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Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



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    BaironDHBaironDH Posts: 109
    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey everyone. This sounds like an really unfortunate issue, and I want to get as much information from all of you as possible. Can any of you who have experience this please let me know the following?

    Device and OS
    A specific fight where you've seen this
    - Champ you used
    - Enemy Champ
    - Game mode

    Beyond that, any videos anyone could provide would be hugely beneficial.

    Thanks so much for your patience on this one, guys.

    Look at the Reddit link above I posted. It is across both IOS and Android. Go to the Green Goblin boss fight in Master Mode and try and block the entirety of his special 1 several times over. Champs are just releasing block on their own. Other times they just stand there and get hit and don't move when you swipe.

    It doesn't make ppl want to spend it makes them want to quit playing this game. We just got double evade fixed and now this?

    Hell, just look at the thread ON THESE FORUMS that have been open for 4+months! The response was absolutely shocking, my jaw dropped! Kabam surley knows whats on their own forums??? Or is that the reason nothing is being done?

    The response Wolf over here gave is EXACTLY whats been posted by mod after mod in the very thread on page one of general discussion its right there.

    Honestly I dont know what theyre trying to pull & I wont even say what Im thinking here but I just want it fixed. I dont experience this issue, my housemate does though & I can understand the frustration, especially after 4 months of an open thread getting the same non-feedback in a loop it just a sloppy & unacceptable servixe response for such a large population experiencing the same issue.
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    Josh51700Josh51700 Posts: 88
    This happened with me in AQ the other day, on map 5 and I was using scarlet witch.
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    venon87venon87 Posts: 27

    First of all: * Admins please don't move this post again and merge it into the DEXTERITY and BLOCK not working properly. It is not the same BUG/Issue ! It's totally something else if you spend 2 minutes of your time and actually read the actual content I've spend my time writing!

    Now, besides other bugs, this one is by far the most frustrating one you guys have released in this game. For me it is so frustrating it is almost making me quit the game. It is happening also to a lot of players from my alliance.

    Against any random hero in a fight, in any random Quest/AQ/AW/Arena at random times I start doing a 5 hits combo, and I get hit in the middle of the combo by the special attack of the opponent.
    Of course I am not talking about fights against champs that have auto-block as Medusa/Thor Ragnarok/MODOK. Or there are no buffs on the nodes that might give the champ a chance to evade or something similar.

    Please have this fixed and maybe do a compensation for this since this issue killed lots of my champs while doing the 8 Hours Modok event on expert, or AQ in day 4-5 when you get KO'ed easily or in AW where now the KOs you get while fighting a node counts big time. My point being that I have wasted lots of resources because of this annoying bug. This issue is having a bigggggggggg impact on the whole game. Please try to fix this urgently.
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    Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★

    The main thread is now here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/39414/losing-control-of-champs-under-investigation#latest. This includes all of the comments from the original thread.
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    Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
    NMEONES wrote: »
    This bug is almost as bad as the double evade bug. At least with that bug we knew not to do it. This is random.. one minute it works, next it doesn't. Making LOL horrible for me right now.

    100% agreed. Good luck trying to get a combo going with SL when the easiest specials start clipping you for no reason. Evade is broken. Almost as bad as the double dexterity bug. Most of the time you don't get clipped, but some of the time you do and that some of the time is what's ruining gameplay.

    Something is really wrong with dexterity.

    Champs move slow, heavy, glued to the ground or to the AI, giant delays between evades and blocking, or between evading and evading, the easiest specials are hitting us from way across the screen, specials get LOCKED IN to us from way across the screen and we can't do anything about it, same goes for heavy attacks.

    And this goes just for dexterity/evade. Parry is a shell of what it used to be too. Our ability (or window) to set up parries has diminished considerably since 12.0.

    The game used to run very good pre 12.0. We rarely if ever experienced issues with basic mechanics. It's like Kabam was on a mission since 12.0 to sabotage our gameplay and make us spend. But this is not the way to do it. How the hell can the AI suddenly decide that it wants to hit us with a special or heavy attack and it just does it without us being able to do anything?
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    NMEONESNMEONES Posts: 263 ★★
    Mmx1991 wrote: »
    NMEONES wrote: »
    This bug is almost as bad as the double evade bug. At least with that bug we knew not to do it. This is random.. one minute it works, next it doesn't. Making LOL horrible for me right now.

    100% agreed. Good luck trying to get a combo going with SL when the easiest specials start clipping you for no reason. Evade is broken. Almost as bad as the double dexterity bug. Most of the time you don't get clipped, but some of the time you do and that some of the time is what's ruining gameplay.

    Something is really wrong with dexterity.

    Man it's even worse for me... I'm using Stark Spidey. There's times I'm building up poise charges at the start of the fight and then out of no where, I'll evade to build a poise and stark spidey just stands there and I take a combo to the face... it's so bad man. I don't want to make it sound like I got a giant ego or anything but I'm very good at this game. Well above the average player... so when things like this happen to me and it's clearly not my fault, it's unacceptable. When you use stark spidey, you have to have a certain level of skill with evading consistently to build/keep poise charges. So when there is a bug that is punishing me when I'm using this skill, it gets to a level above frustration. I'm pleading with kabam right now to get this straightened out. I only have a couple of paths left in LOL and 5.4 is almost 100%, I really don't want to finish LOL with this evading bug still around. It turns LOL into an unnecessary money pit.
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    Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
    It's ridiculous how people can claim our problems are caused be a lack of skill.

