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    Magus (Cosmic)

    Iron Man (Anti-Radiation Armor) (Tech)

    Baron Karza (Tech)

    Controller (Tech)

    Iron Man (Sentient Armor) (Tech)
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    Today is International Cat Day 😜😍🤩😘

    Felicia Hardy (Earth-616) Black Cat

    Powers and Abilities

    Tychokinesis: The Black Cat's original "bad luck" powers were imbued by scientists working for the Kingpin through a bargain made with him.[18] After they were removed by Doctor Strange,[92] Felicia sought help from a supervillain scientist Doc Tramma. She grafted cybernetic enhancements to Felicia's body, namely a quantum probability pulsator, that causes "bad luck" to other people.[93] This power allows her to subliminally affect probability fields, which would cause improbable, though not impossible, events of "bad luck" to occur to enemies within her line of sight. As the Black Cat grew ruthless, her "bad luck" powers became more effective.[94] This power also affects magic (manipulation of local probability fields), giving Felicia some protection against magical spells.[77]
    The Puma's heightened senses detected Black Cat's bad luck superpower as a distinct aura, more active when she was under attack, but failed to identify its specific effect.[95]
    Claws: As part of the cybernetic enhancements grafted by Doc Tramma, Felicia possesses the ability to extend her nails into sharp claws.[34][7]

    Former Powers
    After her original powers were removed from her by Dr. Strange, a side-effect of the process mutated her body and granted her certain feline abilities including superhuman agility, reflexes, infrared vision, and retractable claws. However, after being exposed to a device designed by the Chameleon to remove Spider-Man's powers, Felicia lost these abilities as well.[citation needed]

    Expert Thief: Felicia is a skilled (somewhat reformed) thief skilled in stealth, picking locks, escapology, evading alarms and cracking safes.[96]
    Olympic Level Athlete: She has reflexes, agility, and stamina of an Olympic level acrobat, and is capable of many exceptional feats. She is physically very strong and athletic and has great physical endurance.[96]

    Skilled Martial Artist: She has been trained in several martial arts; most notably Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate and Judo which she specializes in.[96] Felicia is capable of taking on several armed assailants and incapacitating them without being injured herself. Her strength and, when pushed too far, ferocity in battle has proven to be overwhelming enough to defeat the mutant assassin known as Sabretooth.

    Proximity to Other Probability Manipulators: Felicia's powers malfunction when near other people with the ability to manipulate probability.[97]

    Black Cat's Costume: The costume she currently uses was designed by the Tinkerer, created using leather material, and is designed to increase many of her natural physical attributes far beyond normal human levels by means of micro servos embedded into it.[96]
    Peak Human Strength: The Black Cat's costume increases her physical strength to levels beyond the natural limits of a woman of her weight and physical build. In fact, her strength is increased to the maximum of human potential, enabling her to lift approximately 800 lbs with maximum effort.[96]
    Superhuman Speed: The Black Cat's speed is similarly enhanced, though to levels that are slightly beyond the capabilities of the finest human athlete. Over short distances, she can sprint at a top speed of about 40 miles per hour.
    Superhuman Agility: The costume she wears also possesses various implants. Without these implants, she has the agility of an Olympic level gymnast. However, the implants augment her natural agility to levels that are beyond the capability and physical limits of the finest human athlete.[96]
    Retractable Claws: The gloves of the Black Cat's costume contain steel micro-filaments that form retractable claws at the tip of each finger when she flexes her fingers by triggering a magnetic surge which condenses the filaments into polarized talons. These claws are highly durable and razor sharp, allowing her to tear through most substances and to easily scale walls.[96]
    Equilibrium Earrings: Felicia wears earrings obtained by the Tinkerer that interact with the balance centers of her brain to grant her enhanced agility and balance, increasing her natural bodily equilibrium and allowing her to accomplish feats beyond the capabilities of the finest human athlete.[96]
    Electromagnetic Contact Lenses: Felicia wears contact lenses obtained by the Tinkerer that allows her to see in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet light. When wearing these contacts, Felicia's eyes appear to have blue irises as opposed to the green irises that Felicia naturally possesses.[96]
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    Magneto (House of M) (Mutant)

    Rancor (Mutant)

    Stepford Cuckoos (Mutant)

    Hulkpool (Science)

    Shadow King (Mystic)
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    Lilandra (Cosmic)

    Poison (Cosmic)

    Starfox (Cosmic)

    Nightshade (Tech)

    Azazel (Mutant)

    New Sun (Mutant)

    Lady Ursula (Science)
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    Add Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) 🔥💀🔥
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    Silverclaw (Mystic)

    Huntarr (Cosmic)

    Raza (Tech)

    Basilisk (Mutant)

    Icarus (Mutant)

    Wolverinepool (Mutant)
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    Recorder 451


    Ezekiel stane


    Omega sentinel
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    Spot (Science)

    Calypso (Mystic)

    Jubilee (Vampire) (Mystic)

    Iron Man (Deep-Space) (Tech)

    Iron Man (Fantastic Four) (Tech)
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    Iron Maniac (Tech)

    Bling! (Mutant)

    Major Deadpool (Mutant)

    Gray She-Hulk (Science)

    Lady Vermin (Science)

    Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson) (Mystic)

    Iron Man (Mk XLII) (Tech)

    Evil Deadpool (Mutant)

    Gorgon (Tomi Shishido) (Mutant)

    Wither (Mutant)
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    Black Widow 2099

    Funny face


    Brimstone love

    Hypno Hustler
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    Avengers of 1,000,000 BC,[2] Prehistoric Avengers[3]

    Phoenix (Firehair): The founder of the team; an early human Mutant who was the first known being on Earth to be possessed by the Phoenix Force.
    Odin Borson: The All-Father of Asgard and the Ten Realms.
    Agamotto: The first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and one third of the Vishanti.
    Black Panther: The very first Black Panther of the Panther Tribe, hailing from prehistoric Wakanda.
    Iron Fist (Fan Fei): A banished warrior from the ancient city of K'un-Lun who became the very first Iron Fist.
    Starbrand (Vnn): An early human who was the second being to wield the Starbrand.
    Ghost Rider (Ghost): The first Ghost Rider; a young early human possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance and riding atop a flaming Mammoth.

