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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Paupershango_2006Paupershango_2006 Posts: 539
    I hope he wins this year's Summoner's Choice Champion Vote.
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    TheCoverGirlTheCoverGirl Posts: 78
    edited January 27
    time to do a big all summer event with the Phoenix Force 5.

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    TheSeerTheSeer Posts: 1




    Rachel Summers

    Baron blood
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    Paupershango_2006Paupershango_2006 Posts: 539
    edited January 27
    Character Concept: Extrembiote

    Cyborg Symbiote Physiology: As a creation of Knull, the Extrembiote possessed immense powers like other Symbiote Dragons. Following its infusion with the Extremis virus and merging with a suit of Iron Man's Model 70 armor, the Extrembiote also developed new powers.

    Character Class: Tech

    Abilities: Armor Up, Prowess Removal, Armor Break, Klyntar Mutation, Fury, Incinerate, Plasma, Overload

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Strengths - Mutant Counter, Strong Immunities

    Weaknesses - True Damage

    The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, Sig 200, 6-Star Champion.

    Extrembiote enhances his Iron Man Armor and Symbiote Mutation, granting him the following abilities:
    Start each fight with an indefinite Armor Up Passive, increasing Armor Rating by 1500. While Extrembiote has this Armor Up Passive, he gains an indefinite non-stacking Klyntar Mutation Buff and full immunity to all Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap, Frostbite, and Reversed Controls effects.
    The Klyntar Mutation Buff provides +785.4 Attack Rating and gains additional properties based on his opponent.
    Mutant Champions: All attacks gain a 25% chance to Invalidate one Prowess effect from the opponent. For each Prowess invalidated this way, deal a burst of 17244 Direct Damage.
    #Spider-Verse Heroes: All attacks ignore the effects of Evade.
    #Hero Champions: Gain +2250 Critical Rating and +750 Block and Armor Penetration.
    Extrembiote enhances the Symbiote Arc Reactor, granting additional effects from his Synergies.

    Cyborg Symbiote Physiology - Always Active
    Extrembiote’s Cyborg Symbiote Physiology provides him full immunity to all Nullify, Fate Seal, and Stagger effects. Against Mutant Champions, his Ability Accuracy cannot be modified.
    Gain an indefinite Fury Passive when Extrembiote or his opponent make contact with the same Basic Attack twice in a row, increasing his Attack Rating by +1455. Against Mutants, gain an additional Fury Passive. Max: 20.
    Extrembiote gains additional benefits based on how many Fury Passives he has.
    +5 Fury Passives: Attacks ignore 100% of the opponent’s Critical Resistance.
    +10 Fury Passives: Extrembiote gains an indefinite Grit Passive, causing Unstoppable opponents to react to hits as though they weren’t.
    +15 Fury Passives: Attacks become Passively Unblockable, except against Cosmic Champions.
    +20 Fury Passives: Increase the potency and duration of Incinerates and Plasmas by 100%.

    Personal Armor Break Debuffs - Max: 10
    Unless otherwise stated, personal Armor Break Debuffs reduce the opponent’s Armor Rating by 900 for 30 seconds.
    When attacking the opponent, 30% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff.
    When invalidating a Prowess effect, 100% chance to inflict two Armor break Debuffs.

    Symbiote Arc Reactor - Passive
    Extrembiote can only activate the Symbiote Arc Reactor if he has his personal Armor Up Passive.
    The Symbiote Arc Reactor is paused during both champion’s Special Attacks. While paused this way, landing a Medium Attack ends the Symbiote Arc Reactor early.
    When Extrembiote charges a Heavy Attack, he removes all active Armor Break Debuffs on the opponent to activate the Symbiote Arc Reactor for 2.5 seconds per Armor Break Debuff removed. While it is active, gain the following abilities:
    +10297.5 Attack Rating.
    All attacks have a 100% chance to pause all Incinerate and Plasma Passives on the opponent for 1 second.
    Increase the chance to Invalidate Prowess effects by a flat 50%.

    Heavy Attacks
    Extrembiote is Passively Unstoppable while Heavy Charging.

