Abyss replacements for Fury and Torch(Easy Path)?

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Are there any other champions that can do the fights that these two would take with similar efficiency?
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    Are there any other champions that can do the fights that these two would take with similar efficiency?

    Aegon can do Invisible Woman, that's the only champ I brought NF along for really, otherwise he was just a free attack boost.

    Void can do the Torch fights, but it certainly won't be as quick as what Torch does them.
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    I don’t have torch or void...used havoc for mephisto and got him down in 1 revive(fully healing up in the second attempt too)...rest of the torch fights were handled by doom or aegon
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    Torch is primarily used for mystic fights (Mephisto, Mordo, Loki)
    Meph alternatives- Void, havok
    Mordo alternatives- Archangel, Doom
    Loki alternative- Aegon. ez fight

    Nick isnt really needed for any fight except invisible woman. although, you can take IW down with aegon or archangel as alternatives. To have an easier time use the resonate mastery for aegon.
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    I brought NF and ended up using Aegon more for IW since I didn't have willpower and was easier to heavy cheese into a massive sp2 bleed. The attack boost was his biggest benefit for me too, bit I used the same non suicide mastery setup the entire way and maxed out the fury ones instead.

    I also opted for void over both my human torches. Void is still great for mephisto. And he allows you to parry mordo at the cost of a debuff. And he can solo joe fixit of you let him heavy to hearts and reverse that healing right back.
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    White magneto arguably a very good choice now. Gives Aegon that same attack boost off the prefight which you could chuck on the annoying fights.
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    Void is prob as good as HT for the easy path.

    I wrote a quick guide about the easy path.

    With mastery suggestions as well.

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    If you don’t have Void, Stealthy with the IMIW synergy can handle Mephisto and he can handle Invisible Woman on his own.
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