    Firehair (Earth-616)
    Phoenix Force (Earth-616) (1,000,000 BC)

    Powers and Abilities
    Mutant Physiology: As a mutant, Firehair possesses powerful telepathy, psychokinesis, and other psionic powers.[1]

    Telekinesis: Similar to the Highwalker even before she became a Phoenix avatar, the lady could use her mind to affect matter in any way she chose.[1]
    Telepathy: Much in the way of her old mentor, Firehair had the ability to establish mental dominance with the power of mere thought.[1]
    Phoenix Force: As a host of the Phoenix Force, Firehair possesses the great powers of the Phoenix:

    Cosmic Pyrokinesis: Lady Phoenix was capable of generating preternatural flames powerful enough to "melt supernovas",[2] and was proud of her capacity for destruction.[3]
    Flight: Using either psychokinesis or her cosmic powers, Lady Phoenix was able to levitate herself and fly at immense speeds.[3]
    Telepathy: Lady Phoenix was capable of communicating telepathically with others and reading minds.[12][5]

    Odin Borson (Earth-616) (1,000,000 BC)

    Powers and Abilities

    Odin during the Celestials' 3rd hostOdin passessed all the conventional attributes of an Asgardian God. However, as the king of the Asgardians, many of these attributes were significantly superior than those possessed by the majority of his race.

    Superhuman Strength: In spite of his advanced age, Odin is much stronger than most Asgardians, near the time of his death he could lift 60 tons, where an average Asgardian male can lift 30 tons. However, at his peak during the time of the Celestials 3rd host on Earth, Odin could lift 75 tons, but in Odin's physical prime, he could lift 90 tons. He's also able to augment his strength to even greater heights by tapping into the Odin Force. With this power, despite being extremely weakened due to his battle with Galactus and thereby forced to go into his "Odinsleep", he was able to stagger the powerful cosmic entity with one powerful headbutt right before going into his Odinsleep (an act which injured both parties).

    Superhuman Speed: Despite his age, Odin is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete, allowing him to rival his speed with most superhumans.

    Superhuman Agility: Odin's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Reflexes: Odin's reflexes are superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

    Superhuman Stamina: Odin's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human, and most other Asgardians. As a result, he possesses superhuman stamina in all physical activities. He could exert himself at peak capacity for months before fatigue would begin to impair him.

    Superhumanly Dense Tissue: Odin's skin, muscle, and bone tissues are about 3 times as dense as those of a human beings. This contributes, in part, to Odin's superhuman strength and weight.[64][31]

    Superhuman Durability: Odin's body is considerably more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human being, or even most other Asgardians for that matter. Odin's body is capable of withstanding great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts from cosmic level beings without sustaining injury, however, though to what extent is unknown.

    Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all other Asgardians, it was possible to injure Odin, but he can recover from injury with superhuman levels of speed and efficiency. Odin is capable of regenerating massive tissue damage or loss to a degree far beyond that of most other Asgardians, even of being able to regenerate missing limbs and organs, faster and with much more efficiency. Odin's healing powers are far superior to all other Asgardian Gods.

    Extended Longevity: Odin, like all Asgardians, was extremely long-lived, although not truly immortal like Olympians. However, Odin still ages at a pace much slower than human beings. He was also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.

    Odinforce: (possibly formerly)[63] Odin is capable of manipulating vast amounts of magical energy, referred to as the Odin Power, the Odin Force or the Odinsource, for a number of purposes. With this power, Odin was capable of magical feats such as transporting the entire human race to an alternate dimension,[34] casting foes into deep space with a thought,[65] read minds from across even dimensions,[66] projecting force blasts,[67] manipulate matter for a number of purposes, erecting nigh impenetrable force fields, barriers which can shield entire cities,[68] altering size,[69] endowing people or objects with powers,[70][71][72] and compressing the population of an entire planet into a single being, namely Mangog.[73] Odin was highly skilled in the use of his powers during combat situations, and was able to casually knock around the Silver Surfer and Thanos simultaneously and even put the Silver Surfer down in one simple blast when he got annoyed as he kept asking them to stand down but they kept attacking to no avail, as their attacks could not even phase Odin.[74][75][67] He has easily beaten Absorbing Man (who had absorbed Asgard itself) and Loki together.[65] Odin's power is such, that he was able to bring back both, Thor and Brunhilde back to life.[76] The power of the Odin Force is such that it can stop time itself, and allow one to travel through time.[77] He has taken away a soul from the demonic entity Mephisto;[78] Odin's power was so vast, that when a part of Odin, his dark side bonded with the conceptual entity Infinity, went rogue, it was so large that it could crush planets in its grip as if they were pebbles, his mere limbs stretched as far as galaxies. Odin's battle with Infinity destroyed entire galaxies and countless worlds. When awoken from his trance by Thor, Odin swiftly got rid of Infinity and with one simple act was powerful enough to restore all the damage Infinity had caused across the Universe in moments.[79] Shortly afterwards, Odin was able to easily slay the virtually indestructible Hela, Asgardian goddess of death, in an attempt to stop her from claiming Thor's life and soul, and then instantly bring her back to life upon realizing her continued existence was necessary to maintain the natural order of Asgard. Odin was able to quickly overpower Annihilus when the latter attempted to seize Asgard when its dimension intersected with that of the Negative Zone, after both Thor and the other Asgardians had failed in combat.[80][81] Odin's power is such, that it has stated that at his peak, it is equal to the likes of Galactus as Odin was able to render a hungry Galactus unconscious right before the Odinsleep.[82][83] Even the ability to grant human beings the gift of immortality is within Odin's grasp, as Thor asked him to do for Jane Foster in order to marry her. Odin is also capable of placing multiple permanent enchantments on items, as he did for Mjolnir, lasting until he himself cancels them or they are overpowered by a superior enchantment.

    Odin was so powerful that in his fight with Seth which was waged on several planes of existence simultaneously and felt across infinite planes of reality, the energy released from their battle was so powerful it shattered entire galaxies, reignited dying suns, and ripped the fabric of the multiverse.[69]
    In battle, Odin often carries the magical spear Gungnir ("The Spear of Heaven"), an artifact made of the mystical metal uru, that he uses to channel his personal energies, though possessing no abilities of its own; and the power scepter Thrudstok, a small mace. Odin also bears Draupnir (the "Odinring") as a symbol of supremacy, though its specific properties are as of yet unknown. He can manipulate energy for various effects, including projection of concussive force, creation of force shields, levitation, molecular manipulation of matter, matter-energy conversion, illusion-casting, and inter-dimensional teleportation. Odin, however, is not totally self-sufficient. Odin commands the life energies of the entire Asgardian race, and can absorb any and all of their life energies into his person at will, even to the point of restoring life to a dying Asgardian. While possessing power that is inherent opposed to the need for outward sustenance Odin must once a year undertake the Sleep of Life, also known as the Odinsleep - a state of deep sleep lasting for one 24-hour day to keep his powers from waning. During this time Odin is guarded closely as he is vulnerable.[84]
    Odin occasionally travels using the enchanted ship Skipbladnir, which had several mystical properties in its sails and oars, such as enabling Odin to navigate the "sea of space." The ship can be mystically shrunk to the size of a fist. Odin also rides the eight-legged steed Sleipnir, who can fly through the air at incalculable speeds.

    Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak Odin can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.


    God of Wisdom: Vast knowledge of ancient and arcane wisdom, considered to be his most powerful weapon.

    Expert Combatant: Odin is a skilled hand to hand combatant.

    Master Tactician: His thousands of years of experience resulted in him becoming a master tactician which could possibly win him many battles. In addition to feat such as preventing Ragnarok,[85] it has been revealed that Odin was planning for the arrival of the Celestials Fourth Host for centuries.[86][87] Odin's wisdom was such that he was able to ultimately thwart the eternal cycle of Ragnarok forever by sending Thor to Midgard as part of his secret plan to destroy the Asgardian cosmic entities known as Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Even after Odin had perished fighting Surtur, his plan for his son succeeded and set all of Asgard free.

    Asgardian Mystical Combatant: Odin was also extremely adept at wielding his vast energy powers during combat situations. Odin was extremely skilled at using Asgardian magic, surpassing even that of Karnilla or the Enchantress.

    Physical Strength

    At his peak, Odin possesses sufficient strength to lift up to 75 tons, however in his physical prime he could lift about 90 tons. He's also able to augment his strength to an excess of 100 tons by tapping into the Odinforce.


    Odinsleep: At periodical intervals, approximately once every year, Odin is required to sleep for about a week to renew his godly energies.[64] If Odin misses the Odinsleep (a state of deep sleep where he recharged the Odinforce, but left him as vulnerable as a mortal), his power level begins to diminish.[64] Odin's power is also dependent upon the dimension of Asgard itself.[64]

    Agamotto (Earth-616) (1,000,000 BC)

    Powers and Abilities

    As the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, and the spawn of an Elder God of Earth, a realm where magic appears especially attuned, Agamotto possesses extremely powerful magical abilities, which he can channel to certain mystics, mainly the Sorcerer Supreme of the mainstream Earth dimension, sufficient in strength for him to usually defend his reality. Agamotto has held his own against entities of such power as Dormammu and Galactus on several separate occasions when they clashed, making it apparent his full power can rival either's. It has been hinted that he is more powerful than both Oshtur and Hoggoth combined, despite being the spawn of the former. As the Vishanti, their power and omniscience is even further magnified. Agamotto specializes in divination and truth, such as the Eye of Agamotto's all-revealing light. Agamotto is described as "all-knowing," implying omniscience in dimensions even beyond his own, or at least potent mystic sensory abilities. So powerful are his abilities to gather knowledge, that he even has classified information concerning Cosmic entities in other universes, such as Galactus, since he was aware that he had been Galan and of his origins. Such is the magical potency of Agamotto that the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, was unable to banish him back to his own realm, even when invoking the united strength of Dormammu, Cytorrak, Watoomb, Raggadorr, Denak, the Seraphim, the Faltine, Ikonn and Valtorr to fuel the spell. Agamotto is even capable of resurrecting others, as he did to Cadaver, as well as opening time portals.

    Magical Manipulation: Agamotto is one of the three mystical entities known as the Vishanti. He created some of magical artifacts used by the Sorcerer Supreme such as Dr. Strange and Doctor Voodoo. Agamotto can create and manipulate magical attacks.
    Shapeshifting: Agamotto can shapeshift to other creatures or entities.
    Genius Intelligence:[4]

    Black Panther (1,000,000 BC) (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    Seemingly those of the Black Panthers who came after him, though it is unknown if his powers are derived from the Heart-Shaped Herb that gave his successors their powers.

    Spikes worn on his knuckles.

    Mjolnir: Black Panther was able to wield his teammate's mystical hammer of Mjolnir.[2]

    Fan Fei (Earth-616) (1,000,000 BC)Iron-Fist

    Powers and Abilities
    Seemingly those of an average Iron Fist.[2]

    As an Iron Fist user, it can be assumed that she is skilled in various martial arts. She is also able to understand the grunts of her teammate Starbrand.[2]

    Vnn (Earth-616) (1,000,000 BC) Starbrand

    Powers and Abilities
    Seemingly those that a typical possessor of the Star Brand.[2]

    Starbrand is unable to speak normally. He can only grunt. Only his teammate Iron Fist seems able to understand him,[2] though Phoenix is capable of reading his mind and possibly communicating telepathically. However, in flashbacks, he is shown communicating with his lover in complete sentences. It is unknown whether they communicated in a language other than that of his teammates, or if he lost the ability to speak upon gaining the Star Brand.[1]

    Ghost Rider (1,000,000 BC) (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities
    Seemingly those of a standard Ghost Rider, the only deviance being he could control and animate the bones of the deceased for various effects.[1]

    The Ghost Rider rode woolly mammoths he imbued with hellfire.[3][5][1]

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    Danielle Cage (Earth-15061) Captain America

    Powers and Abilities
    Seemingly those of both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

    Captain America's Shield: A voice-commanded drone which is a replica of the original Captain America's shield.
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    Madam Slay

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    Deadpool 2099

    Human torch 2099

    Spider-ham 2099

    Black Rabbit




    Richard bloom


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    I am expecting on her
    the natasha stark the IRON WOMAN

    The earth is 3490

    The villain or evil friend of IRON WOMAN is
    Mephisto Slave No.2 the BLACKHEART.

    you will see natasha romanoff transformation to natasha stark as IRONWOMAN

    Soonly natasha will defeat her evil friend blackheart in this earth 3490.
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    Ex Nihilo

    The man with no face

    Firebrand (Broxtel)

    Mister X



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    Morbius the living vampire

    Living tribunal





    Death’s Head 3.0

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    Star-Lord ( Peter Jason Quill ) Elementar Powers of All Beyond Sun Star Power/Master of Sun/Reality Warper
    (Class Cosmic)

