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    I think an annual event that recreates secret wars story type- universal collapse and bring multiple event quests into one would be phenomenal.
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    Also a bad fan of dark carnage, perhaps a new event quest interluding knul and multiple symbionts possessed by knull.
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    And yes plz reworks. Iron fist plz
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    (I hope I'm doing this in the right discussion)


    Main feature would be to mimic opponents special attacks.
    Limitations could be to skill class (cause class advantages are a priority in kits)
    These would work with persistent charges or preflight abilities. (Eg you beat OG Black Widow, you get 1 charge/preflight ability, by selecting that before a fight your special attacks would be like Widows instead of mystique.)
    I think that it could be limited to 4 charges (if you read ahead that would mean 35×4 special attack increase... with the sig ability option could increase to 8)

    In order to be able to mimic a champs special attack she would have to beat them. (If you want to make it more troublesome for us give her a utility like Taskmaster except she has to finish with THAT move. eg if the opponents last hit was a light hit mystique HAS to win with a light hit in order to be able to copy their special attacks.)

    The debuffs/buffs triggered by her special attacks should be unique to her for example she shouldn't gain the basic cruelty and precision buff that OG Black Widow triggers with her specials. Could be 1 prowess per persistent charge. Increasing special attack damage by 35% per stack.

    For every fight where Mystique is using another champs special attack set she would trigger an unblockable at the start of her special (like HulkBuster) and attacking a blocking champ triggers a fury increasing attack by 12% for each prowess charge.

    Sig ability
    (If we are going with the "troublesome" option) Mystique is now able to mimic opponents' specials after knocking them down with ANY hit.
    (If not) increase the number of champs she can store in her persistent charges. (Somewhat like red guardian) 1 for every 50 charges making it go up to 8.
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    edited July 18
    Alligator Loki...
    Also, just redo or buff or variant loki generally...cuz the coolest character in the comics is super lame in the game...
    The Idea of Judge Renslayer or Mobius being able to one shot someone and falter/move/evade is also intriguing...
    It looks like some Kang variants will be in order for Phase 4 also...
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Mooster Fantastic (Science)

    Druid (Mystic)

    Black Panther (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Iron Man (1602) (Tech)

    Brute (Mutant)
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    An Indian character plz...
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Xorn (Mutant)

    Scarlet Witch (1602) (Mystic)

    Zombie Wasp (Tech)

    Toxie Doxie (Science)
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    Sandman and scorpion would be so good I would love to play that month. Also it's like spiderman friend or foe but now I think about it this is becoming more possible
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    Captain Britain, Merlyn/Merlin, Black Knight, Morgan Le Fay (iirc she is coming in 2022/she was at least made in mcoc by the choosing the champion which iirc Hercules was won), Union Jack.
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    I am a huge fan of dr strange , i would like him to be buffed like this !

    The doctor is friendly with the ones who protect the his world and is dangerous to all villains
    Pre Fight
    once per fight all heroes have 100 percent chance to convert passive debuffs to normal ones
    once per quest all heroes can convert their buffs from normal to passive
    once per fight all heroes can shrug off a normal debuff

    sp1 inflicts a fate seal for 16 seconds
    sp2 the dr pushes the opponent's astral form from their physical form.
    this inflicts a physical lock for 6 seconds
    sp3 inflicts a physical and energy vulnerability for 20 seconds

    physical lock- the combat power rate is reduced by 95 %for the opponent , no damaging debuffs can be inflicted on the opponent and is stunned for 2 seconds on every medium.
    can be refreshed by hitting the opponents block.

    with physical and energy vulnerability strange deal extra 30 percent physical damage and also deals 90 percent energy damage.(based on base attack)

    signature ability- can carry buff and power to the next fight based on sig
    synergy : with mordo on his team all villains get access to the per fight

    these are some abilities of him you can add some abilities and synergies
    thank you
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    edited July 20

    Class: Cosmic

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    Please add 6* Hyperion!
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    Faustia (Mystic)

    Sasquatch (Heather McDaniel) (Mystic)

    Iceman (1602) (Mutant)

    Thing (1602) (Science)

    Hulk (David Banner) (Science)

    J2 (Mystic)

    Menace (Tech)

    Black Widow (1602) (Skill)

    Binary (Cosmic)

    Silver Samurai (Shingen Harada II) (Skill)
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    Starlight (Science)

    Kid Gladiator (Cosmic)

    Invisible Gorilla (Science)

    Dark Carnage (Cosmic)

    Requiem (Cosmic)

    Nightcrawler (X-Men Forever) (Mutant)
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    @DogfoodLid in reference to your Darkwing Duck comment (here), I thought I'd give you, and anyone else who's curious, a little background about that convo.

