To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.
**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

We'll fixing an issue with the Side Quests where all difficulties had the same Selector rewards.

We've fixed the Selectors in Threat Levels 4, 3, 2 and 1 to no longer contain rewards for Progression levels above the target audience.

Threat Level 4 rewards cap out at Thronebreaker
Threat Level 3 caps out at Cavalier
Threat Level 2 caps out at Uncollected
And Threat Level 1 has rewards for Proven

If the game becomes too easy, many will leave

GOTGGOTG Posts: 1,040 ★★★★
Not just Brian Grant. Many gamers want challenge and the great feeling after clearing hard content, not digital product that you give us through easy content or selling every day Kabam.



  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,626 ★★★★★
    Realistically the only content that should be considered "achievable by most" is story content that rewards a progression milestone, where there are no difficulties but only a sliding scale of upward difficulty.

    When there's difficulty levels to be chosen, just because you can't do it on the highest difficulty doesn't mean that the other difficulty levels become irrelevant, they're there to help you progress to the next difficulty just like in most other games.
  • RoOOtsRoOOts Posts: 234 ★★
    I do not really think that it is very hard, but very niche.

    I would prefer, if they would enlarge the boosts to a larger champ group (more tags/while classes). In this way its nearly the same difficulty for all the whales, who have every niche champ anyway and could perhaps even find more fun doing it by using their 2nd guard, and at the same time more doable for progressing summoners.

    Additionally, for these rewards, I wont even bother pushing for anything. Not worth it.

    I'm not sure if this was KABAMs intention, but they kind of forced me to play less. UC EQ was done very fast, Cav. completion also, and as i don't bother going/pushing for completion for this bad rewards, just the nice side event with the juicy rewards taking 2 mins a day have to be played.

    Foreseeing the future, where definitely much worse side events compared to this month will appear, these rewards won't bait anybody to do it. Not even in the present.
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★

    SparkAlot said:

    The argument of "too easy" is self imposed for lots (but not all) of the complainers.

    For example, new content comes out, they immediately rush in with their 6* R3s, mop through it like it was nothing, then sit there crying how easy it was.

    Well, duh, what did you expect? Why not use your 3*s or 4*s (if there are no stupid gates) and then play it, and that WILL be more difficult, if that is still too easy, drop down to 2*s & 1*s.

    Why must Kabam hold your hand with gates or objectives that force you to use lower level champs?
    Do it yourself if you want challenge.

    Kabam made it much more difficult with Act 7, and the "too easy" crowd was complaining it was "too hard", so Kabam had to rework it.

    This is always one of the absolute dumbest things that gets said in these discussions. What is the point on any of us chasing t5c, 6* shards, etc... from content to then turn around and just use 4*s? In what universe does it make sense to do that? Why do so many people care about the cav quest rewards if there's absolutely no point to having R3 6*s to begin with? What are you even doing the quest for?
    This Is a game, and the goal should be to have fun, not only to take champs to rank 3.
    And I had a whole lot of fun with the current EQ as I've said multiple times.
  • GuruYosenGuruYosen Posts: 87
    Shut up mega Karen, Act 6 was nerf because people complained it was too hard
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