    Powers and Abilities

    Enhanced Human/Spartax Physiology: While Star Lord's history seems to have been reinvented a lot since his first introduction. In current continuity Quill possesses a hybrid nature due to having parentage hailing from alien royalty as well as human originality.[12] He'd also undergone some minor cybernetic enhancements during the annihilation war which were later removed after serving his internment sentence.[9] After a harsh battle with the cosmic incarnation of Olympian Gods, Quill ended up using his Element Gun to siphon their power into himself and the Spartaxian weapon. Seemingly giving him all new powers and abilities yet to be explored.[94]

    Semi-Immortality: Spartax may have life spans that are somewhat longer than those of normal humans from Earth. Due to his hybrid nature it is unsure how he will age, but it will likely be at a decelerated rate. After having literally stolen fire from the gods through his assault battery, Quills' life-force had increased to the point he hadn't aged for over a hundred years since landing in an entirely foreign plane of existence.[94]
    Enhanced Human Condition
    Superhuman Durability: To an unknown degree, Peter's resistance to injury had been increased dramatically. Having taken the full brunt of the weakened Gods of Olympus' might and still lived through it.[94]
    Enhanced Reflexes: Peter's reflexes and reaction time allow him to react at a speed that is beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He has dodged a Phalanx infected Blastaar's energy blast at short range.[97]
    Regenerative Healing Factor: Quill lost his left eye spelunking in another plane of reality while living a different life and it regrew over the course of nearly a century and a half.[94]

    Master of the Sun: A title bestowed upon Peter by what and whom he believed to be a false memory from prior history never truly lived.[94] Being gifted entirely alien capabilities by said facsimile of his old mentor, Quill would gain incredible; albeit unexplored, new power which he can channel through his Element Gun. These as of yet unexplored faculties often manifest by the glow of his regrown left eye and the odd sun imprint tattooed to the palm of his right hand.[5]

    Transvection: While meditating on his new lease on life, Quill showed he could antigravitate off the ground in a sitting position while trying to focus his powers for the upcoming battle.[95]
    Bioluminescence: Often when Quill finds his center of being and/or is utilizing his power through the magitek sidearm. Quill's body glows a bright voluminous radiance that causes Star-Lord's entire bodily coloration to glow bright golden, the light emitted is so powerful he can blow apart a Symbiote Dragon by channeling said force through the blaster.[5]

    Master of the Sun
    After seemingly dying by a Black Hole Bomb, being transported by a mystical new world, and returning home, Quill developed real superhuman abilities. He became the source of the elements he was producing through the Element Gun, with the Element Gun only serving as a prism to focus his ability through.

    In his new role, Peter can survive in space, fly faster than the speed of light, and generate a personal force field. His other abilities include being able to recover from injuries quickly, super human strength, and universal language translation.

    Adept in marksmanship, sword fighting, and hand-to-hand combat, Star-Lord is a formidable cosmic hero whose red-eyed, Kree-fitted helmet is one of his most defining pieces of equipment that enhances his sight and provides data analysis. He also has a gun that only obeys only his commands and can shoot energy blasts summoned from the elements of the planet R?Ralmis. Additional weapons capable of firing tranquilizer projectiles and explosive rounds are just for added protection. He also receives cybernetic enhancements like an electronic eye, which can glimpse energy spectra, as well as a memory chip in his brain that grants 100% memory recollection.

    Even when ?depowered,? Peter is still a formidable force, able to understand Kree (but not speak it), while wearing a universal translator on his forehead. A ?passport? bracelet gives him access to Knowhere (a scientific outpost inside the decapitated head of a Celestial) and its teleportation facilities.
    In Al Ewing’s and Juan Frigeri’s Guardians of the Galaxy #14, the super-team must go toe-to-toe with none other than Doctor Doom. Bent on taking the Ekz’el-Zorr, better known as the Sword of Space, from Emperor Hulkling and wielding its power for himself, Doom uses the sword on his enemies. Among its other magical properties, the Sword of Space has the uncanny ability to disrupt magic. When used against the mutant sorcerer Wiccan, it completely depowers him, and, as Doom rightly calculated, it has a similar nullifying effect on Star-Lord’s element gun, with Doom remarking that “all reality warpers have a touch of magic in them.”

    Star-Lord’s signature weapon is a strange piece of equipment indeed. Neither Quill nor the finest technical minds in the galaxy can figure out how it works, despite having taken it apart, modified it with augments like a voice-command chip, and even after building a second one. What’s more, the device can only be used by Star-Lord. In issue #9 of Al Ewing’s series, the new gods of Olympus described the element gun as a "thing of science and magic," an "astrological weapon." These gods weren’t exactly the kind of authority readers could trust, unlike Doctor Doom. As both a genius scientist and accomplished sorcerer, Doom is by far the best suited to determine the exact nature of Star-Lord’s powers and magical pistol.

    Under Al Ewing’s creative hand, Star-Lord has transformed from gadget-totting adventurer to a mystically-powered superhero. The element gun really is ultimately the tip of an unfathomable power source. The timing couldn’t be better, considering the Marvel Comics universe is on the brink of a devastating cataclysm and the Guardians of the Galaxy have become the vanguard protecting all worlds.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy have entered a new era, and Marvel Comics has finally confirmed that Star-Lord’s “Element Gun” is magic-based. The galaxy is in turmoil, the Nova Corps is no more, and tensions are escalating among all the sovereign empires and factions fighting for supremacy. Good thing the Guardians are there to keep the peace.

    Peter Quill’s element gun has been remarkably powerful in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy series, even before his trans-dimensional resurrection and return to battle the Gods of New Olympus. In Quill's first clash with the reborn Greek gods, it trapped Artemis, goddess of the hunt, in a shell of solid carbon, but Star-Lord has shown even more varied control of the elements since then. After spending over a century in Mornius—a parallel dimension otherwise known as “The Land Beyond All Suns”—Quill learned that the gun is at its core a prism through which he can focus the elements which bind all of reality together. In his hands it acts as a kind of conduit through which he channels the power of a sun, giving a whole new meaning to his Star-Lord moniker. Not to mention making him one of King in Black's worst nightmares. Later still, in issue #13, during the battle against the Progenitors, Quill uses the element gun to channel the fundamental elements of growth into Groot, turning the Flora colossi into a celestial-sized tree-titan. Now, it turns out there's a magical explanation for the extent of Star-Lord's abilities.

