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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    We hardly need more spiderverse champions in the game but would love to see a Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider make an appearance eventually. Apart from a badass costume, i reckon there's good potential utility for a spiderverse hero (mercenary i guess?) with bleed proc. I might be mistaken but i'm pretty sure the 2 scarlet spiders (ben reilly and kaine parker) can both sense the venom symbiote with their spider senses so more potential for a spiderverse venom counter. Would make sense to get the Jackal involved with the release, or release both scarlet spiders in the same event since they're involved with each other 90% of the time.
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    Kid Omega(mutant), Kitty Pryde(mutant), Professor X(mutant), Spider-girl(science), Mr Negative(mystic), Sandman(science), Sand-girl(science), Green Goblin(Harry Osborn) science
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    JemanjiJemanji Posts: 30
    Personally I think instead of searching through the whole comic book history and pulling out characters most have never heard of before there needs to be some modern classics chucked in.. sand man, morbius, riot, lizard, scorpion and shocker. I know theres a lot of characters from spider verse but these are real popular favourites.
    Other characters I'd like to see added are..
    Blob, professor hulk, kurse, malekith, absorbing man, banshee, bullseye, wendigo, whiplash. Theres just too many. For diversity and more female characters kabam need to add mystique, black cat and silver sable. Also apocalypse should be in the frame like thanos and kang are.
    That's my input anyway :) if I had to just chose 3 I'd have shocker, whiplash and kurse!
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Sandman could be cool
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    RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13

    PLEASE we need more Super Man type Champions! Please Kabam make this Miracle happen! Miracle Man!
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    Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    I’d love to see Bullseye, Jean Grey, Professor X, old school Beast(before he was blue and furry), Sif, The Warriors 3, Balder, Odin, or Loki(old school with the Norn Stones)
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200

    I’d love to see Bullseye, Jean Grey, Professor X, old school Beast(before he was blue and furry), Sif, The Warriors 3, Balder, Odin, or Loki(old school with the Norn Stones)

    Odin and professor X “would” be cool
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    Doctor14Doctor14 Posts: 37
    Easter Bunnypool, Santa Pool, just a regular Red suit Deadpool.
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    Just had a thought that since the Mojo figure is in the game files now, that opens the door to Scorpion being released fairly easily
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    edited February 2020

    The Lizard
    Baron Zemo He’s iconic Right?

    Odin. (Most wanted)
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    ClashyKnightClashyKnight Posts: 59
    Captain America 2099
    Asides from that. I just had a super cool thought. What if there was another Civil War ending? What if Tony won the war? And instead of Cap taking on the Kabam created alias of Civil Warrior, the reverse card was played? I think it would be really cool if there was a new Kabam created character - Civil Warrior (Stark-Controlled). A variation on Civil Warrior with a similar structure, but very different design features, giving access to more offensive abilities than defense.
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    Dominic518Dominic518 Posts: 67
    I would like some more Asgardians
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    About Sandman:

    Bombarded with a massive dose of radiation from an experimental reactor, low-level mob henchman William Baker discovered that he could transform himself into a sand-like form that he could manipulate and reshape at will. Eager to use his new powers to better his station in life, Baker embarked on a life of daring robberies as Sandman!

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    . Health: 16972
    . Attack: 1373
    . Max PI:
    . Without Signature: 3975
    . With Signature (99): 4523

    Character Class: Science

    Passive - Organic Sand

    . Sandman's Organic Sand form grants him full immunity to all Shock, Bleed, and Poison effects.

    Passive - Sand Armor

    . This Champion has additional Block Proficiency in its Base Attributes.
    . Sandman begins the fight with a layer of Sand Armor active, increasing his Armor Rating by 633.97.
    . If Sandman would lose more than 6% of his Max Health from a single source, his Sand Armor protects him from the blow, reducing the health loss to 6%, then it shatters; Once shattered, Sand Armor takes 13 seconds to reform.

    Passive - Density Control

    . When Attacked: Sandman subtly alters his Density during combat, with precise Density Control, granting a 40% chance for incoming attacks to glance; Glancing hits cannot be critical and deal 50% reduced damage.

    Passive - Silicosis

    . Deals 20% Attack as Energy Damage per second.
    . After filling each bar of power, Sandman has a 33.33% chance to inflict Silicosis on the opponent dealing Energy Damage over 7 seconds, preventing them from Evading attacks and Healing.

    Developer Note: Silicosis is a Passive effect, and therefore do not count as a Debuff.

    Basic Abilities: Enfeeble, Prowess, Stun, Armor Break.

    All Attacks

    . 65% chance to inflict Weakness, decreasing the target's Attack by 10% for 3 seconds and the potency of their Power Gain effects by 20% for 5 seconds.
    . Opponents passively suffer 50% reduced Ability Accuracy for as long as they are under a Debuff effect.

