As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • ComonwititComonwitit Posts: 2
  • Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 167
    Sasha Hammer

    Detroit Steel




    Blackout (Marcus Daniels)
  • Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 167
    Thanos (Infinity War) (Earth-TRN461)

    Iron Spider (Infinity War) (Earth-TRN461)

    Thanos (Endgame) (Earth-TRN473)

    Thor (Stormbreaker)

    Captain America (Mjölnir) (Earth-13178)

    Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet Mark 85)
  • rvgranjarvgranja Posts: 12

  • BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 294 ★★
    rvgranja said:

    THIS IDEA IS AMAZING!!! Love that!
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 977 ★★★★
    We desperately need a mutant champ by the name of Jean Gray. And if knocked out, the Phoenix force emerges giving her a passive indestructible for 12 seconds. Upon expiration, she gains immortality, unstoppable and unblockable effects for 10 seconds. Once those 3 effects are expire, she automatically regens 25% of her life. All effects have 300% Ability Accuracy and can't be lowered by any outside source. In her base kit she inflicts degen and incinerate debuff which becomes passives or inflicts a burst of direct energy damage if removed by any immunity. She's also immune to many effects but more importantly have resistances to many of them, allowing her to regen most of the time.

  • Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 167
    Monster Of Death (Toru Tarakoto)


    Night Phantom (Travis Hoyt)

    Gladiator (Melvin Potter)

    Commander Kraken

    George Friedrich



    Magma (Jonathan Darque)

    Flying Tiger

    Mister Doll

  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 464 ★★
    Ultron Pym (Tech)

    Dark Beast (Mutant)

    Carol Danvers (Ultimate) (Skill)

    Starlight (Science)

    Darkdevil (Mystic)

    Sasquatch (Heather McDaniel) (Mystic)

    Iron Mouse (Tech)

    Sage (Mutant)

    Bling! (Mutant)

    Rockslide (Mutant)
  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 60
    Grey Gargoyle (science)

    Abilities: Petrify, Slow, Bleed Immune, Shock Immune, Incinerate Immune, Paralyze

    *Paralyze: new ability. Once inflicted champs have 3 seconds before becoming paralyzed for 3 seconds. Champs can negate paralysis by using special attacks. *same as mantis with sleep but champs won’t wake when struck by inflicting champ*.

    Synergy Boosts:

    Fear Itself: Absorbing Man, Thing, Hulk (classic), Attuma, Titania
    Grants Grey Gargoyle Unstoppable/Unblockable when performing special attacks.

    Hands of Stone: Thing, Terrax, Korg
    Give Grey Gargoyle a percentage chance of inflicting armour break on opponent during regular combat.

    Villains United: Baron Zemo
    Grey Gargoyles Paralysis is increased 1.5 seconds while active.

    Not So Midas Touch: Grey Gargoyle
    Grey Gargoyles armour is increased by X amount.

    Special 1: Grey Gargoyle assaults the opposing champ with a barrage of punches that inflict slow debuff(s).

    Special 2: Grey Gargoyle assaults the opposing champ with stronger looking combo before palm thrusting the opponent away inflicting petrify debuff(s).

    Special 3: Grey Gargoyle embroiled in combat with the opponent manages to touch the opponent. The opponent turns to stone & Grey Gargoyle proceeds to pummel the statue. This causes a paralysis

    Awakened: when awakened Grey Gargoyle has a 0.1-10% chance to inflict paralysis upon the enemy through regular combat. Percentage chance increases to 0.5-20% while performing special attacks 1 & 2.

    Not sure if this is broken but figured it’s an interesting concept & would introduce a not so common villain to the contest.
  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 60
    Crimson Dynamo (tech)

    Abilities: Armour Up, Fury, Armour Break, Armour Shatter, Overclock, Incinerate, Heal Block.

