Drive to a Million Facebook Likes!

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Greetings Summoners!

The Official Marvel Contest of Champions Facebook Page has recently surpassed 750,000 Likes on Facebook! We’re celebrating by sending you all a few helpful items, and a Premium Hero Crystal.

While 750,000 Likes is pretty great, the Grandmaster wants to reach even further! Join us in our Drive to 1 Million Likes by December 4th, and unlock some great celebration events! What do we have in mind? Take a look!

Choose which Champions you’d like included in a special summoners choice crystal!

We’ll be running some special polls very soon, in which we’ll ask all of you to choose the 2 Best Champions of each class! Then, we’ll add a 4-Star Version of the Top 12 (2 of each class) into a special crystal that will be available for only $1 USD!

Which Champions are eligible? Any champion that is included in a regular crystal that was released up until Morningstar. This means that the polls will not include Champions like Vision (Classic), Deadpool, Ultron (Classic), Thanos, Kang, Immortal Ironfist, Unstoppable Colossus, Punisher, Thor (Ragnarok), The Realm of Legends Champions, etc.

The Top 12 Champion Crystal polls will be open for voting from 11/20 (18:00:00 UTC) to 11/27 (18:00:00 UTC), visit the Marvel Contest of Champions Facebook page for more information later. (

The Million Made Arena

We’ll run a special 7-Day, 1-Star and 2-Star Champion arena, with lots of 5-Star Shards in the Milestone Rewards! Can you make it to 1 million points and score yourself 10,000 5-Star Shards?

We’ll be upping the points awarded from 1-Star and 2-Star Champions for this special arena, and it will take approximately 500 fights to collect all of the Milestones. Not able to hit all of them? Don’t worry! The 10,000 Shards are spread among all of the Milestones. Collect what you can!

Collector Crystal!

We’ll be bringing back the Collector Crystal for purchase! This Crystal will contain 1 and 2-Star Champions that you can use to fill your collection, and use them in The Million Made arena.

This Crystal contains a whole slew of 2-Star Champions that are not normally available in the Daily Crystal or Premium Hero Crystals! Get them while you can!
Now that you know what we can unlock together, help us hit 1 Million Likes! Head over to Facebook and Like our Page now!


Q: Is this event only for English speaking players? I didn’t receive a message about it in game, but my friend did.
A: Absolutely not! This event, and all of the cool stuff that can be unlocked is for everybody! Because our Facebook page and all of its contents are in English, we chose to only send the message out to players that play in English. This doesn’t mean that everybody isn’t welcome to take part.

Q: Does the Collector Crystal include every Champion as a 2-Star Version?
A: Not every Champion in the game has a 2-Star Version created for them, so there are a few that won’t be included.

Q: Does the Collector Crystal include the 1-Star Spider-Man that I sold?
A: Yes! This is your chance to reclaim any of the Champions that you collected at the beginning of your journey in the Battlerealm! (1-Star Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Ironman)


  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,099
    I got rid of my Facebook account almost a decade ago.
  • StewmanStewman Posts: 490
    I am curious if all this hinges on whether Kabam hits 1 million likes on fb or not, and when the arena will be.

    This is a great announcement.
  • When you say 500 fights, do you mean 500 individual fights, or 500 wins of 3 fights (a 500 win streak)?

    Pretty sure they mean 500 fights, so what is that, 166 streak?
  • When you say 500 fights, do you mean 500 individual fights, or 500 wins of 3 fights (a 500 win streak)?

    Pretty sure they mean 500 fights, so what is that, 166 streak?

    A 2* (with x3 multiplier) gets roughly 2k points in arena. 1M points divided by 2k (per 2*) is 500 total fights, or a streak of 166.
  • When you say 500 fights, do you mean 500 individual fights, or 500 wins of 3 fights (a 500 win streak)?

    Should be 500 individual fights, otherwise they would have said 500 fighting series. At least, I hope that's correct.
  • Will the Collector Crystal be available for purchase in units? If so, what is the cost for one and would there be a limit of the number of crystals purchased?
  • StefffStefff Posts: 121
    Mike, am I right in thinking that all this is only available if you get to 1 mil facebook likes by december 4?
  • Really? PHC. Better make something good for a mil
  • Can we get 1* Juggs in that crystal as well?
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620
    other than the free 4 star for 1 dollar IDK its a great idea and getting 250k by 2 weeks????? is that even is but do you think people will actually do it though for a 2 star arena though
  • 9mcg2mb9uxp5.jpg
  • How much will the 1*/ 2* crystal cost
  • StefffStefff Posts: 121
    I'm willing to bet that they won't get the 1 mil likes, but to award our motivation (and to avoid an uprising of deception from the community), we'll have those events anyway

    Yeah. Likely they know this goal is absurd for the timeframe. My guess is that marketing proposed this one as a way to accrue more Facebook page likes.
  • Ascoop24 wrote: »
    Alright so someone can double check my math if we need 250000 likes in 20 days. So we would take 250k ÷20= 12,500 likes per day. 12,500 ÷ by 24 hours in a day =520 likes per hour. 520 ÷60 minutes in a hour=8.6 likes per minute. Now if my math is correct 9 likes per minute doesnt seem like an awful hard goal. The issue would be if it could withstand that over 20 days. Also please feel free to let me know if my math is wrong

    Sorry I'm lazy af, but it seems right :D
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