    Heavy Attacks

    . Each time Sandman lands an Heavy Attack, he gains a charge of Prowess. Prowess Buffs are capped at 5.
    .Each charge of Prowess grants 206 Attack rating.

    When Attacked

    .Opponents can Remove all Prowess buff for every 5 hits on their Combo Meter.

    Special 1 : Size and Mass manipulation - Sandman enhances his size and mass and strike the ground.

    .85% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    .This Attack is unblockable.

    Special 2 : Mace and Sledgehammer - Sandman mold his arms and hands into mace and sledgehammer to strike the opponent.

    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 65% Armor reduction for 15 seconds.

    Special 3 : Sandstorm - Sandman turns himself into a sandstorm, and flies around his opponent to suffocate him.

    .100% chance to Stun for 5 seconds.
    .100% chance to Armor Break, removing enemy Armor and applying 70% Armor reduction for 20 seconds.
    .This Attack instantly reforms Sand Armor

    Signature Ability: Porosity - Incoming Attacks tend to pass harmlessly in the Porous sand of his body.

    .Contact attacks has 35% Chance to miss.
    .Non Contact attacks has 70% chance to miss.

    Developer Note: Sandman's Signature Ability combined with other Defensive Ability makes him tough defender to beat.

    Synergy Bonuses

    1. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) – Nemesis - All Champions gain +6% Attack

    2. Sinister Six with Doctor Octopus

    .Sandman: Gains 75% additional Power from Critical Hits
    .Doctor Octopus: Starts with 50 Physics Research
    .Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

    3.Sinister Six with Vulture

    .Sandman: +6% Critical Hit Rate
    .Vulture: +50% Incinerate Damage
    .Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

    4.Sinister Six with Electro

    .Sandman: gains +7% Perfect Block Chance
    .Electro: gains +175 Critical Rating
    .Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

    5.Frightful Four with Medusa

    .Sandman: gains +5% Power
    .Medusa: gains +155 Critical Damage Rating
    .Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
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    IRQIRQ Posts: 315 ★★
    Give me Quicksilver, Tigra, Wonder Man, Cloak and Dagger, Scorpion and Crystal and I'll be happy.

    I could list a couple dozens more characters but there is no way every single one of them hasn't been mentioned multiple times already.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Cloak and Dagger could be really cool. They’d look awesome. Cloak could have some unique and fun mechanics.
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    IRQIRQ Posts: 315 ★★
    Oh yeah, I'd forget.

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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    IRQ said:

    Oh yeah, I'd forget.


    6 classes. Max 5 characters. You cant have a team of every class spider-men
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    Phantom747Phantom747 Posts: 8
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    Phantom747Phantom747 Posts: 8
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    Lpcutts0Lpcutts0 Posts: 13
    As a kid I loved Rocket Raccoon comics. So, I’d love to see the likes of:

    1. Lylla the otter a physical fighter with a buff of soulmate with rocket.

    2. Uncle Pyko a tech with a buff with Lylla and Rocket.

    3. Jack O’Hare of the Black Bunny Brigade a tech or physical not sure which is better or maybe a unnamed Bunny Brigade member being a physical letting Jack be tech with a rival buff with rocket and a buff with Lylla.

    I think it brings something cool and brings my favorite Marvel comic characters more involvement! These other comments are so detailed and creative and I notice some have made it into to game... I wish I was that creative! Well done to all of you guys!

    Thank you for the help finding this thread by the way! And I love the game!
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    UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 1,113 ★★★★
    With the Empyre event coming this summer to the comics, it would be the perfect time to introduce Hulkling, since he looks to be a major player against the Kree-Skrull vs earth war. And you can’t have Teddy without Billy, so adding Wiccan at the same time would make me overjoyed. Over the freaking moon!
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    Kabam You can also add "SUPER ADAPTOID" to the game.
    He may be of Tech or Cosmic class.
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    Lpcutts0Lpcutts0 Posts: 13
    Warpath and Quicksilver would be awesome mutants to add to the game as well!
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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    edited February 2020

    #Offensive: Raw Damage #Villain #Size: M
    Stats (based off a 5/50 4*)

    Health 10,937
    Attack 1,212
    Critical Rating 17%
    Critical Damage Rating 182%
    Block Proficiency 63%

    Menacing Master (Magneto)

    Toad: Personal Armor Breaks last 10 seconds longer.

    Magneto: +50% base attack rating for each Mutant on Magneto’s team other than himself.

    Witch’s Familiar (Scarlet Witch)(Black Widow (Clairvoyant)

    Toad: All attacks generate 7% less power in the opponent per Leaper charge.

