Should Yellowjacket be taken up to r4 or r5.

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I have a r2 Yellowjacket and he is getting a buff so should I take him up I have the resources

Should Yellowjacket be taken up to r4 or r5. 169 votes

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Wait to see buff
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  • MaxGamingMaxGaming Posts: 2,531 ★★★★
    Wait to see buff
    But then again people took up Falcon and Hulkbuster and are now happy with it or at least satisfied
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 13,544 ★★★★★
    Wait to see buff
    MaxGaming said:

    But then again people took up Falcon and Hulkbuster and are now happy with it or at least satisfied

    I’d say rank 3 him now, then make the jump to rank 4/rank 5 after you’ve seen the buff and done some testing with it
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    Wait to see buff
    Your choice, I’m gonna R5 kingpin before his buff since he’s alright already.
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    Wait to see buff
    Ackbar67 said:

    Keep in mind that sentry, ebony maw, juggernaut, rhino, and black bolt have all been buffed.

    That's a little harsh. Of those, only Maw has been through a recent, proper 'buff' process.

    Sentry, Juggs, Rhino and B Bolt had small changes made more than three years ago; before they started to get the process right with the Red Hulk/Luke Cage reworks.

    Still, unless you've literally got T5B expiring in your stash, I'd wait to see the buffs in February, myself. Or follow @Scopeotoe987's advice; as Kingpin is already useable (if a bit over-situational), and it wouldn't take that much to make him a really decent champ.
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 835 ★★★
    Wait to see buff
    I don’t think you should ever prematurely rank up a champion because they’re getting a tune up. Just wait and see what happens first
  • Fluffy_pawsFluffy_paws Posts: 1,835 ★★★★★
    Wait to see buff
    Otherwise you'll be here in Feb going "Can I have rankdown tickets for my r5 Yellowjacket bc I don't like his buff"
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    Take him to r4 but then only level him up halfway to r5 with iso.

    Use basic iso too while r4.
  • BuffBeastBuffBeast Posts: 580 ★★★
    I personally don’t understand ranking up champions BEFORE their buff,but you do you
  • ArrsssArrsss Posts: 41
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    If you enjoy playing with him, then yes.
    A buff won’t make him worse.
  • But_whyBut_why Posts: 8
    MaxGaming said:

    But_why said:

    Please take him up. And then, when the buff is terrible come back here and blame Kabam.
    What I will gain from this? Entertainment

    But Why, @But_why
    You don't know how happy I was when the Daredevil buff came out. People had taken him to rank 5, and then they asked from Kabam for rank down tickets. I hope this happens again with Yellowjacket
  • Realm_Of_RahRealm_Of_Rah Posts: 409 ★★★
    I have the 6* science awakening gem and the 6* version, praying he's good. I hope he ends up being a mix of Spider-Ham and Wasp
  • GardenerGardener Posts: 1,583 ★★★
    Wait to see buff
    he could be DDHK 2.O id say to wait
  • WRIRWRIR Posts: 512 ★★★
    Wait to see buff
  • SWORD78SWORD78 Posts: 371 ★★
    Wait to see buff
  • Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 301 ★★
    Wait to see buff
    Don’t make the same mistake I did with Daredevil. Just go r3 first
  • Wait to see buff
    Seriously, have people not learned the lesson yet? If you like the champ, then rank them UT if you are wanting to rank because a buff is on the way, ALWAYS wait for the buff to drop.
  • gage201205gage201205 Posts: 420 ★★
    Wait to see buff
    This is dumb, who said he's gonna be good just stated his kit had to be completely redone... I was watching Seatins V6 live run and Kabam John didn't state anything significant toward any champ except one, and I quote "I think alot of people will be surprised by his damage" that was about Terrax. He maybe the only one who interest me even if a flop he's annoying defender.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 1,826 ★★★
    Wait to see buff
    The answer is always wait until the buff to rank someone up
  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 598 ★★★
    Wait to see buff
    My 6* unawakened YJ will be the proof of that pudding.
  • MiubeloMiubelo Posts: 7
    Wait to see buff
    Yet nothing can beat buff update of Magneto. That guy is a blast
  • WOLF_LINKWOLF_LINK Posts: 475 ★★★
    I have pushed my Yellow to R4 (with RankUp Gems rotting in my inventory anyway).

    But your decision ... depends on your roster and ressources.
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