MCoC Roadmap: Prelude



  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,477 ★★★★★
    the more i look at the "bye bye attack value and new Champion fight", the more i get kinda excited.

    going back and looking at what i pushed through and others have pushed through needs a reward ... the attack values are INSANE throughout Act 6.

    what were they thinking really ... so yeah i'm excited about this possible change to attack values specifically.
  • UltimatecorpseUltimatecorpse Posts: 5
    Is it realistic to hope for more Mastery points in the future?

    Could there be a way of unlocking the sixth slot for a champion in a quest (e.g. by achieving level 100 or the next title)?
  • Forgotten2Forgotten2 Posts: 170 ★★
    On the war stats screen where it show attackrr kills and defender kills can we have another Column for attacker deaths. to help track deaths during season
  • Fuzzy_Fuzzy_ Posts: 58
    edited June 2020

    If you feel that we've missed something, let us know in this thread. It may already be in one of the posts and not called out here, we may still have time to add it to one of these, or it may just not be on the radar at this time.

    I feel something is missing, completely overlooked. There was a concurrent message released correcting the AQ ticket cost oversight. That was not mentioned.

    Further about AQ costs, this big roadmap was lacking a detail not addressed there which I figured would be sorted: the cost of AQ essentially has gone up.

    For Map6 players, by not returning the same amount of gold, combined with no longer allowing for donation trading between players, we now are forced to play Arena and AW when we previously may not have needed to. I define donation trading this way: I donate twice the gold, my teammate covering my loyalty in exchange, because my team allows for 2 BG optional AW play.

    Essentially, the cost of AQ has gone up. No gold rewarded means more loyalty and BC expense each week, or we have the option to pay-to-play with units. Yet given the previous conversion rate of BC-to-units in the old donation system was more favorable than today, the cost has increased quite significantly. I'm forced to pay more units than I did before if I opt out of arena. And I'm forced to pay more AW loyalty per week too! Units are the only alternative now that AQ Map6 doesn't deliver the gold needed in return, which means less rankups than before!

    I thought I read somewhere that AQ was getting less expensive and the donations were to be made simpler. Instead I'm paying more!
  • MAJEAKMAJEAK Posts: 10
    @Kabam Miike
    When you say make the game smoother, do you mean it will be playable on all Android devices?
    I appreciate that you guyz want to improve the game, but if it is not playable on my device which is fairly recent it means I will not be able to enjoy these changes.
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    AQ rewards arent getting a buff right? Just AW
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,132 ★★★★★
    Hieitaku said:

    Again, requesting for the Request All option. Really looking forward to not having to do this over and over again.

    I’m do things this is stil Hav to do it probably the helping in alliance tap
  • Undone47Undone47 Posts: 7
    The roadmap is awesome. I'm excited for the new updates
  • Wulfgar79Wulfgar79 Posts: 27
    @Kabam Miike Apologies if this was already asked. Is extending max level past 60 part of the roadmap?
  • Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike So these dates will give us estimated dates of actual release of said changes right? It is concerning that it has taken some 9 months to buff one champion and now kabam is bringing in 2 new champs and 2 reworks a month. So there is a high chance for further corrections to these champs after rework given the amount of work given in the short time frame?
  • Mr_ZMr_Z Posts: 29
    "Quest Rebalance – Evaluating timers" 🙏🙏🙏 Please just tell us your going to cut the AQ Energy Timer down to 30mins permanently?

    Now I’m wondering, will moon knight get a buff?

    Never mind moon knight, I’m hoping they make Karnak somewhat useable

  • Ragnaroky12Ragnaroky12 Posts: 62
    Wow so after 5 years you're finally giving us what we ask since day one?
  • Fuzzy_Fuzzy_ Posts: 58
    Nuubbee said:


    If you feel that we've missed something, let us know in this thread. It may already be in one of the posts and not called out here, we may still have time to add it to one of these, or it may just not be on the radar at this time.


    The experience points earned in missions should become a currency, that is, once you reach level 60 the experience is no longer useful, however the enemies of the missions continue to give experience, it is no longer reflected by have reached lvl 60
    So there should be a store where the experience points earned are spent, and month after month we would continue to benefit from these points earned in the missions, regardless of the current level of the summoner.

    I don't speak English use the translator I hope you understand

    los puntos de experiencia que se gana en misiones debería de convertirse en una moneda de cambio, es decir una vez que llegas a nivel 60 ya no sirve la experiencia, sin embargo los enemigos de las misiones siguen dando experiencia, ya no se ve reflejada por haber alcanzado lvl 60
    Así que debería de existir una tienda donde se gastan los puntos de experiencia ganados, y mes a mes nos seguiríamos beneficiando con estos puntos ganados en las misiones, sin importar el nivel actual del invocador

    no hablo ingles use el traductor espero se entienda

    I totally agree. Like how diablo 3 has paragon points above lvl 70. 10% of the previous amounts, but you still get something for it. Or in fallout 76 where after lvl 60, the excess levels give perk cards only (like mastery points) or a Respec option.
  • Lucifer_666Lucifer_666 Posts: 46
    Just when I was about to give up..... The grind continues!.... Hope it's worth it!
    It's rare to say this but Good work kabam!
  • Summoner006Summoner006 Posts: 26
    As a player who wants to jump into Act 6, I am pumped to see the Champion nerf, as if it is done well, I will be pumped to be able to get in and clear out 6.2/3/4. And if the overall Act 6 nerfs turn out to be good, it will be great fun to explore the act as well. Great job Kabam!
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