    Telepathic Resistance: Star-Lord's transformation has seemingly rendered him immune to psionic intrusion. as Moondragon could not penetrate the luminal defenses his mind seemed to subconsciously throw up whenever she drifted towards him.[95]
    Living Power Plant: The Element Blaster initially held a finite charge limit to its ability to channel and redistribute energy towards manipulating natural materials,[93] but after having gained total control over various metaphysical dynamics pertaining to the universe, Quill now acts as his own dynamo to power said weapon of choice.[5]
    Cosmic Awareness: Quill possesses a degree of cosmic awareness, stating that he is more aware of "everything" and that he could feel a shift in the cosmic balance.[98]

    Expert Marksman: Star-Lord is well-versed in the use of firearms, from all over the Galaxy.[citation needed]

    Martial Artist: Star-Lord is an expert in hand-to-hand combat being very skilled in multiple fighting styles.[citation needed]

    Master Tactician and Strategist: Star-Lord is a master strategist and problem solver, and skilled in battle techniques.[citation needed]

    Pilot: Star-Lord is an accomplished star ship pilot.[citation needed]

    Universal Knowledge: Star-Lord has extensive knowledge on various alien customs, societies and cultures, as well as various knowledge about cosmic abstracts such as Oblivion.[citation needed]

    Peter is a cunning tactician with the ability to think quick in a situation to form strategy and is an adept field leader. Peter is an expert pilot and gifted technician.

    Starlord is equipped with various firearms including advanced, voice activated weaponry, his signature Element Gun, or even conventional ballistic weapons depending on the mission or what's available.

    Starlord once had implants, and could remember anything with his memchip, which has 100% recall, and see beyond regular ability. He also had a universal translator that could even understand the languages of animals and abstract lifeforms. During Annihilation: Conquest, he lost his implants because of the Phalanx transmode virus.

    Later, the universal translator was reimplanted.

    Power Suit
    The suit allows him sustained flight and survival in space. His suit is harder than steel can can even take direct blasts from star ships capable of leveling mountains. He can heal and has energy shields.

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    Big Mother

    Powers and abilities
    Due to the fact that Big Mother is one of the first symbiotes at all, she has enormous powers and is physically a force of nature in itself, the limits of which are far from being known.

    Like all symbiotes, she also has claws and teeth and is also a masterful hand-to-hand fighter, but can also change into a kind of dragon shape, whereby she can even fly through the void of space and spit an enormously hot fire, but can also in her humanoid form they shine with an almost limitless endurance and extreme reflexes.

    It can also break up into smaller components in order to occupy several hosts at the same time and bring them under their control.

    Big Mother also supposedly has magical knowledge and is said to be able to fall back on a variety of different spells and curses.

    Superhuman strength
    Superhuman perseverance
    Superhuman speed
    Superhuman regeneration
    Change to a kite-like form
    To fly
    Fire breath
    Good hand-to-hand fighter
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    Powers and abilities
    can manipulate magnetism
    superhuman strength
    superhuman endurance

    good geophysicist
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    Power Princess

    Powers and abilities
    Power Princess is superhumanly agile and agile and also has enormous physical strength. In addition, she masters almost all weapons and is also a serious opponent unarmed, who can shatter massive rock with just one blow.

    superhuman strength
    superhuman endurance
    superhuman agility
    superhuman speed
    superhuman reflexes
    excellent hand-to-hand fighter
    masters almost every existing weapon
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    Powers and abilities
    Dragoness is a mutant with the ability to create bioelectric explosions that appear as pyrotechnic flames.

    She can fly together with a jetpack thanks to the artificial wings she wears on her suit.

    no weaknesses
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    Powers and abilities
    Supergiant is a kind of thought parasite and has enormously strong telepathic and omnipathic powers and the ability to steal other people's memories and even their intelligence and gain energy from them. It also has some psionic abilities and can, at least temporarily, like Shadowcat , phase through solid matter by manipulating its molecular density. But she is also quite physically resistant to physical attacks, which makes her very strong and dangerous in combat.

    superhuman strength
    superhuman endurance
    superhuman agility
    Psionic powers
    Mind manipulation and control
    excellent tactician
    She is unable to control Iron Man as his suit blocks her powers
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    Powers and abilities

    good swordsman

    Water and extremely low temperatures
    Lack of oxygen or excess carbon dioxide
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    Ghost Rider (Alejandra Jones)

    Powers and abilities
    Similar to the old Ghost Rider , as the new Ghost Rider she has of course received his powers and thus has the punishing look that can kill her opponent instantly. She also fights with flaming chains, hellfire, superhuman strength and an infernal wheelie, but is not yet as experienced with her powers in some situations. She also has a sickle, which she knows how to use excellently in close combat.

    Transformation into a demon
    superhuman strength
    superhuman endurance
    bless you
    "Hellfire" manipulation
    Lord of his mystical chain
    has the punishing look
    good hand-to-hand fighter
    sometimes too hasty
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    Sin/Red Skull

    Powers and abilities
    Gender transformation
    Self-healing powers

    good hand-to-hand fighter
    Weapons expert
    can turn bad into good

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    Stephen Strange (Earth-616)
    (Doctor Strange)
    (Sorcerer Supreme of Galaxie)
    (Supreme Herold)

    Powers and Abilities
    Power Grid[157]