    *Overclock: new ability. Once overclock champ reaches 25% health they overclock their system granting massive amounts of armour up & fury for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the champ losses all buffs & gains a degeneration debuff removing 1% of health every second. Champ gains dormant overclock charges throughout course of battle until at 25% HP*

    Synergy Boosts:

    Armour Wars: Iron Man (all), War Machine, Hulkbuster
    Crimson Dynamo gains armour up more frequently by X% during fight.

    Winter Guard: Red Guardian
    Crimson Dynamis armour breaks lasts for X amount of time longer.

    Russian Export: Black Widow (classic & DO), Abomination (classic), Rhino
    Crimson Dynamo’s gains fury buffs more frequently.

    Code Red: Red Skull, Red Hulk, Omega Red
    Crimson Dynamos incinerate deal X amount of damage more than usual.

    Special 1: Crimson Dynamo goes airborne before crashing onto opponent causing armour break & percentage chance for armour shatter.

    Special 2: Crimson Dynamo fired some blasts of energy from his hands before sending a barrage of mussels from his back towards the opponent causing incinerate & armour break.

    Special 3: Crimson Dynamo assaults the opponent with a barrage of heavy handed punches before releasing a powerful blast of energy through his chest mounted fusion caster core causing armour shatter, incinerate & heal block.

    Awakened: Crimson Dynamo starts fight with 10 Overclock charges (Max 30). At max awakening the degeneration effect only takes 0.5% health every second instead of 1% health. Crimson Dynamo starts off fight with

    For these synergy buffs. Just like Grey Gargoyle idk what can be done for the other champs. I figure it’s best to leave that to Kabam, same as most of these concepts. Just hoping they give Kabam ideas for future champs.
  • Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 167
    edited December 2023
    Spider-Man (Mystic Suit)

    Electro (No Way Home)

    Spider-Man (Raimiverse)

    Green Goblin (Raimiverse)

    Doctor Octopus (Raimiverse)

    Spider-Man (Webbverse)

    Rhino (Webbverse)
  • BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 294 ★★
    edited December 2023
    Man-Spider - Class: Science or Mutant

    Basic Attack:
    - Light hits have a 50% chance to inflict a Weakness debuff on the opponent, reducing the opponent's Attack Rating by 15% for 6 seconds.
    - Medium hits have a 50% chance to inflict a Rupture debuff on the opponent, dealing 245 physical damage for 6 seconds.

    Heavy Attack:
    Man-Spider hits the opponent with force with his arms - 1 Hit.
    - This attack has a 100% chance of inflicting a non-stacking Armor Break debuff on the opponent, reducing Armor Rating by 45% for 10 seconds.

    Special 1 - Scratch 'n'n Slash:
    Man-Spider performs a flurry of claw slashes - 3 Hits.
    - Each blow has an 80% chance of inflicting the Armor Break and Rupture debuff on the opponent.

    Special 2 - Acid Spit:
    Man-Spider spits acid onto the opponent - 2 Hits.
    - The last hit imposes a non-stacking Acid Burn debuff on the opponent, dealing 315 direct damage for 12 seconds.

    Special 3 - Monstrous Fury:
    Man-Spider goes into his monstrous rampage and attacks his opponent with horrifying strength, finally covering the opponent with his web - 7 Hits.
    - This attack imposes an Armor Break and Slow debuff on the opponent, reducing the Ability Accuracy of Evade and Unstoppable effects by 100% for 10 seconds.

    Passive - Wild Nature:
    - Man-Spider is immune to all Poison effects.
    - Man-Spider regenerates his health whenever an opponent suffers from Acid Burn, regaining as much health as the opponent loses. Regenerating, Man-Spider becomes Stun Immune.
    - Every 15 hits on his Combo Meter, Man-Spider gains a permanent Fury buff, increasing Man-Spider's Attack Rating by 15%. Max out at the 5 stacks.
    - Man-Spider's extra limbs increase his Block Proficiency by 10% per arm.
    - Man-Spider has a 15% chance to Evade opponent's attacks, countering them with the Armor Break debuff.
    - Man-Spider has a high resistance to Bleed and Rupture effects, thanks to his massive muscle tissue, reducing their potential by 70%.

