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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Poison Carnage (Cosmic)

    Scalphunter (Tech)

    Black Panther (Carnagized) (Cosmic)

    Power Skrull (Cosmic)

    Blue Shield (Tech)
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    TitanXTitanX Posts: 1

    John wraith




    Living tribunal
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    BartekTymoczkoBartekTymoczko Posts: 307 ★★
    Wendigo - Class: Mystic

    Basic Attacks:
    - Wendigo tears its opponent apart with its dagger-sharp claws, having a 90% chance of inflicting a Bleed debuff that deals 300 direct damage for 4 seconds.

    Heavy Attack:
    Wendigo pushes and crushes its opponent with its huge arms. - 2 Hits.
    - Each hit has a 100% chance of inflicting a passive Stagger debuff on the opponent that lasts 10 seconds.

    Special 1 - Rampant Slash:
    Wendigo attacks the opponent with its huge paws and long claws. - 3 Hits.
    - Upon activating this attack, Wendigo gains a passive Regeneration buff that heals 10.45% of health.
    - Each hit has a 90% chance of inflicting the Bleed debuff on the opponent.

    Special 2 - Rampage of the Beast:
    Wendigo pushes his enemy away, then throws huge boulders pulled from the ground at him, and then jumps on him, causing a huge shockwave. - 4 Hits.
    - This attack is Unblockable for the entire duration of this attack.
    - Final hit Stuns the opponent for 5 seconds.

    Special 3 - Northern Wrath:
    The Wendigo roars terribly loudly, then attacks the opponent, going berserk and throwing him around. - 8 Hits.
    - This attack imposes a "Frostburn" debuff on the opponent, dealing 3000 energy damage over 5 seconds. When this debuff is active, Wendigo passively Roots the opponent for the duration of Frostburn.
    - Wendigo gains the passive Fury and the Unblockable for 8 seconds.

    Passive - Ancient Curse of the Creature:
    - The Wendigo, as a being cursed by the Elder Gods and turning into a huge beast through the act of cannibalism, is immune to all magical tricks, such as Nullify, Stagger, and Fate Seal effects. His thick fur gives him extreme resistance to cold, reducing cold damage by 90%. However, Wendigo itself is immune to the effects of Frostbite and Rupture.
    - His enormous physique makes him extremely physically durable, reducing physical damage by 60%.

    Passive - Cannibalistic Fury:
    - The Wendigo naturally behaves very defensively, retreating, blocking, or attacking tactically, but when the Wendigo or its opponent drops below 60%/30% health, the Wendigo goes into a huge frenzy and gains the passive Fury buff, increasing its Attack Rating by 40% and Unblockable for 10 seconds, becoming much more aggressive in his fighting style and disposition. While Fury is active, Wendigo's attacks cannot be Missed or Evaded. Fury gains an additional +5% potential for each active Bleed debuff on an opponent. Once the Fury ended itself, the Wendigo returns to its calmer fighting style.

    Signature Ability - The Wind Cries Wendigo:
    - Wendigo, while standing still, howls in an attempt to warn its opponent. Wendigo howls in three ways:
    - 1: When Wendigo is below 1 power bar, its howl grants it a Physical Resistance buff that increases its Physical Resist by 500 for 15 seconds. Max out at the 3 stacks.
    - 2: When Wendigo is below 2 power bar, but above 1 bar of power, its howl grants it a Regeneration buff that heals 5.10%-13.85% of health over 5 seconds (depending on Signature Ability Level). Max out at the 3 stacks.
    - 3: When Wendigo is below 3 power bars, but above 2 bars of power its howl grants it the Energize buff, increasing its Combat Power Rate by 20% for 15 seconds. Max out at the 3 stacks.
    - If an opponent tries to interrupt the Wendigo's howl, they will be punished by activating the Wendigo's Unstoppable and Indestructible passives for 2 seconds.


    Concept created by: Bart Tymoczko
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185

    Clash (Clayton Cole)

    Thor (Herald Of Galactus)



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    GeneratorRedGeneratorRed Posts: 2


    Balder Odinson

    Jack of hearts

    Union Jack

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    GodLikeVicGodLikeVic Posts: 2
    When will Thanos be updated. He’s in need of a dire turnaround. Kabam I’m eagerly awaiting your retort.
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    ProtomimicProtomimic Posts: 1

    Moonstone(Karla Sofen)




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    Twinkey79Twinkey79 Posts: 5