    Special Attack 1
    On activation, activate the Symbiote Arc Reactor for 8 seconds. If the Symbiote Arc Reactor is already active, instead inflict a non-stacking Overload Passive for the Symbiote Arc Reactor’s remaining duration. Overload causes hits, Incinerates, and Plasmas to deal an additional 70% of the damage recently dealt as a burst of Energy Damage.

    Special Attack 2
    All hits inflict an Incinerate Passive, dealing 8854 Energy Damage over 15 seconds. Against Mutant Champions, inflict an identical Plasma Passive instead.

    Special Attack 3
    On activation, activate the Symbiote Arc Reactor for 24 seconds. This Symbiote Arc Reactor cannot be ended early, and until it next expires, Extrembiote gains an indefinite Cruelty Passive, increasing Critical Damage Rating by +1321.43.
    If the Symbiote Arc Reactor was already active, instead refresh the Symbiote Arc Reactor with its duration increased by 15 seconds and Extrembiote gains a non-stacking Energy Penetration Passive, ignoring 100% of the opponent’s current Energy Resistance until the Symbiote Arc Reactor next expires.

    Signature Ability - Symbiotic Overload
    While the Symbiote Arc Reactor is active, Mutant Champions cannot activate Unstoppable or Unblockable effects.
    Once per fight when Extrembiote’s Health drops below 15%, he gains a Regeneration Passive, healing 75% of missing Health over 20 seconds. While it is active, the opponent is Heal Blocked and Special Locked.
    While his personal Armor Up Passive is active, Extrembiote gains +50% Block Proficiency and Energy Resistance.

    Recommended Masteries/Relics
    Double Edge/Liquid Courage

    Synergy Bonuses

    Enhanced Symbiote Arc Reactor - Regeneration - Unique Synergy (4* or Higher)
    With Hulkling, Jessica Jones, Wolverine, Knull
    Extrembiote: While the Symbiote Arc Reactor is active, Signature Ability Regeneration Passives are paused.
    Other Synergy Members: Gain +30% Regeneration Rate.

    Enhanced Symbiote Arc Reactor - Power Lock - Unique Synergy (4* or Higher)
    With Magik, Dormammu, Psycho-Man, Cosmic Ghost Rider
    Extrembiote: While the Symbiote Arc Reactor is active, Special Attacks 1 and 2 inflict an indefinite Power Lock Passive for the remainder of the attack.
    Other Synergy Members: Inflicting a Power Lock effect also inflicts a non-stacking 200% Overload Passive for 20 seconds.

    Enhanced Symbiote Arc Reactor - Power Burn - Unique Synergy (4* or Higher)
    With Peni Parker, Infamous Iron Man, Doctor Voodoo, Psylocke
    Extrembiote: While the Symbiote Arc Reactor is active, all hits of Special Attack 2 burn up to 25% of the opponent’s max Power.
    Other Synergy Members: Each time a Power Burn effect triggers, gain an indefinite Fury Passive, increasing Attack Rating by 20%. Max: 20.

    Enhanced Symbiote Arc Reactor - Vigilance - Unique Synergy (4* or Higher)
    With Professor X, Hit-Monkey, Vox, Silver Surfer
    Extrembiote: While the Symbiote Arc Reactor is active, gain an indefinite Vigilance Passive, allowing attacks to bypass Miss.
    Other Synergy Members: Gain +300% Attack Rating while under the effects of Vigilance.

    With Knull
    All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance.
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    Paupershango_2006Paupershango_2006 Posts: 539
    So @HankSpector, does this one look good?
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    Paupershango_2006Paupershango_2006 Posts: 539
    He's basically a symbiote Iron Man to be honest.
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    FisichellaFisichella Posts: 79
    edited January 28

    Sharon Rogers

    Nico Minoru


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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Requiem (Cosmic)

    Cammi (Tech)

    Cypher (Mutant)

    Rancor (Mutant)

    Jack Flag (Science)

    Goose Rider (Mystic)

    Shadow King (Mystic)

    Silverclaw (Mystic)

    Iron Man (Anti-Radiation Armor) (Tech)

    Bravado (Mystic)
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    ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 5,147 ★★★★★

    Requiem (Cosmic)

    Cammi (Tech)

    Cypher (Mutant)

    Rancor (Mutant)

    Jack Flag (Science)

    Goose Rider (Mystic)