    Signature Ability - Serum Consequences:
    - Man-Spider becomes wilder than usual and when he hits an opponent's block, he is immediately inflicted with the Taunt effect, increasing his aggressiveness and his chance to use Special Attacks by 10% up to 80%, while reducing his Attack Rating by 50% up to 20%. Taunt, however, increases his Special Attack damage by 20% up to 95% for 15 seconds. While under the influence of Taunt, Man-Spider becomes Unblockable and Unstoppable for 3 seconds up to 7 seconds.
    - The Acid Burn effect also reduces the opponent's Regeneration Rate and Ability Power Rate by 15% up to 100%.

    Concept created by: Bart Tymoczko
  • BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 294 ★★
    Venom (Insomniac) - Class: Cosmic

    Basic Attacks:
    - His attacks have a 30% chance of inflicting a Bleed debuff on the opponent, dealing 300 direct damage for 4 seconds.

    Heavy Attack:
    Venom attacks the opponent with his tentacles. - 2 Hits.
    - Hits of this attack have a 40% chance to inflict the Concussion debuff on the opponent, reducing the opponent's Ability Accuracy by 20% for 6 seconds. Max out at the 5 stacks.

    Special 1 - Madness of Brutality:
    Venom jumps out at the opponent with tentacles shaped like clubs with spikes, ultimately punching the enemy into the ground. - 5 Hits.
    - This attack activates the Unblockable buff for 5 seconds.
    - The last hit has a 100% chance of inflicting the Armor Shatter debuff on the opponent, which reduces the Ability Accuracy of Armor Up effects by 150% for 15 seconds. While this effect is on an opponent, Venom gains a Power Gain effect granting him 10% power over a second for the duration of Armor Shatter.

    Special 2 - Symbiotic Invasion:
    Venom takes root and immobilizes the opponent, then grows wings and attacks the opponent with his sharp claws from above. - 6 Hits.
    - This attack activates the Unstoppable buff for 5 seconds.
    - The opponent is Rooted for 6 seconds. While Root is active, Venom’s basic attacks have a 70% chance to inflict Bleed, and Heavy Attack has a 60% chance to inflict the Concussion debuff on the opponent. However, while Venom is suffering from Slow, the opponent cannot be Rooted.

    Special 3 - We Will Heal the World:
    Venom grabs the opponent in his tentacles and then decapitates the enemy with one powerful bite. - 1 Hit.
    - This attack deals an additional 5% damage for each active buff on Venom. These buffs cannot be the same type.
    - This attack activates the Regeneration effect, healing 60% of health over 20 seconds.

    Passive - Genetic Evolution:
    - The Symbiote grants its host full immunity to the effects of Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Power Burn, Power Lock, and Special Lock.
    - Venom has a huge Physical Resistance of +3398, and an equally high Energy Resistance of +2945.
    - After merging with Harry, the Symbiote has changed significantly, so it begins to fight with the permanent effect of "Symbiotic Evolution", which gives the Symbiote the following permanent effects:
    - His basic attacks have a 46% chance to grant him Fury effects, increasing his Attack Rating by +200. Max out at the 10 stacks.
    - Hitting an opponent's block has a 60% chance to give Venom the Pierce effect, increasing Venom's Block and Armor Penetration by +450. Max out at the 5 stacks.
    - Enemy Interception has an 80% chance to give Venom the Precision buff, increasing his Critical Rating by +500. Max out at the 5 stacks.
    - Heavy Attack hits have a 50% chance to give Venom the Cruelty buff, increasing his Critical Damage Rating by +300. Max out at the 5 stacks.
    - Blocking enemy attacks or taking hits has a 55% chance to give Venom the Armor Up effect, increasing his Armor Rating by +500. Max out at the 4 stacks.

