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Server Outage Information - Discussion Thread



  • What's the problem with the servers?
  • FluffyFluffy Posts: 446 ★★
    LOOK! Another compensation thread...
  • BaironDHBaironDH Posts: 109
    Asking for the player voted crystal again would give you a shot at the same champ but also benefit everyone else. Kabam doesnt care about being good with just you lololol Who are you the Queen of England or RuPaul or something? Lmfao
  • GeorgeValenzGeorgeValenz Posts: 25
    Qué va a pasar con los que ya gastamos recursos para abrir gesta y no la podemos jugar por fallas en el servidor?
  • LegenLegen Posts: 11
    I think that you got a Kingpin
  • Don’t mention the word greedy. I have just received a warning from kabam for mentioning a no spend until you fix it discussion.
  • Darrellz2161Darrellz2161 Posts: 83
    Im lossing out on alot because of these issues. I put alot into this game already and now will be set back alot without being able to finish arena and act 5 in the time frame i had set. All these issues lately are making playing mcoc horrible time
  • TarlungsTarlungs Posts: 113
    edited December 2017
    Will this AQ series count? Even with the 30min timers the amount of disconnects have hurt everyone to the point they don't want to spends glory or units on items to revive/heal when they will just disconnect again.
  • I understand that the service has been crashing since the uploading of the road to a million event. it has been hindering my game played to the point to where it crashes and I lose a champ that was at 80% Health where I had a enemy champ at 20% or less and then when I allow back in I am K'Oed and the champ I was fighting his back at full health
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    How about everyone get 2 star taskmaster as compensation For Server Maintenance
  • what happens if we cant login and miss our calendar rewards?
  • GQuantaoGQuantao Posts: 208
    I know this has effected a lot of players in many ways, but specifically on behalf of those of us who were grinding for Starlord:
    I spent a number of hours, as well as some resources (units and arena boosts) while grind for SL. I only got as far as 2.3 Mil, if no outages would easily be at 3.5 by now, with more time to play.

    I request that Starlord be awarded to any player who made 1.8 Mil or higher. On the basis that those who stopped at 1.5 to 1.7 were probably only going for milestones and shards, if they went higher they were going for SL. and would probably have made it (assuming they weren't going for Taskmaster)

    Please consider.
  • We have been unable to log in and finish map 4 aq ?
  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,503 ★★★★
    What is wrong with you. 2* champ for everything people lost in game to this.
  • SkymastrSkymastr Posts: 46
    I wanna say that was great last couple weeks u guys did (in game events,some cool desing change,some offers even i dont like) ye like every1 else getting tired about those server issue and only thing about i worry just spend like 3k unit and buy those lower price team revives potions stuff and There is no eta yet about 5.4 pretty sure if they are expire on stash u guys never send ppl same cost make up mail whatever so what u think if u are wear same shoe
  • Im still salty from losing war on last Sunday due to the emergency maintenance right at the last 2 hours of war. I know they are working on fixing it, but now AQ was a mess today. Hate working 20 plus hours of teamwork to get it all blown up at the end. All these connections issues is making everyone in my alliance chat throw alot of shade at the game. Sigh, hopefully it gets fixed soon, and hopefully they issue lost rewards.
  • wSWeaponXwSWeaponX Posts: 366 ★★
    issamaf80 wrote: »
    How about everyone get 2 star taskmaster as compensation For Server Maintenance

    Speak for yourself
  • Just leave the game down until the issues are resolved. It's really unfair that simply due to server whims some people will be able to fight arena and others won't. Same with aq. Potentially dropping a tier simply for not being constantly available is bs.
  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike @Ad0ra_ I'm more concern on my 4* Taskmaster arena. I don't want to face the same thing again like what I faced with the last 4* Blade arena, I missed the champ. I can easily get him without using any units to refresh my champs throughout the 3 days if there's no crazy long server maintenance like this.
    I would like to spend units in other contents of the game like in Act 5.
    Please think a worthy compensation for that too. Just to be clear, a random 4* awakening crystal isn't an acceptable compensation if your team decide a compensation for that which I think has to counted for.
    That's a lot of time investment I've put in arena grinding.
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
    Dshu wrote: »
    What is wrong with you. 2* champ for everything people lost in game to this.

    They get taskmaster
    Nah man give everyone a 5 star task master

    (Totally not saying this just to awaken my 5 stat Taskmaster totally not)
  • DdinhamDdinham Posts: 18
    Screwed me in AQ bad
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,504 ★★★★★
    Those who have played long enough know that the player base will encounter these problems once and a while. However, I do appreciate how this one is being handled in comparison to some of the issues in the past (i.e., mods being more transparent). Clearly, this does not benefit Kabam, so showing outrage does nothing.

    The only aspect I think was mishandled was not announcing the delay until after the intended launch time, but my guess is there were meetings right up until that time discussing the best path forward.
  • We players wait for a real good reward for the time we dedicated and wasted with the game and just get some maintance screen. Why dont you just make the test before launch the updates?
  • NightCrackerNightCracker Posts: 157
    I appreciate the transparency given compared to times in the past. This has been a very unfortunate event and the focus seems to be where it should be, getting it corrected.
    Those who are mentioning compensation, we have already been told we will get something for the issues but nobody knows what it will be most likely because they do not know when everything will be in working order. The longer it takes the more things need to be considered when discussing compensation specifics.
    Another thing I would like to just mention is that it took awhile to put a lot of these events together and I am sure every single one was designed to be rewarding for us (except maybe Ice Phoenix :tongue:) and I for one am pleased with this months communication and events so far. Even though we are being plagued with server issues, everything else is still a step in the right direction.
  • superunknown012superunknown012 Posts: 413 ★★
    JoeVodka wrote: »
    I can’t stand these outages. Unacceptable.
    Further more Rank down tickets should be part of the compensation.
    1x 5* rank down ticket
    5x 4* rank down ticket
    I feel this a generous adequate response to being jerked around the aw system like a beta.

    We have all ranked these awful defenders for diversity and now We are all stuck with wasted resources that could of gone to bettering our roster for new content.

    This thread has nothing to do with AW and therefor nothing to do with your choice in ranking defenders. Please please please stop the nonsense about rank down tickets.
  • Shane17Shane17 Posts: 27
    edited December 2017
    When and how will we be getting reimbursed? My alliance just fell short of completing our third map for map 6? All of us were waiting at dorm to take turns to finish him off. You guys allowed me in so I can revive, use the rest of my potions and when I go to fight Dorm, I am kicked off again? Absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention, when I did finally get in, you would NOT allow me to click continue and go into the quest...



  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    I got an archangel and used my mutant awakening stone on him actually.
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