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According to Kam, they are giving Hood more energy damage at the cost of his stagger and hex. Stagger will be shorter and cannot be refreshed by heavy. Hex will no longer prevent new buffs (fate seal).
I hope this incorrect. Weakening his better abilities to increase his damage really does not help make him better. Now he does not do great damage, but there are situations where his stagger/hexes are invaluable. But I do not see where you would use him if he can't do those things anymore - there will still be better damage dealers.

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  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 288 ★★
    The hexes do energy damage instead of fate sealing. If you can parry heavy they damage can be good, but fate seal....
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,808 ★★★★★
    I am trying to wait and see how hood will work
    But damage over utility doesn't go well and i am kind of a bit disappointed and sad about this. I really liked hood beforehand and just wanted a bit more damage.
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 620 ★★★
    Not defending Kabam here but until we see the changes in game how do we know?
  • GardenerGardener Posts: 1,586 ★★★
    Drenlin said:

    Not defending Kabam here but until we see the changes in game how do we know?

  • i kinda dont like that so many people and kabam now really only care about big numbers but then you can't blame them we have been begging for big numbers for so long we cant cuss them off when we get what we want so let's be grateful for a while this could always change
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