    Darkwing Duck was ranked on the community wishlist for a couple of years. As the list editor, I've been trying to clean it up lately, because it's full and Summoners submit more good suggestions all the time.

    Deac (from the UMCOC podcast) and I were chatting last year and decided the fairest way to delete champs from the wishlist would be to let Summoners decide, by pitting very low-ranked listed characters against potentially better suggestions.

    So we had some March Madness style tournaments on Twitter called #TournamentOfBattlerealmFuture and people voted out Darkwing Duck in the second tournament.

    I didn't delete him from the wishlist right away. He actually used to be relatively popular on the wishlist, when it had a few thousand less voters.

    But people kept downvoting him, so I eventually archived Darkwing.

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    Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) (Tech)

    Hulk Jr. (Science)

    Jean Grey (1602) (Mutant)

    Dark Beast (Mutant)

    Thing (Jack Kirby) (Science)
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74

    Zemo Recently Crowned Community’s New #1 Most-Wanted Champ

    Zemo displaced Beta Ray Bill, who had ruled the rankings for a few months. But nobody has really dominated the rankings the way Apocalypse did, or Doom before him.

    How Do You Know the Summoner Community's Most-Wanted Champ?

    Unlike this thread, which is just a long list of submissions, the MCOC Wishlist is a ranker where you can vote. More than 4,000 Summoners already have.

    Here's a look at some of the most popular characters today:

    Here's a snapshot of further down.

    There are hundreds of your favorites ranked here. You can link to any section (such as ranks 226-250, depicted in part) using this directory.

    Useful Links

    • the MCOC Wishlist on Ranker
    • “Other MCOC Gabe” on Twitter and the blog
    • I would also argue very few people have a better grasp on all the Kabam hints now than JayAxe_
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    Zombie Luke Cage (Science)

    Young Thor (Skill)

    Nathaniel Richards (Tech)

    Thing (Ultimate) (Science)

    Old Man Quill (Tech)

    Doctor Strange (1602) (Mystic)
  • Dick_FitzenbuttDick_Fitzenbutt Posts: 9
    Batman would be cool
    Flash? But probably too quick.
    Martian man hunter?
    Green lantern .. maybe not though
    Shazam for sizzle
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 244

    Indra ( Paras Gavaskar )

    Retractable armored plates
    Psionic matter manifestation

    Powers and abilities

    Indra using his advanced armor and weaponry manifestation powers against Rogue.
    Indra possesses retractable sectional armored plates that he uses to cover himself in protective armor. His skin is purple and his hair is red-violet; he has a red-violet tilak-like marking on his forehead, though this marking may be cosmetic and not part of his mutation.

    Initially, his armor was scaled and plated, similar to a pangolin exoskeleton. Though he religiously believes in absolute non-violence, he is later forced to act in self-defense and attack a corrupt military officer, resulting in an internal struggle that causes him to lose access to his powers. When trying to access his armor plating, he experiences great pain and believes this to be a punishment from the Yakshas for his transgression. After receiving mentoring from Rogue, who believes that Paras chose to name himself after the Hindu god of war for reason, Indra's powers return significantly changed and stronger than before. His armor takes the form of a full-body, Hindu-stylized suit of armor. He is also able to generate similarly stylized Psionic weaponry, such as swords and daggers, around him out of the air for offensive use.

    Indra ( Paras Gavaskar )

    Einziehbare Panzerplatten
    Manifestation der psionischen Materie

    Kräfte und Fähigkeiten

    Indra setzt seine Manifestationskräfte für fortschrittliche Rüstungen und Waffen gegen Rogue ein .
    Indra besitzt einziehbare Panzerplatten, die er verwendet, um sich mit einer schützenden Rüstung zu bedecken. Seine Haut ist lila und sein Haar ist rotviolett; Er hat eine rot-violette, tilakartige Markierung auf seiner Stirn, obwohl diese Markierung kosmetisch sein kann und nicht Teil seiner Mutation ist.

