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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 37

    LLEEXX said:

    Daredevil turns 60 in April 2024 since his first appearance in April 1964, it would be incredible if this month they added Bullseye but they also added another character related to this comic, I will leave some proposals

    I think this suggestion is awesome. I’d love to see upgrades as well &/or instead just cause both Elektra & Daredevil (classic) are bottom tier champs in the current meta. Why Elektra doesn’t fight with her sai’s to begin with is weird to me. Same with Daredevil & his batons. Both these champs should be utilizing their equipment/weapons constantly. Hell, Moonknight utilizes a bow staff when I’ve always known the character to fight with his fists or use his lunarangs like dual sided knives (btw Moonknight is another champ in desperate need of an upgrade) but I’m sure Kabam is aware that their older champs are in desperate need of updates given how many they’ve updated from the OG roster like Iron Man (classic) & Hulk (classic).
    My thought is more about there being a variety of the same character, just as it happens with Spiderman, Hulk or Ironman.

    Another point is that as he says, they are at the bottom, they basically start from the same thing and none of them stand out.

    If they include the Yellow version they would basically also be adding the one from the next series (Daredevil Born Again) due to the design.

    On the other hand, if they add the version of Daredevil (Elektra) they would be adding a new version of Daredevil and Elektra at the same time.

    By adding to the Shadowland version they would be adding to the stronger version of DD.

    So basically adding to a different version has its advantages.

    In the case of The Owl it would provide a new character. If it has a good development it can be good, hopefully Kabam my suggestion.
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    MagicWeaverMagicWeaver Posts: 1

    Toranos (Utgard Thor)

    Utgard Loki

    Blizzard (Jim)
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    edited December 2023
    Thor (Mjölnir and Stormbreaker)

    Cul Borson
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    Ant_WarriorAnt_Warrior Posts: 63
    If we are going to get any new Thor it should be his Herald Of Galactus version, not Stormbreaker
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    WindcatcherWindcatcher Posts: 1
    I would like to see characters from Marvel’s gods series.



    Aiko Maki

    Cubisk Core

    Master Hate

    Mistress Love
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    Fisher King



    Lodus Logos


    Sobunar III
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    Tosin Oduye

    Killian Devo
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    TheAllRiderTheAllRider Posts: 1

    The War Devil

    Ghost Rider 44
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    2StarKing2StarKing Posts: 855 ★★★

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    The Adana

    General Strange

    King Peter (the StarLord)

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    I have been wanting SHATTERSTAR in the game for about 2 years after an event happened that made me appreciate Shatterstar more. I think he would be an amazing character to have in game
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    Ruby Summers
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    Iron Man (Mjölnir)

    Count Nefaria
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    OwenLionDogOwenLionDog Posts: 2
    edited December 2023
    You will notice that I don't support ability ideas, is because I still lack the fundamentals of understanding abilities in the game so that is why I will not implement them but I will support possible character synergies via comic book relations, but not the abilities that surround them that is up to you devs to make those.

    1) The Maker 'Reed Richards Earth-1610'
    Reed Richards, also known as The Maker and formerly Mr. Fantastic, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Magneto) of the Ultimate Marvel universe. Serving as the main antagonist of the Ultimatum aftermath, and a major antagonist in the wider Marvel Comics multiverse. As the Maker, he is the arch-enemy of the Ultimates and his former teammates the Fantastic Four.
    Idea: Character synergies I could see supporting people who could play as the maker are;
    Reed Richards
    Psycho Man
    Dr. Doom

    Though its notable that some of those counterparts do not resign with the 616 universe it still a good idea to expand the roster of mcoc champions

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    MatchmakerMatchmaker Posts: 2

    Night Raven

    Grizzly (Maxwell Markham)
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    MatchmakerMatchmaker Posts: 2

    Ezekiel sims

    Madame web
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    Blade 2099


    Eve Warlock

    Samurai Venom

    Sel Sennan

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    PandingoPandingo Posts: 932 ★★★
    Reptile with a skill style shrug off ability (shed skin)
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    edited December 2023
    Tempest (Nicolette Giroux)

    Conquest (Bridget Malone)

    Bedlam (Olisa Kabaki)

    Carnivore (Andreas Zorba)

    Decay (Yochiro Hachiman)

    Inferno (Samantha McGee)

    Stonecutter (Utama Somchart)
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    ErrangErrang Posts: 75

    Mutant (non-broken) Quake

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    Maybe capitalize on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by adding her or one of her siblings in?

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    DrsqueegeeDrsqueegee Posts: 1



    Pluto (Hades)


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    RiasGremoryRiasGremory Posts: 227
    Kahhori (New Marvel Character) (What If S2)

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    JoneenyoJoneenyo Posts: 5
    Would love to see Shatterstar, Warpath, & Cannonball from X-Force to make an appearance. I’d also love to see Maverick (a.k.a. Agent Zero) also. Plus after watching season 2 of WHAT IF…? I’d really like to see Kahhori (Kah-horti) added to the contest!

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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Wolf Cub (Mutant)

    Greenskyn Smashtroll (Skill)

    Doctor Doom (Ultimate) (Mystic)

    Serpent (Cosmic)

    D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. (Tech)

    Squawkeye (Skill)

    Bee-Yonder (Cosmic)

    Venus Dee Milo (Mutant)

    Ringo Kid (Skill)
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Bastion (Tech)

    Gauntlet (Cosmic)

    Human Cannonball (Tech)

    Saint (Skill)

    Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra) (Science)

    Poison Rhino (Cosmic)
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