No Anniversary Gift? [Merged]



  • I faced the same issue
  • I did not received the rewards either. Please check and do something about it.
  • I didn't get any rewards today for the 6th anniversary. I was supposed to get 5k 6* and 10k 5* shards as I am cavalier. I opened the game, got only the title and profile pic. When I reopened, I got them again instead of the gift.
  • AxelordparshuAxelordparshu Posts: 1
    edited December 2020
    I didn't receive my anniversary gift @kabam mike
  • Razor Major is my profile and I still havent received my anniversary rewards. I claimed the 6 year anniversary profile pic and my title and it keeps on coming back, like I can keep on claiming it. Will they release the rewards anytime soon?
  • N1ghtwolfN1ghtwolf Posts: 32
    where are the where are the rewards getting title mails twice thrice but not rewards

    in game name :- saheb jaat
    alliance name infinity warriors
    alliance tag Rd arc
  • Was525Was525 Posts: 87
    I’ve gotten it 5 or 6 times already.
  • Udhaya_1408Udhaya_1408 Posts: 6
    I got anniversary title 3 times... but I didn't get my anniversary gift...kabam plz fix this!!!
  • jacksparrow1jacksparrow1 Posts: 16
    Even I did not get the reward
  • I also have not received the reward on this account attached.
  • This is also affecting me as well, I can see the profile pic and title but its still in my inbox. Also have no received an anniversary gift from today.
  • NYXnamanNYXnaman Posts: 15
    I didn't got my 5* shards :( what do I do
    Same here, got 15000 shards on one acc but not the other
  • TrolololTrololol Posts: 5
    i didnt get mine as well for the aniversary gift: in game name SKTT1Draven
  • IMMI27IMMI27 Posts: 7
    edited December 2020
    Hi there, I didn’t received my Anniversary rewards, in my Alliance all the members got them. They said it’s a glitch coz i only got Anniversary Title and i restarted this game and since then i got Anniversary Title reward like 4 times but no Anniversary rewards wth is going on!! I have been playing this game for over 6 years now hope kabam fix this issue ASAP..
  • Husain_b128Husain_b128 Posts: 72
    Yes, Even I haven't received the gift.
    Also the anniversary title mail doesn't go away from my inbox even after claiming the title and profile pic.
  • Abd_909Abd_909 Posts: 24
    why isnt kabam responding?
  • Same here ,I didn't receive my reward
    I got cavalier yesterday . I was very happy about 6 * shards ,but not now
  • my account and my brothers account both had only the anniversary title and no anniversary gift. hopefully comes soon.
  • Abd_909Abd_909 Posts: 24
    Even the players who didnt open the coal,did not get anniversary gift
  • Flash_QSFlash_QS Posts: 24
    I run two accounts, on separate devices. One is cavalier and one uncollected. Didn't receive any anniversary gift on the uncollected account. Only the title and the profile pic. Haven't heard anything from anyone so thought about adding it here
  • I am receiving only the titles
  • Same, I only have the titles to claim. Kabam pls help
  • mourya_4mourya_4 Posts: 6
    I didn’t get one too...but the title came up twice now
  • Guys!
    I have been playing the game since two years. I run 3 Accounts. All of my ally members got the gift except me. Please look into this kabam. Because I have been waiting for this only and I didn't get the gift.
    Whoaaa! Boom! (Tears dropping)
  • Abdul3221Abdul3221 Posts: 4
    Etm34 said:

    I run 2 accounts on 2 devices. I log into my secondary account today to see that I didn’t receive an anniversary gift? I got the title and profile pic, yet no anniversary shard gift. It’s a Cav account, so I find that a bit weird.

    Am I the only one this happened to?

    Its also happened with me
  • I didn't get the rewards either
  • What is happening kabam got the title and profile pic 3 times but didn't got the aniversary gifts
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