    After the first month or two, players have pretty much mastered parrying and evading specials and heavies.

    How can someone who's in a top alliance and who's done all story quests and Act 5 100% and LOL suddenly start sucking at these basic mechanics? It's IMPOSSIBLE, unless our game is being sabotaged behind the scenes intentionally or not.

    Starlord has one of the easiest L1's and heavies to avoid, yet all of a sudden we're getting hit by them, immediately after maintenance?
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    So my device is a iPhone 8 Plus. I was fighting with Star Lord duped in ROL against Winter Soldier. I would block and in the middle of my block it would dash forward and hit once of twice if I wasn’t intercepted. This hasn’t happened a bunch just enough to be frustrating.
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    PorkChopExpressPorkChopExpress Posts: 47
    edited December 2017
    I am now having an issue when I try to block my champs are using a medium attack, happens in all game play AQ, AW, story, monthly, arena.

    Constantly still dropping block, it’s not even solely during specials now.

    Also now i am having the issue when I am in the middle of combos my champs will evade back, stop attacking or heavy attack.
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    OhGodYesOhGodYes Posts: 143
    So I got my iPhone X today and now understand the struggle. I had the same problem months ago with the iPhone 6. Basically the game has a mind of its own. It took me 2 minutes to get to the open crystal screen to spin my 4 star shards. What happens is some actions are unresponsive. When I get into a quest I click on the node to advance and. I thing happens. I have to click on the option screen up top then click on the node for it to work. Sometime when I click on the specials button nothing happens or my player dashes forward when I’m blocking etc. I’m not sure if this make sense but I’m willing to work with any moderator to test things if needed. I’ve literally had the phone for 5 hours.
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    KUROKURO Posts: 104
    Usually I don’t give any attention regarding this problem but today it has become a major problem for me especially in AQ and sometimes in Story Quest.

    Here’s several occurrence issues:
    1st: My champs can’t dash back, just standing there not moving;
    2nd: because I can’t dash back, I made a blocking but my opponents were able to penetrate my defense.
    3rd: My opponent has blocked my sp even though I activate once I did 3 hits combo.

    AQ Map5:
    I using Iceman, rogue on the hood and cable mini.

    SQ Act4:
    Various champions

    Some in Arena
    Various champions

    Idk but It’s okay on last week. I defeat minis and final boss in Map 5 without losing my champs (not easy though) but today AI seems weird plus I can’t control and function very well of my champs. Really really weird like I was fighting with MODOK when it’s not.

    Hence, I believe with other people who have the same problem.
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    thanks4playingthanks4playing Posts: 805 ★★★
    edited January 2018
    First of all, please do not look at this as a negative post. I applaud the changes that Kabam has been making with AW, all of the celebration events, and Kabam's renewed effort to compensate for its wrongs. It seems like the team has been making a genuine effort to connect with the community. I've noticed this and I appreciate it.

    I've been trying to avoid a post like this, but something feels off about the gameplay. Comboes are frequently being interrupted after 3 or 4 hits where my guy just stands there. I've been trying to tap incessantly to change it up (I tap based on the count usually) to see if it is an input issue, but still the problem exists. There's a recent post about this here (https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/238083#Comment_238083).

    I think what is related is my parry timing being way off. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it is crucial and it honestly feels like I'm fighting stun immune.

    This is costing me a lot of energy and units b/c I have to start over certain quests and we know how there are so many things going on that each energy and unit is important (gifting event, etc.). For the first time ever, I'm low on BCs and units, and mostly b/c of these problems (I usually always have 1k units and about 1 million BCs, that is now depleted to about 200 units and 500k BCs).

    I thought it was just me being careless, but this is happening even when I'm locked and dialed in. I think it has something to do with lag b/c the comboes seems to interrupt b/c there is some kind of a lag. If that's the case, then that would explain why parries are not registering consistently either.

    I tried everything. Reinstalling, restarting my phone. I don't ever ask for help requests to avoid any potential lag. I tried WiFi, I tried my LTE. Heck, I even had my ISP service guy come in and take a look at everything. When I stream, use Wifi for other things, etc., then there is no connection problem whatsoever.

    I'm on a Pixel.
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    ive also made a post about champs just standing there and not completing combo glad its not just me
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    BossyBuilderBossyBuilder Posts: 137
    edited December 2017
    I have the same issues. I often find that things are much worse when there are connection issues (not always on my end) or if there are processes happening in the background. If there was a way to localize fights to the phone or tablet so that you're not always connecting to the network, and only connect when fights ended to transmit information, it seems this would help the issue. But I am not a programmer, so I don't really know if that's possible or helpful. But yes, I still have many issues with broken blocks and parry not working.
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    Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
    edited December 2017
    So sick of this game. For the love of god give us a clean game. Don't rob us out of units like this.

    I knew his heavy was coming but I couldn't even move. Just stood there and took it.

    Loving these locked in and lunging heavy attacks where I can't even move and it autoconnects out of nowhere with no chance to evade. Is the AI registering our screen taps and throwing instant specials?

    And to top it all off...the classic split second lag scam. Lags and you can't even move.
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    René_VuRené_Vu Posts: 66
    Afrid wrote: »
    Maybe they got tired of fighting

    Ja ja ja ja ja that was unexpectedly funny.
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