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Vote on a title

RookiieRookiie Posts: 2,759 ★★★★★
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Dear Kabam,

We would like the most voted option below to become a rare, however obtainable, title in the game.

Insightful members, take charge!

Vote on a title 134 votes

Enlightened Summoner
adqqedfyvrNojokejaymDuke_SilverMoonlord74MaxGamingQacobCASrinivasDemonmewtwoKRANꓘHedronRU11011GreekhitTP33Doctor_Strange19M_Master19Valkyrie1994Serious_786manan_44Stark154667Crcrcrc 22 votes
Cursed with Knowledge
TerraAlex13369Lvernon15ShadowstrikeDragonMCOCEB54Hammerbro_64Crazyjack719Warlord5386CupidUnidentifiedCreatureScopeotoe987DannyB01Colonaut123LordRaymond3KDSuperFlash10AleorNotsavage19RookiieThatOneMasterGamer 74 votes
PokémonmastahJedi_HawkeXva23MarvzeliusTiger360UmbertoDelRioPřìņče01DretlleRocketWaffleStellanlowlevelplayerHazzalec1Demi_GodJay694dlaiErik_Killmonger1001Blizzard28RonniepalmerTheMailmannTlyer102062006Adok 24 votes
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Sundance_2099Samuel030sLilMaddogHTDjinabqberHera1d_of_Ga1actusH3t3rCornflake04CaptainGame_hbtygbty423_Mathgeekodishika123Thanks_D19AceOfDiamond 14 votes


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    I want to change my vote! #cursedwithknowledge
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