    Stephen Strange (Earth-616) from Witches Vol 1 1 001.jpg
    Doctor Strange unleashing the might of his mystic forces
    Sorcerer: Dr. Strange possesses a vast mastery of the mystic arts; his primary magical patrons are a group of entities known as "the Vishanti." The Vishanti are a trinity of godly beings comprised of Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur. Although he has, on rare occasions, called upon the power of demons such as Dormammu; Strange more frequently did so before he realized Dormammu's true dark nature in the earlier issues. He has once stated that he can kill a mortal with the mere twitch of a finger.[citation needed]
    Infinite Longevity/Fearlessness: Dr. Strange's lifespan has been extended and his fear of dying subsided in a manner similar to that of his mentor the Ancient One, due to a successful contest against Death. Though he can still be killed and even physically wounded, he cannot succumb to any medical diseases, nor does he age. However, he still requires food, water, oxygen, and sleep, the same as a normal human. Strange passed a test by the Ancient One and defeated Death, or more accurately, accepted Death.[126] As a result, from that moment forward, Doc stopped aging. "Death may come only from without, in battle-- and not from within." The Ancient One had once passed the same test himself and lived 600 years. From that moment forward, a glowing ankh appears on Doc's forehead when he is in a situation of great danger and his death is imminent, "when Strange most needs a reaffirmation of life." [24]
    Energy Blasts[127]:[18][128]: Capable of destroying moons and planets
    Mystic Bolts[citation needed]:
    Astral Projection: Doctor Strange can release his astral form from his body, instantaneously and at will. In this form he does not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep, is unrestricted by physical laws (for example, Strange has flown beyond Earth’s atmosphere, defying gravity with ease to speak with Iron Man), is invisible (though can be seen by any if he wished it so), intangible, and incapable of being harmed by all but the most powerful and rigorous of mystic means. As physical laws are meaningless on the astral plane, Strange is able to use it to traverse at virtually any speed desirable (Strange has reached to St. Louis, Missouri from his Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, New York in "a few brief seconds" thus,[129] as well as traveling at the "speed of thought" through outer space.[130])
    Banishment: Dr. Strange has banished many types of creatures and humans to other dimensions, but the extent of this is only possible as long as the 'Banish-ers' magic is greater than that of the 'Banish-ees' magic during the banishment.[citation needed]
    Conjuring of Objects[citation needed]
    Transmutation: Dr. Strange has showcased the ability to molecularly alter and convert an object into another of his choosing using spells.'[citation needed]
    Telepathy: Dr. Strange can psychically communicate and read minds These abilities can be amplified by mystic energy (as against Moondragon) and/or the Eye of Agamotto (done countless times) to afford Stephen incredibly powerful psychic abilities.[131] He has been able to telepathically overpower Scarlet Witch and trap Sentry in an illusion
    Telekinesis: Dr. Strange can mentally manipulate his environment through the use of psionics without physically interacting with it. However, it is much more common for Strange to rely on magical manipulation rather than psionic.[citation needed]
    Flight: Doctor Strange can fly using magical energy but has since abandoned it. (Presumably choosing to rely on the Cape of Levitation instead.) [citation needed]
    Protective Shields: Using the being Seraphim, Dr. Strange can shield himself or his allies. Doctor Strange is so powerful that his energy shields can even protect him from the full power of a supernova (which he created) [132], as well as planetary destruction
    Hypnotism[citation needed]
    Illusions: Dr. Strange has the ability to magically create illusions and cause others to experience things that aren't real, using spells to do so.[citation needed]
    Intangibility: Dr. Strange has the ability to become invisible or near-invisible and phase through solid material.[citation needed]
    Time Manipulation: Strange has frozen, slowed, and traveled through time. This magic is enacted only through extreme concentration.[133]
    Elemental Manipulation: Dr. Strange can manipulate and control the elemental forces.[citation needed]
    Teleportation: Dr. Strange can teleport himself and others to any place of his choosing through the use of magic. It is also stated he can move at the "speed of thought" through his astral form.[citation needed]
    Dimensional Travel: In addition to his ability to teleport across a single plane, Dr. Strange has also showcased the ability to travel between dimensional planes and access alternate dimensions. For example, he was able to willingly travel to the Dark Dimension. [citation needed]
    Universal Awareness: By performing meditation, Dr. Strange has sensed anomalies in time and space, allowing him to protect against time travelers, extra-dimensional invaders (Example: Dormammu, Nightmare), and other extra-terrestial threats.[citation needed]
    Various other spells: These spells seem to be quicker to perform but lesser in power than spells using divine energy. Strange has used his magics altogether to alter his clothing through something akin to minor molecular control, control and manipulate elements, matter manipulation, etc.
    Dr. Strange has also been shown to amass as much wealth/gold as he desires using magic, as he has done to pay debts he owed.[citation needed]
    The Words: Doctor Strange has become an expert in the Black Priests's ability to use language to distort reality, becoming even more capable than the Black Priests themselves in a short amount of time. Each "word" is a symbol which means "something." The addition of another symbol can change the meaning of that "something." Doctor Strange stated this method to be akin to replacement cipher. This way, he can distort the reality in different ways, depending how many symbols are said and in which order. Some of the features achieved by the use of Words include:

    Energy Blasts[134]
    Organic Disintegration [134]
    Divine Sources: Dr. Strange can channel the extra-dimensional energy of mystical and non-mystical beings in multiple dimensions (known as Principalities) to empower his spells. This can take the form of standard spells ("Crimson Bands of Cyttorak") or just state what he wants to occur and channeling some being to make it happen. It is unknown at this time what debt, if any, he incurs by invoking the powers that be. There is no strict quid pro quo (as the simple acknowledgment and invoking of the entity increases the entity's own powers, inexplicably), though some entities will feel he is obliged to heed their call when they need help in their conflicts as did the Vishanti. This ability to be a conduit to multiversal power sources has given rise to the phrase "Dr. Strange is as powerful as the god he invokes." Doctor Strange's powers typically come from one of three divine sources: The Vishanti (a trinity formed of Hoggoth, Oshtur, and Agamotto), the Octessence (a group of eight beings, consisting of Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr, Valtorr, and Watoomb) and other beings who owe him a debt (this includes Satannish and even Dormammu). However, certain abilities of his stem from more obscure sources, such as the Faltine, the Seraphim, Cinnibus, Sheol, Ikthalon, Denak, Cyndriarr, Munnopor, Morpheus, Dyzakk, the Olympian deities (such as Poseidon and Hades) and others.[citation needed]

    Darkness of the Divine Conduit (Black Magic): By sheer force of will "take" the power of another entity. This does not require the use of a spell. He used this ability against Arioch and Shuma-Gorath. The fact that Stephen can do this is a testament to his incredible willpower and strength of mind. This is considered black magic and as such he rarely employs this. Also when taking the powers of celestial entities he absorbs the mind and assumes their duties and roles in the dimension in which they exist. If his will falters, he can lose all sense of self.[citation needed]

    Although Dr. Strange primarily uses spells that are considered 'white magic', he will use spells from other disciplines such as black magic, elemental magic, and catastrophe magic when necessary.[citation needed]

    Dr. Strange's powers are all mystical but take several forms. Main manifestations include:

    It is said that he cannot use magic that can replicate anything discovered by human science.[135]
    By force of will, Dr. Strange can "take" the power of another entity. This does not require the use of a spell. He uses this ability against Captain Universe as well as against Arioch and Shuma-Gorath in Strange Tales (vol. 2). Strange also uses this to drain the Wrecking Crew of the Asgardian magic they had been infused by Karnilla
    Dr. Strange also became proficient in Black Magic under the tutelage of Kaluu, including using the necromantic energy released in death for various effects. After he purged Shuma-Gorath from himself, he has since stopped using black magic.[136]
    At a certain period, Dr. Strange became a receptacle of Earth's Gaia magic through the use of a forge built with the support of all his magical artifacts. This energy was exhausted in the War of Seven Spheres.[citation needed]
    For a brief period, research from the Vishanti library led Strange to tap into "catastrophe magic" by invoking a mystical alignment of all the planets, but this source of magic was limited and he ceased using it specifically as a source of his power.[citation needed]
    Strange's magical powers at their greatest peak exceeds that of even the Watcher Uatu and rivals that of other great beings, such as Galactus or Celestials.[citation needed]
    Former Expert Surgeon/Surgical Consultant: Strange holds an M.D. in neurosurgery and was once considered one of the foremost experts in his field. However, the nerve damage he suffered in his car crash severely compromised the manual dexterity in his hands, preventing him from performing surgery except when temporarily supplemented by magic.