    Scarlet Witch: 100% ability accuracy during special attacks.

    Black Widow: Death Touch has a base duration of 15 seconds, in addition to added duration from consuming Clairvoyance charges.

    Dexterous (Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)) (Quake)

    Toad: Leaper charges are Paused for .5 seconds when hitting the opponent.

    Spider-Man: Poise can now stack up to 15.

    Quake: Avoiding a basic attack with the Dexterity mastery has a 100% chance to inflict a passive Stun for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

    Enemies (Wolverine)(Darkhawk)

    All champions: +4% critical rating.

    Romance (Scarlet Witch)

    All champions: +7% power gain.

    Sig Ability - Amphibious Anatomy lv99

    Toad’s mutation optimizes his anatomical structure for leaping, enabling him to outmaneuver his opponent and get an edge in the fight.


    When the opponent activates a special attack, Toad gains twice as many Leaper charges for the duration of that attack.
    If Toad would gain Leaper charges past max stacks, he instantly gains 20%** of a bar of power instead.

    **depends on sig levels

    When Attacked

    Toad’s skin produces a compound that interferes with the opponent’s nervous system, reducing the opponent’s attack rating durning critical hits and special attacks by 1.5% per hit in their combo meter, to a maximum of 90%.
    This ability doesn’t affect robots.

    When Dashing Back

    Toad’s incredible leaping ability lets him evade all incoming attacks by dashing back.
    Evading attacks in this way grants Toad a passive Leaper charge. Leaper charges aren’t affected by ability accuracy reduction. Cooldown: 1 second.
    Leaper charges last for 6 seconds each, but their durations are refreshed whenever Toad would gain another one.

    Dash Attacks

    Toad’s dash attacks count as Leap attacks.
    If one of Toad’s dash attacks would be intercepted, 50% chance to remove a Leaper charge and evade the attack.

    Leap Attacks

    +13% critical damage rating per Leaper charge.
    60% chance to consume a Leaper charge to inflict Concussion, reducing the opponent’s ability accuracy by 40% for 15 seconds.
    Concussion is 150% more potent against abilities that Purify debuffs.
    If Toad’s Leap attacks would be blocked or evaded, and he has any Leaper charges, he is immune to Stun and evades all incoming attacks for 1 second. Evading attacks in this way consumes a Leaper charge.

    Heavy Attacks

    This attack is a Leap attack, but with +40% more Concussion ability accuracy.
    If this attack doesn’t contact the opponent, Toad gains a Leaper charge.

    Special 1 - Wicked Tongue

    Toad’s tongue strikes blindingly fast, catching opponents off guard for an arial body slam.

    The first hit of this attack has True Accuracy and a 100% chance to inflict Stun for 3.5 seconds.
    The second hit is a Leap attack, but instead of inflicting Concussion, it gives Toad 1 passive Precision effect for each Concussion debuff already on the opponent.
    Each Precision increases Toad’s critical rating by 4% until Toad runs out of Leaper charges or a Leaper charge’s duration would expire.

    Special 2 - Leaping— Toads?

    Toad shows off his superhuman strength and agility, battering the opponent senseless.

    Each hit of this attack is a Leap attack, but only consume 1 Leaper charge upon activation.
    If the opponent is suffering from at least 4 Concussion debuffs, Toad benefits from a 100% Prowess effect for the rest of this attack.
    Dev note: This attack should have more than 5 hits.

    Special 3 - The Toads Keep Marching On

    Toad ensnares the opponent with his tongue, squeezing them with its incredible strength before leaping into a barrage of kicks and punches.

    This attack has +404 attack rating for each Leaper charge on Toad.
    100% chance to inflict Armor Break, reducing armor rating by x for 12 seconds.
    A toxin secreted by Toad’s tongue Panics the opponent while this Armor Break is active, increasing their chance of activating a special attack by 70%.
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    If galactus gets added i would love to see the fallen one was some doing some googling and he caught my eye. Think he could be very cool and as usual have spectacular animations
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    IRQIRQ Posts: 315 ★★
    Minvis said:

    IRQ said:

    Oh yeah, I'd forget.


    6 classes. Max 5 characters. You cant have a team of every class spider-men
    Name me a Mystic class Peter Parker currently in game and then we will talk.
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    MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    IRQ said:

    Minvis said:

    IRQ said:

    Oh yeah, I'd forget.


    6 classes. Max 5 characters. You cant have a team of every class spider-men
    Name me a Mystic class Peter Parker currently in game and then we will talk.
    Whoops. Seems I may have misunderstood in my immense impotence. But I got try now.

    Ummm.. Claire Voyant? That’s the closest I got. Symbiote Supreme is venomed and venom was altered by spider-man so... he’s slightly Peter Parker magic?
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