

    - Apocalypse
    - Banshee
    - lady deathstrike
    - Silver Samurai
    - Lizard
    - Kraven the Hunter
    - quicksilver
    - Black knight
    - Polaris
    - Sunfire original Costume
    - The Leader
    - Absorbing man
    - Atuma
    - Hercules
    - Enchantress
    - Cerce
    - Jubilee
    - Dazzler
    - Shadowcat
    - Adam Warlock
    - Magus
    - Forge
    - Sleepwalker

    And more to come.
    what do you guys think
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    Oh and some characters from Alpha flight would be cool

    - Sasquatch
    - Box
    - Vindicator
    - Weapon omega
    - North Star and Aurora
    - Puck
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    I would like to see some of the avengers endgame added on. From Captain America wielding Mjoinir to adding few ironman suits. The mark 43 from ironman 3. Some from the hall of armor. Thor from endgame. Pepper pots rescue suit. Sif.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    White Tiger
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Agent Colsion for last episode of Agents of Sheild?
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Last season
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    Drillh3adDrillh3ad Posts: 38
    Too much to read..for the love of god can we please get Adam Warlock before GOTG 3?
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    FlynnFlynn Posts: 4
    If I could only choose one character to be added to the contest it would have to be the prince of power HERCULES
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    FlynnFlynn Posts: 4
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