    Shadow King (Mystic)

    Silverclaw (Mystic)

    Iron Man (Anti-Radiation Armor) (Tech)

    Bravado (Mystic)

    Requiem is just gamora with a new sword....
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    WatchingreaperWatchingreaper Posts: 2

    High Evolutionary

    Crimson Dynamo

    Darkstar (Petrovna)

    Ursa Major

    Iron maiden
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Sandmanatee (Science)

    Kangaroo the Conqueror (Tech)

    Lord Byrrah (Skill)

    Shinobi Shaw (Mutant)

    Black Widow (Heroes Reborn) (Skill)
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    Paupershango_2006Paupershango_2006 Posts: 539
    Champion Concept: Pyro (I sometimes come up with Champion concepts, but I mostly rely on Rework concepts.)

    John Allerdyce is a mutant who possesses the Elemental power to control fire and flame, though not generate it. He wears a flamethrower on his back to provide the flame which he then takes control of. His ability to manipulate flame emerged in his teens, but he was unable to find a practical use for it.

    Character Class: Mutant

    Abilities: Incinerate, Prowess, Overload, Fury, Energy Vulnerability, Nova Flame, Unblockable, Precision

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Strengths - Strong Damage Over Time, Immunities

    Weaknesses - Prowess Removal

    The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, Sig 200, 6-Star Champion.

    Always Active
    Pyro is immune to all Incinerate, Nova Flame, Coldsnap, and Frostbite effects, due to the possession of the Elemental power to control fire and flame.
    When the opponent Purifies one of Pyro’s personal Debuffs or the Stun from the Parry Mastery, he re-inflicts that Debuff as a matching Passive.

    Personal Prowess Passives - Max: 20
    Unless otherwise stated, Pyro’s personal Prowess Passives increase his Special Attack damage by 20% and last until the end of his Special Attacks.
    When Pyro inflicts an Incinerate or Nova Flame effect, he gains one Prowess Passive.
    When Pyro prevents an Incinerate, Nova Flame, Coldsnap, or Frostbite effect due to an immunity, gain two Prowess Passives.

    All Attacks
    20% chance to inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 87.76 Energy Damage over 30 seconds. Critical Hits and Unblockable Special Attacks increase this chance by a flat 40%, or double against Skill Champions.

    Heavy Attacks
    On hit, inflict a non-stacking Energy Vulnerability Debuff, reducing Energy Resistance by 9000 for 5 seconds. This Energy Vulnerability Passive is paused during Pyro’s Special Attacks.

    Special Attack 1
    On activation, gain a non-stacking Precision Passive, increasing Critical Rating by 2250 for 30 seconds.
    The final hit inflicts a non-stacking Overload Debuff for 30 seconds. Overload causes hits and Damaging Energy effects to deal an additional 70% of the damage recently dealt as a burst of Energy Damage.

    Special Attack 2
    On activation, gain a non-stacking Fury Passive, increasing Attack Rating by +10297.5 for 40 seconds.
    If this attack is activated after the first hit of Pyro’s Heavy Attack, this attack is Passively Unblockable.
    On hit, replace all Incinerate effects with Nova Flame Passives, each dealing 7113.4 Energy Damage over 6 seconds. Max: 20. Nova Flame also removes Perfect Block Chance, reduces the opponent’s Block Proficiency to 0, and inflicts Power Sting.
    An opponent with Power Sting takes 3742.2 Direct Damage when they activate a Special Attack.

    Special Attack 3
    At the end of this attack, inflict 20 Incinerate Debuffs and refresh all existing stacks. Inflict 2 additional Incinerate Debuffs for each personal Prowess Passive on Pyro.
    Nova Flame max stack limit is increased to 60 for the remainder of the fight. This can only occur once per fight.
    This attack costs 2.5% less power for each Incinerate effect on the opponent. Max: 75%.

    Signature Ability - Enhanced Pyrokinetic Flames
    While the opponent is Incinerated, Skill Champions cannot activate Unstoppable, Unblockable, or Regeneration effects.
    Increase the potency of Incinerates by 33%.
    Heavy Attacks pause all Damaging effects on the opponent for 15 seconds.