    Possible Character List

    -Spiral - Mojo,Longshot (Mystic)
    -Blink - X men (Mutant)
    -Vengeance - Ghost Rider (Mystic)
    -Dani Catch -Blue Ghost Rider (Mystic)
    -Toxin - Venom,Carnage, Anti Venom (science)
    -Tombstone - King Pin (Skill)
    -Hammer Head (Skill)
    -Arcade - Mojo (Mystic)
    -Beta rey bill - Thor (Cosmic)
    -Silver sable - Spider-Man (Skill)
    -Forge - Cable, Bishop (Mutant)
    -Johnny Blaze with Hellfire powers (after ghost rider split) - Ghost Rider (Mystic)
    -Robby Reyes -Ghost rider (Mystic)
    -Black Heart - (Mystic)
    -White Tiger (Mystic)
    -Bantam /Roberto Velasquez ( Science)
    -U.S. Agent (Science)
    -Forebush Man - spider verse (Skill)
    -Hobgoblin - Spider verse (Science)
    -Cloak - (Mystic)
    -Dagger (Mystic)
    -Mandarin - Ironman (Cosmic)
    -Fing Fang Foom - Shang Chi (Cosmic)
    -White Vision (Tech)
    -The Blob (Mutant)
    -Pyro (Mutant)
    -Mystique (Mutant)
    -Wolfsbane (Mutant)
    -Shatter Star (Mutant)
    -Zeitgeist (Mutant)
    -Silver Samurai (Tech)
    -Enchantress (Mystic)
    -Ursa Major (Mutant)
    -Klaw (Science)
    -Multiple Man (Mutant)
    -Morph (Mutant)
    -Thunder Bird (Mutant)
    -WarPath (Mutant)
    -Red Wolf (Mystic)
    -Armin Zola (Science)
    -Banshee (Mutant)
    -Batroc the Leaper /George St.Pierre version (skill)
    -Red She Hulk /Betty Ross (science)
    -Blue Marvel (cosmic)
    -Captain Britain (Science)
    -Clea (Mystic)
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    KLZKLZ Posts: 183 ★★
    Polaris (Lorna Dane) would be awesome, especially the one from "The Gifted" series
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    NumbskullNumbskull Posts: 1
    I want to see mystique… she should mimic her opponents abilities… shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish… also archangel is in the game already… but what about plain ole angel? There are tons of others I could mention all the way to ka-zar but baby steps
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    edited January 9
    Iron Monger (2008)

    Justin Hammer (2010)

    Aldrich Killian

    Hammer Drones

    Whiplash (2010)

    Iron Patriot (2013)

    Mandarin (2013)
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    MattyJMattyJ Posts: 2
    This is a list of 25 potential mutants I’d love to see be added to the mutant category and join the contest

    1. Mimic
    2. Forge
    3. Banshee
    4. Dazzler
    5. Cannonball
    6. Blink
    7. Cloak
    8. Dagger
    9. Rictor
    10. Surge
    11. Hellion
    12. Armor
    13. Petra
    14. Marrow
    15. Dust
    16. Chamber
    17. Vertigo
    18. Mesmero
    19. Avalanche
    20. Elixir
    21. Pixie
    22. Mercury
    23. Anole
    24. DJ
    25. Icarus
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    RedRexRedRex Posts: 2


    Nova (Frankie raye)

    High Evolutionary


    Jack O’Lantern
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    adamdcruzadamdcruz Posts: 22

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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Marshall Bullseye (Tech)

    Spider-Gwen (What If?... Dark) (Skill)

    Venom (Ben Grimm) (Cosmic)

    Carina Tivan (Cosmic)

    Voyager (Cosmic)

    Queen Goblin (Mystic)

    Luminary (Mystic)

    Bedlam (Symbiote) (Cosmic)

    Meridius (Cosmic)

    Stardust (Cosmic)
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    F16F16 Posts: 10
    edited January 9
    Man-Spider (mutant)

    And Hobgoblin (mystique)

    Please 🙏🙏
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    F16F16 Posts: 10
    Molten Man (Science)

    Surtur (Cosmic)

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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Tarantula (Maria Vasquez) (Skill)

    White Tiger (Angela Del Toro) (Mystic)

    Collector (Cosmic)

    Widow (Cosmic)
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    JuggaknoxJuggaknox Posts: 1
    I would like to see Gentle! The wakandian mutant with vibrinum (?) tattoos with hulk like strength!

    And Prowler!
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Carnage (Cortland Kasady) (Mystic)

    Sasha Kravinoff (Skill)

    Grandmaster (Cosmic)

    Brielle Brooks (Skill)
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    HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 64
    Juggaknox said:

    I would like to see Gentle! The wakandian mutant with vibrinum (?) tattoos with hulk like strength!

    And Prowler!

    Saw this & had to look up Gentle cause I’ve never heard of him before today. Gotta say, he’d be perfect for the contest as one of the wildcard champs Kabam adds every year like Kindred & Massacre.

    So ideas for Gentle’s play style would be time oriented. Since his power is strength augmentation he wouldn’t be much in a fight until his ability activated. But once it does I could see him dealing serious damage to his opponent.