    Zunächst wurde seine Rüstung skaliert und überzogen, ähnlich einem pangolin Exoskelett . Obwohl er religiös an absolute Gewaltfreiheit glaubt, wird er später gezwungen, in Notwehr zu handeln und einen korrupten Militäroffizier anzugreifen, was zu einem inneren Kampf führt, der dazu führt, dass er den Zugang zu seinen Befugnissen verliert. Beim Versuch, an seine Panzerung zu gelangen, erleidet er große Schmerzen und glaubt, dass dies eine Strafe der Yakshas für seine Übertretung ist. Nach dem Mentoring von Rogue, der glaubt, dass Paras sich aus gutem Grund nach dem hinduistischen Kriegsgott benannt hat, kehren Indras Kräfte deutlich verändert und stärker als zuvor zurück. Seine Rüstung hat die Form einer Ganzkörper-Rüstung im Hindu-Stil. Er ist auch in der Lage, ähnlich stilisierte psionische Waffen zu erzeugen, wie z.b Schwerter und Dolche , um ihn herum aus der Luft zum offensiven Einsatz.

  • WheezyBreezyWheezyBreezy Posts: 56
    i think itd be really cool to have champions that feature original comic designs, like cap and bucky, iron man, hulk, thor, spiderman, etc etc that move and have similar qualities to spiderham
    maybe it could be to commemorate a special milestone for the comics, like an anniversary to something

  • WheezyBreezyWheezyBreezy Posts: 56
    i think itd be really cool to have champions that feature original comic designs, like cap and bucky, iron man, hulk, thor, spiderman, etc etc that move and have similar qualities to spiderham
    maybe it could be to commemorate a special milestone for the comics, like an anniversary to something

  • WheezyBreezyWheezyBreezy Posts: 56
    i think itd be really cool to have champions that feature original comic designs, like cap and bucky, iron man, hulk, thor, spiderman, etc etc that move and have similar qualities to spiderham
    maybe it could be to commemorate a special milestone for the comics, like an anniversary to something

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Prestige (Mutant)

    Invisible Woman (Flo Steinberg) (Science)

    Zombie Morbius (Science)

    Captain America (Grant Gardner) (Skill)

    Quicksilver (1602) (Mutant)
  • NanandaimeanarutoNanandaimeanaruto Posts: 244

    Kenshiro Cochrane (Earth-928) GhostRider 2099

    Powers and Abilities

    Solid-form holographic camouflage system
    Stealth field generator
    Nanite-assisted total body regenerative abilities
    Dual-configuration chassis w/ compact "disguise mode" and bulky "combat mode"
    Variable-power eye-mounted lasers
    Advanced hacking and computer skills
    Skilled cyclist (motorcycles and hover-bikes)
    Physical Strength
    Superhuman (cybernetic)

    Eye lasers capable of weapons-grade output.
    Left hand is composed of a morphable nanomer alloy capable of forming a mono-molecular cutting edge
    A retractable, electrically-charged chainsaw concealed in his right forearm
    A .50 calibre semi-automatic handgun and several grenades (standard SHIELD operative equipment)
    A customized Ford Velociraptor 900XL hoverbike w/ supercharged turbo thrusters.

    Kenshiro Cochrane (Earth-928) GhostRider 2099

    Kräfte und Fähigkeiten

    Holografisches Tarnsystem in fester Form
    Nanite-unterstützte Regenerationsfähigkeiten des gesamten Körpers
    Dual-Konfigurations-Chassis mit kompaktem "Verkleidungsmodus" und sperrigem "Kampfmodus"
    Augenmontierte Laser mit variabler Leistung
    Fortgeschrittene Hacker- und Computerkenntnisse
    Geübter Radfahrer (Motorräder und Hoverbikes)
    Körperliche Stärke
    Übermenschlich (kybernetisch)

    Augenlaser mit waffentauglicher Leistung.
    Die linke Hand besteht aus einer morphbaren Nanomer-Legierung, die eine monomolekulare Schneidkante bilden kann
    In seinem rechten Unterarm versteckt sich eine einziehbare, elektrisch geladene Kettensäge
    Eine halbautomatische Handfeuerwaffe Kaliber .50 und mehrere Granaten (Standardausrüstung von SHIELD)
    Ein maßgeschneidertes Ford Velociraptor 900XL Hoverbike mit aufgeladenen Turbostrahlrudern.

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Magneto (Age of Apocalypse) (Mutant)

    Patch (Mutant)

    Darkdevil (Mystic)

    Mr. Fantastic (Stan Lee) (Science)

    Hulk (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Nul (Mystic)

    Warbird (Carol Danvers) (Cosmic)

    Beast (Blue Team) (Mystic)
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Living Monolith (Mutant)

    Beast (1602) (Mutant)

    Man-Spider (Science)

    Mr. Fantastic (1602) (Science)

    Spider-Man (1602) (Mystic)

    Queen Cat (Science)

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 269
    Ruby Thursday (Tech)

    Sage (Mutant)

    White Rabbit (Skill)

    Armor (Mutant)

    Forge (Tech)

    Shockwave (Tech)
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