    Recommended Masteries/Relics
    Lesser Precision/Precision

    Synergy Bonuses

    Fire and Ice - Unique Synergy (3* or Higher)
    With Iceman
    Pyro: When a personal Incinerate effect fails to apply due to an immunity, inflict a matching Plasma Debuff instead, which counts as an Incinerate effect for Pyro’s personal abilities.
    Iceman: While the opponent has an active Coldsnap effect, all personal Frostbite Passives are paused.

    With Iceman, Storm, Beast, Cyclops (Blue Team), Phoenix
    All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.

    With Toad, Magneto, Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Omega Red
    All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance.
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    Dreamchaser9Dreamchaser9 Posts: 2





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    BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 1,701 ★★★★★
    This thread makes me sad looking at the options today
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    Dreamchaser9Dreamchaser9 Posts: 2
    Here are some more champions I would like to see.

    Baron Von Strucker


    Man-Thing 2099

    Werewolf by night 2099

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    Truthseeker2Truthseeker2 Posts: 1

    Toxic Doxie




    Kevin Connor (Starbrand)
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    BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 307 ★★
    Black Tarantula - Skill


    Tombstone - Science

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    BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 307 ★★
    Shathra - Mystic


    Morlun - Mystic

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    ReedRichards423ReedRichards423 Posts: 87
    I have been falling in love with Rictor, a mutant who can create seismic waves and can create earthquakes. He and Shatterstar are top 5 of favorite mutants and with Shatterstar in the running for a character coming in May this year, Rictor would be a great addition as well
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    BronzeHammerBronzeHammer Posts: 1

    Malekith the Accursed


    Straw man





    Morgan Le Fay

    Captain marvel (Mar-Vell)

    Smasher (Isabel Kane)
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    NightbearNightbear Posts: 1

    U.S.Agent (John Walker)


    Radioactive Man


    Death’s Head 2
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    FirescornFirescorn Posts: 1
    I would like to see more diverse characters in this game.

    Thunderbird (Neal Shaara)

    Thunderbird (John Proudstar)




    Diamondback (Willis Stryker)

    Bushmaster (John Mclver)

    Moses Magnum

    Cottonmouth (Burchell Clemens)

    Snowgard (Amka Aliyak)


    Cecilla Reyes




    Sunpyre (Leyu Yoshida)

    Blue Marvel

    Fat Cobra


    Silver Samurai

    Radioactive Man

    Outlaw (Nigel Higgins)

    Goliath (Bill Foster)

    Patriot (Isaiah Bradley)




    Power man (Alvarez)

    Faiza Hussain

    Monet St. Croix

    Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar)

    Amulet (Fadi Fadlalah)

    Angel Salvadore



    Sprite (Jia Jing)

    Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

    Mandarin (Xu Wenwu)

    Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)


    Reptile (Humberto Lopez)

    Nova (Sam Alexander)

    Hazmat(Jennifer Takeda)

    Red Wolf


    Deathlok (Michael Collins)


    White Tiger (Hector Ayala)
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    SteelbreakerSteelbreaker Posts: 1


    Impossible Man

    The Maker


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    InfinityStone1InfinityStone1 Posts: 2

    Lady sif




    Deacon Frost
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    MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,605 ★★★★★
    Got reminded of this guy, looking at some stuff on Luke Cage online (because of his buff)

    Bushmaster could have been a really cool Mystic champion....

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    FisichellaFisichella Posts: 79
    edited February 7

    Grim Reaper

    Danielle Cage/Nico Cage


    Weapon Hex

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    BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 307 ★★

    Concept of buff for ELECTRO created by Bart Tymoczko
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    ahmynutsahmynuts Posts: 6,766 ★★★★★
    We low key need Yu from Spiderman Fake Red. It was criminally canceled early
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    edited February 11
    Lady Bullseye



    Shock (Ariel Tremmore)


    Angar The Screamer



    Indestructible Man (Damon Dran)

    Matador (Manuel Eloganto)





    Croosbow (Jason Praed)


    Purple Man

    Gladiator (Melvin Potter)


    Typhoid Mary

    Bullseye (2003)



    Copperhead (Lawrence Chesney)

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    FisichellaFisichella Posts: 79
    edited February 11
    Amanda Sefton

    Molecule Man






    Tiger Shark

    Black Swan


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