    It’d be like a frenzy type buff where his vibranium tattoos glow while his ability is in use signalling he’s powered up & looking to do damage. It’d be cool if a stockpile mechanic was used to build up Gentle’s ability. Something like 100 charges equals 10 seconds of power while he’s fighting with a cool off of half the time. Example: Gentle would be able to activate his power at any time. Maybe by using specials or a more fun way would be like Shocker where Gentle would build his dormant charges & have to hold a heavy attack to activate them giving him massive explosive power with the likes of unblockable & unstoppable. Gentle’s dormant charges would scale with time as well with 10 charges equaling 1 second of usage. So even just a single hit from Gentle with 10 charges using his heavy will do plenty of damage to the opponent.

    Obviously this is more for Kabam to organize & all but I had to comment & say how amazing of a character Gentle is, theory craft a character concept & showcase how fun he could be in the contest.

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    HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 64
    Speaking of strength augmentation though, makes me think of Strong Guy.

    If I were to theory craft a character for him it would be something like Strong Guy has to get hit to build his power.

    Blocking builds it but being struck clean doubles its speed.

    Example: Strong Guy gets hit in a block gives 1 passive strength charge where Strong Guy gets hit clean gives 2.

    These “strength” charges would be passive buffs that can’t be nullified. What they would do is increase Strong Guy’s power & physical resistance. Because Strong Guy’s power is kinetic energy based, any non-physical attacks,

    ie; energy attacks, won’t give Strong Guy “strength” passives & would there by be a key exploitable weakness for players to use against him.

    Strong Guy would lose “strength” passives when connecting punches with the opponent.

    Example: Strong Guy builds “strength” passives, when Strong Guy hits the opponent with 10 strength charges he dished out direct physical damage to the opponent based on how many charges there are X whatever the base power increase of the strength charge is. So say 1 strength charge is at a base power of 200 & added physical resistance of 200, obviously scaled to his sig & rarity, if Strong Guy had 10 passives & 1 passive is 200 damage then the first strike would be 2000 damage & the combo would follow like this for first to third hit: 1st=2000, 2nd=1800, 3rd=1600, etc. & obviously Strong Guy’s physical resistance would go down the same way.

    This type of kit would make it so that Strong Guy is an absolute nightmare on defence for AW cause of his ability to stockpile these “strength” passives while being struck, increasing his power & physical resistance which will only help increase his power more cause he’ll take less & less damage.

    Obviously Strong Guy would have a massive health pool as well. & another cool way to get Strong Guy to lose these charges is through his special attacks where the final hit of his special attacks removes all of his saved buffs dishing out massive damage to the opponent.

    It would be something like each hit of the special scales the same as it would if Strong Guy was hitting normally but at the end of the special it would be all charges multiplied by their numbers & added together.

    Example: if Strong Guy had 7 charges & they were all multiplied by 200 there individual values would be 1400, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 & 200. Say the special move hit 3 times. It would mean the 1st hit deals 1400 direct physical damage, the 2nd deals 1200, & because the 3rd hit is the final hit it would deal (1000+800+600+400+200) or 3000 direct physical damage to the opponent. Obviously these numbers are small & for a max out, fully awakened 6* I could see a hit dealing upwards of 300,000 direct physical damage if Strong Guy has enough passives going.

    Another play on these “strength” charges affecting Strong Guy’s play is by making his specials unblockable when he’s stockpiled an abundance of charges, like 10 or whatever to maximize his damage output.

    Strong Guy’s class would be Mutant.

    He would probably cause some debuffs like concussion, slow, stun, armour break or physical vulnerability.

    Some synergy champs Strong Guy could gel with are the likes of Hulk (classic), Hulk (immortal), Havok, Drax, Colossus, Cable & Domino. I’m sure there’s more I just can’t think of any atm.

    Hope Kabam reads this & finds it interesting enough that we could get Strong Guy potentially later this year or next year. I figure Kabam maps out there champs for the full year & his earliest chance will be next year.
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    HankSpectorHankSpector Posts: 64

    This is Strong Guy
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Riot (Cosmic)

    Grim Reaper (Tech)

    Eye Boy (Mutant)

    Jean Grey (Mutant)

    Gateway (Mutant)

    Izzy Cohen (Skill)

    Silver Centurion (Classic) (Tech)

    Killraven (Science)

    Ursa Major (Mutant)

    Lorelei (Mystic)
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    Alexandru_2308Alexandru_2308 Posts: 7
    It would be great if Kabam could develop a character for each country. E.g. options for Romania:
    1. Razor Fist (Mattias)
    2. Dracula
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    ProwlerSymbioteProwlerSymbiote Posts: 483 ★★
    Red King (Tech)

    Fancy Dan (Skill)

    Tiger Shark (Science)

    Monica Chang (Skill)
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    Jhonny5000Jhonny5000 Posts: 185
    Thanos-(Infinity War)

    Doctor Strange (Time Stone)

    Iron Spider-(Infinity War)


    War Machine-(Infinity War)

    Thor (Stormbreaker)


    Iron Patriot (Mark V)

    Captain America (Mjölnir)

    Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet Mark 85)
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