    Even without magic, Strange retains his medical knowledge. He still practices medicine,[137] can guide other less skilled, yet un-maimed surgeons through intense effort, and is still capable of serving as a consultant.[citation needed]

    Expert Occultist & Magical Knowledge: During his studies which continued until recently Dr. Strange has gain expert awareness on cults and the extra-dimensional entities they worship, this knowledge as of yet far exceeds any on Earth in the Marvel Universe.[citation needed

    Expert Strategist: Though Stephen seems to suffer from an impulsive nature, instinctively jumping into situations of life-or-death, it's apparent that he works best this way possessing considerable strategic skills, which has been employed in leadership structures, and spontaneous situations, all of which is a necessity in the random environment of Mysticism.[citation needed]

    Expert Martial Artist: Dr. Strange is a skilled athlete and was trained in the martial arts used by Tibetan monks in Kamar Taj, proving sufficiently talented to pass down such training to others, such as Clea. These talents have assisted him from time-to-time when incapable of using his sorcery. Strange is a formidable opponent to any skilled attacker and continues to train regularly with Wong.[138] He has in some cases, been known to occasionally spar with other heroes; in one case, Strange was able to evade a kung fu hand-chop by Mantis (the future mother of the Quoi in sheer physical combat, despite his strength nearly hundreds of times superior to her own.[citation needed]

    Physical Strength
    Normal human male with intensive regular exercise.

    Science-Based Weakness:

    Incantations and Gestures Dependency: Strange also depends on spoken incantations, mystical gesturing, and his arcane artifacts in his duties; likely these can be counted as weaknesses. Strange has been incapacitated various times by being gagged and bound, preventing him from uttering arcane invocations or performing mystic gestures. The Hulk breaking his hands greatly crippled his magic ability.[82]

    Human Factor: Another weakness is that Strange, despite all his spells and magical training, is only human physically. Hence, if not taking proper care or defenses, Strange can be overpowered by mere blows, energy attacks, or gas. While technically immortal per se, he still must eat, sleep and breathe in order to survive.[citation needed

    Astro-Limits: Such is the skill and mastery of Doctor Strange that he is capable of spending up to 24 hours upon the astral plane before he must rejoin his ethereal form with his physical one, lest succumb to corporeal deterioration leading to bodily death and eternal suspension as a spirit. The physical form remains in an inert, death-like trance, vulnerable to both physical and magical forms of harm while the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall his physical form while he was in his astral form, he would be stranded in his wraith-like state. Though Strange has only his personal abilities in his astral form, the Ring of the Ancient One/Ring (of Full Power) can grant him access to the same resources he possesses in his physical body; however, certain writers and editors appear to have portrayed Strange in an astral form capable of feats beyond his personal abilities even without the Ring.[citation needed] According to Baron Mordo, the intense atomic radiation of the sun's core can change the composition of astral forms.[140]

    Magic-Induced Physical Changes: A fact not known by many people is that the use of magic takes a physical toll on its user. During his first lessons, Stephen vomited for three days straight because of this. As years went by, Strange's body changed so much his stomach can't even accept human food and can only ingest that which would kill a normal person.[141]
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    Death (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities

    Nigh-Omnipotence: Death, itself, is a cosmic level entity, and, as such, is more than capable of achieving virtually any effect desired within regulated limits.

    Death: Death itself can liberate the soul or spirit of a living being but generally leaves this task to the various beings of the afterlife, such as the Valkyries, Hela, or Doorman. Because Death is the embodiment of all death, every lost soul belongs to it, so the agent of passage is irrelevant. Death can also reverse that passage and return a being to life, but that rarely happens. Death can choose to ignore certain beings, possibly as a mark of respect for their ability to survive. The Elders of the Universe fall into this category. Other beings with the proper knowledge, such as the Sorcerer Supreme, can challenge Death directly; by succeeding at this challenge, they become immune to true death.

    Amortality: Death itself cannot die, since it is not truly alive. As a cosmological concept, the basic laws of the universe would have to change to erase death.

    Power Cosmic: Unlimited ability to manipulate reality, time, space, matter, energy, or magic for any purpose. It rarely uses this power, however, possibly because it does not wish to upset the balance of the cosmic entities, which could endanger itself.

    Soothing Appearance: If Death manifests itself to a mortal being in its final moments, it may take the form of a loved one.[33] When Captain Marvel died, for instance, it manifested itself as Una, his greatest love.

    She was stated to have an "Universal" threat level by the Nova Corps, and potentially a multiversal one.[34] However it is unlikely Death would purposely pose a threat as she is merely carrying out the functions of death as a universal concept. It is also not established if Death in the 616 universe has any power or can even exist outside the universe created to serve.

    Physical Strength
    Unknown and certainly incalculable.

    Death of Death: An aspect of the Living Tribunal, the Death of Death judges if the Mistress Deaths of different realities should exist in their respective reality or not. Because of the people coming back to life through different means, such as through the powers of the Five and the Green Door, the Death of Death saw Death as unimportant and nearly killed her.[35]
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    Karl Mordo (Earth-616) (Baron Mordo)

    Powers and Abilities
    Power Grid[59]

    Baron Mordo had the ability to tap this universe's infinite store of ambient magical energy and manipulate this to a variety of effects. The skill derived from three major sources: personal powers of the mind/soul/body, powers gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for specific effects, and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in tangential mystical dimensions. (The latter means of power is usually gained by reciting incantations.) Some of these effects included:

    Magic Energy Blasts: Forming magical energy bolts with a high degree of potency and control.
    Force Field: He can erect energy shields or screens with a high degree of invulnerability to both physical and magical damage.
    Astral Projection: The art of astral projection, the mental ability to separate the astral self-the sheath of the soul, or life essence-from his physical self, and in this form traverse through space unbounded by physical laws but fully retaining human consciousness. The astral form is invisible, intangible, and incapable of being harmed except by the most rigorous of mystical means. The astral form only possesses those magical powers residing in the sorcerer's mind: thought casting, psychokinesis, etc. He has such mastery that he can remain in astral form for up to 24 hours and even more before there is corporeal deterioration of his physical form. The physical form is quite vulnerable to attack when the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall the physical form while in astral form, the astral form would be stranded in the wraith-like state. While the astral form is absent, the physical form remains in an inert death-like trance.
    Thought-Casting: He is capable of Thought-casting over short or vast distances in a manner virtually identical with telepathy. The entire Earth was within the reach of the Ancient One's mind, providing he knew where to contact the specific mind he is seeking. He could simultaneously communicate with more than a dozen minds at a time.
    Teleportation: Utilizing local magical energy to teleport across the face of the Earth or into a mystical dimension (certain higher dimensions beyond height, width, depth, etc. where the physical laws can be based on magic rather than science). Oddly enough, teleportation within a dimension is more taxing than teleportation between dimensions. Such expenditure of energy leaves all sorcerers mystically debilitated for a varying length of time, making teleportation a dangerous and seldom used ability. Physical teleportation across time rather than space is the most power-draining feat of them all.
    Aside of the above mentioned manipulations he had been known to use spells capable of:

    Opening dimensional gateways
    Illusions: he can create life-like illusions.
    Hypnotism: he can mesmerize others
    Materialization: he can summon objects, elements, and beings.
    Necromancy: Mordo also dabbled in necromancy-- magic of the dead. He once used the spell book of Cagliostro, but since lost it, and later possessed occult books of his father's and those that were owned by Viscount Crowler.
    Expert Occultist/Expert Magical Knowledge: During his studies, Mordo has become an expert awareness on cults, and the extra dimensional entities they worship.[57]

    Skilled Martial Artist: Mordo is a skilled athlete and was trained in the martial arts used by Tibetan monks in Kamar Taj.[57]

    Human Factor: Another weakness is that Mordo, despite all his spells and magical training, is only human physically. Hence, if not taking proper care or defenses, Mordo can be overpowered by mere blows, energy attacks, or gas. He still must eat, sleep, and breathe in order to survive.[57]

    Astro-Limits: Such is the skill and mastery of Mordo that he is capable of spending up to 24 hours upon the astral plane, before he must rejoin his ethereal form with his physical one, lest he succumb to corporeal deterioration leading to bodily death, and eternal suspension as a spirit. The physical form remains in an inert, death-like trance, vulnerable to both physical and magical forms of harm while the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall his physical form while he was in his astral form, he would be stranded in his wraith-like state.[7] According to Baron Mordo the intense atomic radiation of the sun's core can change the composition of astral forms.[13]

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    Patricia Walker (Earth-616) (Hellcat)

    Powers and Abilities

    Enhanced Physiology: Patsy Walker has a near-superhuman level of physical prowess, including strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes. Originally the Cat costume was designed to enhance the natural prowess of any woman who wore it. Over time, Patsy discovered that her physical abilities remained heightened even outside of her Cat costume.

    Titanian Mental Enhancements: Patsy possesses enhanced psionic abilities due to the mental stimulation of Moondragon's Titanian technology. She could move small objects telekinetically, resist mental control, and on one occasion was able to generate a psychokinetic force-blast. After Moondragon once used her own advanced psionic powers to undo the effects of her psychic augmenter, Walker's psychic abilities returned to a far lesser degree than at their peak. She no longer had any psychokinetic ability, but she is still sensitive to certain psychic phenomena.[66] She could see into the infrared spectrum, detect mystical energy from a distance, and see through certain glamours or illusions especially those which are caused by demons.[31][32] At one point, Hellcat was nearly choked to death by the Blob. With her air supply running out, Hellcat's psionic powers were suddenly activated. She started blindly lashing out, blasting every hero and villain in her vicinity. She was eventually the only one left standing, while surrounded by the unconscious bodies of her friends and foes.[10] After Patsy's mind was psionically intruded by Korvac, her mental powers were rekindled,[64] and Moondragon helped Patsy unlock their full potential. With her regained powers, Hellcat also displayed the ability to cast mental illusions.[65]

    Costume Summoning: Since returning from the dead, Hellcat has had the ability to summon her Hellcat costume on command, magically exchanging it for whatever clothing she was wearing at the time.[31] She could also customize the costume design when it appeared and stated that the costume itself was an extension of her aura.[11]

    Magical Resistance and Sight: Having spent time in Mephisto's Realm she had learned about magic from repeated torturous exposure and was able to 'twist and slide free of it, like a cat' demonstrating the ability to tear free of magical bonds and cause magic to glance off her aura as well as possessing a 'magical sight' which can see through certain glamours and illusions caused by demons or demonic magic that even demons can't see as well as warning her of magical based danger and increasing her sensitivity to magic which allows her to sense its location even at a distance.[32][31]

    Physical Strength
    Patsy Walker possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She is a natural athlete who was coached in field combat techniques by the Avengers and the martial arts by Moondragon.

    Her psionic powers at times acted in ways that Hellcat herself could neither predict, nor fully understand.[10] She noted that Moondragon had not warned her about these occasions. Hellcat was not aware of her own limits and unintentionally used her powers against her own allies.[10]
    Subconscious barriers in Hellcat's mind prevented her from gaining the ability to activate her psionic powers at will.[10]
    Extensive use of Hellcat's psionic powers resulted in her suffering from migraines.[10]
    Cat Suit: As Hellcat, Patsy Walker at first wore a costumed outfitted with retractable case hardened, steel alloy claws on both the gloves and boots, enabling her to rend brick or stone potentially owned by Cat. She later replaced them with conventional gloves and boots. Hellcat occasionally employed her cable-claw, which straps to her wrist and uses a compressed-gas firing mechanism to propel a four-clawed grappling hook connected to a 30-foot length of steel-niobium alloy memory-cable (that coils itself back into its spool upon rewinding), which she used for swinging or tightrope walking.
    Hellcat used a Shadow Cloak confiscated from an Agent of Fortune for a brief period, employing it to move psychokinetically and to produce weapons from its interdimensional pocket. Eventually deciding it was too dangerous to use, Hellcat folded it up into its own pocket dimension.
    (formerly) The costume was also outfitted with retractable, casehardened, steel alloy claws on both the gloves and boots, enabling her to rend brick or stone.

    Patsy could employ her cable-claws, which strapped to her wrists and used four-clawed grappling hooks connected to a 30-foot length of cables, for swinging or tightrope walking. During her tenure as a Defender, Patsy also owned a sports car that she dubbed the "Hellcatmobile".[17]
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