Master Difficulty Key Disappeared

So I was doing the monthly quest in master difficulty when i ran out of energy and accidentally hit use Master key...instead of my energy refill..which is weird that option never shows up, now I can't enter master mode after completing heroic 100%. I ran the last chapter of act 3 (heroic) to see if i would get the key but nope, now I'm locked out..6d239bindcdq.png

So what am I supposed to do now? I spent units on the energy refill deal just to finish this asap.


  • Yeah same issue here, opened a ticket with kabams to see what's said. I was doing a legends run, had one final path in master mode and got locked ou
  • LysDexiaLysDexia Posts: 3
    Same here my master key for the "secret empire forever" is not in my inventory, so I have been locked out even thou I had already won the first act of mastery
  • Me too ! that's insane, I only see my key for guardians of the galaxy event -__- so many bugs i swear.
  • TeleusTeleus Posts: 31
    Yep, guess there goes our chance at a legends title
  • I spent 450 units on the energy refill deal to finally attempt a legends title run with my time off from work, all for not. wasted units. i wouldn't have spent the units if it wasnt for that, as seeing we get 28 days to complete the quest!
  • LysDexiaLysDexia Posts: 3
    Yeah spent some serious "energy units" from the store which are on discount but now can't proceed in the master month event SMH
  • TeleusTeleus Posts: 31
    Yep, I bought refills too
  • Same here... spent 300 on refills and then get locked out of master after 2 runs... wtf?
  • NasrNasr Posts: 17
    Haha I think iam alone and I making
  • _Fawn__Fawn_ Posts: 20
    I sent a ticket, I hope they help. bx97a2re562j.png
  • 900 units on refills. 2 runs into the 1st quest of the last chapter and now locked out. So much for a legends run
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,393
    _Fawn_ wrote: »
    I sent a ticket, I hope they help. bx97a2re562j.png

    Considering you have before and after looks like you pressed it out of curiosity?
    You have the Button Pusher title, don't you?
  • _Fawn__Fawn_ Posts: 20
    Solswerd, hehe yes.. I do have a knack for pushing buttons.. I thought perhaps it was some sort of lovely gift.. I got played yet again!
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 458
    Spend your money on units for energy refills to complete heroic and master in 2 weeks to earn Legends title! Good luck without the key
  • Ofp2014Ofp2014 Posts: 2
    Same boat here... was in the middle of completing the chapter 1, Preadator. Hit the key accidentally, froze, reset, used energy pack, and then was locked from master quest.
  • gatra_hpgatra_hp Posts: 95
    same here. cmon it is pissed me off. very much.
  • Km289Km289 Posts: 2
    Okay so I'm not the only person this has happened to.
  • Torpido12Torpido12 Posts: 5
    Same thing happend to me. I spend like 600 units for legend run and now i am **** up. Can anyone pls reply.
  • _Fawn__Fawn_ Posts: 20
    Torpido12 wrote: »
    Same thing happend to me. I spend like 600 units for legend run and now i am **** up. Can anyone pls reply.
    Kabam DK replied on another post saying it's being "investigated", but we will see.. :/
  • Same thing happened to me and a guy in my alliance
  • UncletioUncletio Posts: 6
    Will at least I'm part of a club. lol
  • UncletioUncletio Posts: 6
    Hope they fix it soon.
  • Hopefully something will be done... I was already thru the first chapter in master... used a lot of energy refills too..
  • Yo peeps - we are working to address this, apologies for the frustration. I'm consolidating forum threads in order to keep things organized, the main forum thread can be found here:

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