What are you wanting from the next buffs

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Incase you don't know the people getting buffs are
Kingpin, Moleman, Terrax, and Yellow Jacket
What are you expecting from these buffs. What do you not want from these buffs.
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  • Rouger4Rouger4 Posts: 600 ★★★
    Yellowjacket being average would already be good. He’s my only hope for my six stars.
  • Rouger4Rouger4 Posts: 600 ★★★
    Also yay taskmaster pic
  • KRoNX1KRoNX1 Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    I just expect it to be not ebony maw kind of buff
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 5,526 ★★★★★
    A less stressful playstyle for Terrax with a load more damage
  • Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 775 ★★★

    A less stressful playstyle for Terrax with a load more damage

    Agreed, don't let his Rock Field fall off the longer it's been active and give him the ability to pause the Field with each hit. That alone will push him up a tier. Add some greatly increased damage and Block Prof and I easily see a High Demigod/ Low God Tier, which is a huge improvement from being literally unplayable.
  • I'm not expecting anything, that way I'm not disappointed
  • mbracembrace Posts: 468 ★★
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    Mole-man was already useful on Cavalier Skill map lanes, so he will be even better for that. I’m not expecting anything else. Although, Kingpin was already ok. With a meaningful buff, I’m predicting that he will be the best of the bunch.
  • LemoNotLemoNot Posts: 141
    Kingpin- Needs a less disadvantageous way of entering Overpower (e.g. apply rage debuffs to himself, like DDHK), maybe keep his Rage passives while Overpowered as they increase his Combat Power Rate. Not sure how to improve his utility, though letting Black ISO-8 stack and refresh would be a step in the right direction.

    Terrax- Make the Rock Field last longer, and have his rotation be far more rewarding than it currently is. Also maybe only lose his Indestructible charges when he is hit in the face. His Power Cosmic as-is is too defensive to be of use, so it sucks that they're only amping up his values.

    Mole-Man- Make his crits stronger, shock last longer, keep True Accuracy regardless of Frenzy or Monster Mass, and increase his power rate while Frenzy is active so you can apply the shock, then hit hard with an sp2. While in Frenzy, debuffs applied could consume a Monster Mass to be purified, then pauses Frenzy for 2-3 seconds.

    Yellowjacket- I couldn't tell you for sure.
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