    Passive - Genetic Memory:
    - Venom starts the fight with a permanent Intensify effect that increases the potential of upcoming buffs by 25%.
    - All buffs and debuffs are paused during Special Attacks of both Champions.
    - Venom is naturally able to ignore the effects of Evade and Miss.
    - When Venom knocks out an opponent, he gains a 15 second passive "Symbiote Shield" effect, allowing him to block all Unblockable Special Attacks, and a 100% chance to resist Heavy's first hit from non-Mystic Champions.
    - All of Venom’s Special Attacks deal True Damage that bypasses the opponent’s Armor and Resistances.

    Signature Ability - Genetic Aggression:
    - An Intercept hit is a guaranteed critical hit, but if Venom Intercepts an opponent with a Special Attack, all hits from that attack are guaranteed crits.
    - The first hit of a Special Attack imposes a special non-stacking, non-damaging debuff on the opponent, "Breakable". The debuff reduces the Ability Accuracy of Unstoppable and Indestructible effects by 250% for 20 seconds. This debuff can be imposed through an opponent's block.
    - The symbiote is at such a level of genetic advancement that it is able to withstand opponents with class advantages, because when its buffs were to be Nullified, they become passive.
    - Heavy Attack now can reset all of his personal buffs and debuffs.

    Concept created by: Bart Tymoczko
  • VEBAWVEBAW Posts: 2
    I would like to see Scream a.k.a. Donna Diego and She-Venom a.k.a. Ann Weying added. There are tons of weird and frankly uninteresting male symbiotes but not a single female one despite many fans preferring women as symbiote hosts.

    The intrinsic, analogical elements David Michelline intended with such characters, which is to say the inherent feminine power of them certainly make a lack of such representation look rather... appropriation-ish.

    Beyond that, Scream is easily (imo) the most interesting symbiote to look at, with the clever design akin to an ink-blot test representing Donna Diego's schizophrenia; it's brilliant visual messaging done in a minimalistic way in keeping with the subliminal context of the nature of such a representation of female power.

    Honestly, I'd throw money at the screen to get either Scream or o.g. She-Venom.
  • ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 464 ★★
    They should add a Venomized version of Squirrel Girl to the game!
  • ghost_boy20ghost_boy20 Posts: 6

    Doctor Juggernaut
  • REN_BOLREN_BOL Posts: 6
    1. Kitty Pryde (Star-Lord).

    2. Kitty Pryde (Age of Apocalypse).

    3. Kitty Pryde (The Shroud).

    I just want to see more Kitty Pryde in the game.
  • BeckettBeckett Posts: 20
    Perhaps it would be a good time to restart the thread
  • DarthSidiousDarthSidious Posts: 27
    İmpossible Man

  • Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 167
    Doctor Doom (Silver Surfer's Surfboard)

  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 37
    Daredevil turns 60 in April 2024 since his first appearance in April 1964, it would be incredible if this month they added Bullseye but they also added another character related to this comic, I will leave some proposals

  • HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 60
    LLEEXX said:

    Daredevil turns 60 in April 2024 since his first appearance in April 1964, it would be incredible if this month they added Bullseye but they also added another character related to this comic, I will leave some proposals

    I think this suggestion is awesome. I’d love to see upgrades as well &/or instead just cause both Elektra & Daredevil (classic) are bottom tier champs in the current meta. Why Elektra doesn’t fight with her sai’s to begin with is weird to me. Same with Daredevil & his batons. Both these champs should be utilizing their equipment/weapons constantly. Hell, Moonknight utilizes a bow staff when I’ve always known the character to fight with his fists or use his lunarangs like dual sided knives (btw Moonknight is another champ in desperate need of an upgrade) but I’m sure Kabam is aware that their older champs are in desperate need of updates given how many they’ve updated from the OG roster like Iron Man (classic) & Hulk (classic).
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