As we continue to work to address ongoing issues regarding Parry and Evade, we will be extending the Week 4 Quest of the Summer of Pain and its Solo Objectives by 1 week to better allow you to complete this content. This will not result in next week's content being delayed.

Announcing: Act 5 Chapter 2



  • Swe_wolfisSwe_wolfis Posts: 385 ★★
    Act 5.2 AND new montly event quest on the same day?
  • Noob_2yrsNoob_2yrs Posts: 67
    Ch1 has awakening gem and not in ch2 really? Overall rewards far less :(
  • Maybe is a joke.... The rewards are minus of the rewards of chapter 1! But guys You drunk??? What's this ****?!?
    I wanna hope is a error and not those the rewards for a chapter "plus difficult of chapter one"!
  • Crot80Crot80 Posts: 15

    What was posted and circulated last week was created by somebody without any knowledge of our future plans, and was conjecture.[/quote]

    Why can't you guys for once give us some rewards worth playing for ? I know you won't answer this but figured I'd ask
  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 358 ★★★
    The rewards are pretty subpar kabam. May want to give them another think?
  • Yall chill it ain't the end of the world
  • StavelotXoteStavelotXote Posts: 231
    So the rank up gem is basically 5 t4b and 3 t4c given as one item? I think that is fine but everything else here is heavily lacking and not worth the time
  • TheBaldAvengerTheBaldAvenger Posts: 240 ★★
    I remember when Act 4 rewards were first released and they were such garbage that you guys did the right thing and increased them to reflect the difficulty. You really need to do the same with these rewards. You guys couldn't be further out of touch if you tried
  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    edited June 2017
  • rewards so effing rubish!!!dissapointed!! well people will put more money on this and totaly will secure your salary for 5months so fixed the rewards..
  • Noob_2yrsNoob_2yrs Posts: 67
    Future is 5* and only 700 5* shards increased from ch1 huh? I see 4* related stuff but that's not what players looking. Also giving 4 to 5 rank gem is pathetic because if we get equivalent t4b's and t4cc then we can use for 5*'s.
  • Marine31_Marine31_ Posts: 61
    Very pathetic rewards for the very hard content that you say is gonna be Rttl style guess you guys want people to quit! And this is in conjunction with 0 compensation for Android users who got screwed over the other day...not to mention the pathetic attempt to compensate for aq being completely screwed up...not you feed us yet.....another **** sammich!!!!....BRAVO!
  • Munrolm02Munrolm02 Posts: 88
    I could get these rewards by doing two weeks of Arena. You're going to introduce 100 more 5 stars but nothing to upgrade them
  • DrMezzDrMezz Posts: 5
    No 5* awakening gem? Given the large increase in difficulty they're emphasizing, I won't be spending units to get this done. These rewards aren't worth the effort. A 4* rank up? 4*s are in the rearview mirror. Put those.type of rewards act 4 for ppl. Almost feel another boycott coming on....#onemanboycott
  • Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,257 ★★★★
    Not a good day for kabam
  • xVxNotoRiouSxVxxVxNotoRiouSxVx Posts: 58
    @Kabam DK You guys should give the summoner an option of choosing to take a 4* from 4>5 or a 5* from 2>3. I think most people who have the majority of their 4*'s max'd are going to find this reward useless.
  • cab55cab55 Posts: 29
    Munrolm02 wrote: »
    I could get these rewards by doing two weeks of Arena. You're going to introduce 100 more 5 stars but nothing to upgrade them

    Exactly the thoughts of many. Why to play something harder if you can get the same rewards in other parts of the game that are easier? I will stay in arenas.
  • Justice_Evo_8Justice_Evo_8 Posts: 213 ★★
    Rewards are horrible. Do completion for the t4 basics and that's about it.
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    Wow this is awful. Are you trying to kill the game?
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 12,787 Guardian
    Nebula wrote: »
    Iwahashx wrote: »
    @Kabam Miike @Ad0ra_ Can you guys please comment on those leaks from a few days ago about the Elder's War Arena? Does it not exist? I'm not asking for a full elaboration but just some basic information would be good, just so that we're not looking forward to something that isn't coming.


    What was posted and circulated last week was created by somebody without any knowledge of our future plans, and was conjecture.

    Then how did they get the nodes right?

    Game content is split between the game client and the game servers. The static content we see, including champion designs, content maps, and so on have to be in our game clients somewhere, and they have to get pushed ahead of time so there isn't a logjam to download it when new content launches. But some stuff isn't in our game clients, in particular things our game clients themselves don't need to know about. Legends races, for example, are entirely a server-side tracked thing. Our game clients don't know, or need to know, that a Legends run is happening.

    My guess is someone client-dived the data for Act 2, and then added their own rumors and supposition on top. That would allow someone to be very accurate in some areas, and very wrong in others. This would explicitly fall into the category Kabam Miike specified: someone who digs through the game client files would be someone without knowledge of Kabam's future plans, just knowledge of some of the design of advance content that was already pushed to the game clients.
  • Max_Max_ Posts: 6
    Hey Guys I know your reading post so I made the account to let you know as an elite player step up the rewards. Will be looking for announcement update.
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 11,395 Guardian
    edited June 2017
    I have a question about Power Shield node.
    If our basic attacks don't deal damage but still cause debuffs, and if our special attacks cause 400% more damage, then will the damage from debuffs from special attacks be increased? Like, Hyperion 1st special (incinerate), Deadpool 2nd special (bleed), etc.
  • im going to hold judgement until we find out what grandmasters favor is.

    but it better be good
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