Alliance War ending issues [Merged Thread; Title edited for clarity]



  • Yes. Seems widespread.
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    There is another forum post on this already, kabam zibit already commented
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  • Canrdboy36Canrdboy36 Posts: 70
    There is a merged thread and kabam zibit already posted
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    okay thank you
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    Same thing and we would of been enlisted for war by now so missed a days war
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    If you decide to cut the season short (which I think is the only thing you can really do) give out rewards from before this war not from when season started.

    lots of alliances build up and getting from bronze to g2/1 using resources and using our time. Do what's right for once.
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    And now what will be the solution?

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    Same...5 mins for placement & 5 mins for attack. And back to matchmaking with no time to re-enlist. Another AW season messed up. Hope it doesn't take as long for Kabam to scrap this season like last time.

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    This is a mess no time to enlist next war either this just ended season 16
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    This happened to us as well. We don’t want to be reported as cheaters and we are now locked out of matchmaking for this period. We only received 54k pts for this which will actually hurt us if others are still able to get full exploration points plus possible victory points.
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    Happened to us too
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    I was on arena and the game notified 5 mins left for defender placement. Checked it out and then attack phase also had only 5 mins on the timer. System bugged out? Any alliances out there who suffered big time?
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    On the bright side:

    Man, if I didn't place my other account out of instinct, I could have gotten 100%.
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    Same thing with us...match making found opponent that started placement than attack phase than hit us with a lost. Now we are unlisted
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    Yeah was
    A bit confused myself?
    So what happens if a rewards email is sent and people claim it, I havent seen it yet but it could happen. What happens to those who claim it.
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    Me too
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    Same issue. And now not registered for next war
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    yea they really dropped the ball on this one
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    Today is friday March 6 2020 the alliance I am apart of and myself enlisted in a war and were waiting for placement phase to begin that was just before 6:30 pm tonight eastern time. I open my game at 7:03 to log in for the day and the message pops up that attack phase has begun. We havent even got the 24 hours for placement let alone the next 24 hours for the war and this all happen between 20 minutes of each other. It gave us a loss took our bonus and our points. I have screenshots I took of exactly what happen but I would like for this to be fixed. We have been on a winning streak though our alliance isnt super top tier or heavily paying for the game we have been enlisting and participating in wars for since season 16 began.

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    Ditto same thing happened to us @Kabam Miike
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    Same happened to my alli. 2 members managed to join, not sure of what was going on. And even tho they got us a "win", this put us at a huge disadvantage as these points reach nowhere near what we would ve gotten for a normal war.

    And it says we can't participate in the ongoing matchmaking either :/
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    Same thing with us...match making found opponent that started placement than attack phase than hit us with a lost. Now we are unlisted
  • I just had an alliance war where the placement phase lasted 3 minutes, and the attack phase lasted 3 minutes, I claimed the rewards by accident, I didn’t realize what they were I hope I’m not in the wrong.
  • We just had the same issue. Three minutes for attack phase without the place one. We lost the war, as you can guess
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