Alliance Quest Miniboss and Sentinel Refresh - April 2018 - Discussion Thread [Updated April 13]



  • ShadeZeroShadeZero Posts: 145
    Our alliance hasn't even done map 5 yet since the change and our members are dropping like flies in map 3. Those sentinels are complete bull. Immunity, unblockable specials, slow fights with awkward and defensive AI combined with their high armor rating. Even the minibosses are more difficult. We shouldn't have to bring multiple armor break champs, while still hoping to bring champs that regenerate, or just be screwed over.
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    khehmist wrote: »
    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    Hey everyone! Wanted to drop in and let you know that we are paying close attention to everyone's feedback about the new changes to Alliance Quests. We understand that these updates have caused a shakeup to Summoner’s existing strategies and rosters. As we've noted previously, although our intention was not to explicitly increase the difficulty of the new Sentinel fights compared with the previous Symbioid encounters, we understand that the new abilities and immunities they possess require a pretty sizable change in approach, or outright prevent some older strategies.

    The Game Team is keeping a close eye on the data behind the scenes to get a complete picture of how these changes have affected players across all tiers of the game. This information goes hand in hand with the important feedback everyone has given here on the forums and will help us as we move forward. Please be patient as we review this round of Alliance Quest data and determine where action may be needed.

    And, as always, please be mindful of the forum rules when posting. We want to hear your feedback and criticism, but it must be provided in a clear, constructive way.

    Thank you for your passion!

    My interpretation of this is that “We’re looking to see if people are actually quitting the game or reducing purchase rates. If they are, we’ll figure out how little we need to change to keep our revenues up.”

    How close was I Adora?

    Why did you repost this? That's not what she said at all.
  • Morgan210805Morgan210805 Posts: 36
    What kabam are monitoring is not our concern it’s monitoring how much extra we’re spending on potions and revives and they will be rubbing their greedy little hands together. Bonuses alround Mr kabam me thinks. Turnover up 40% players enjoyment down 40%
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 26,741 ★★★★★
    Jesus take the wheel.
  • MobABMobAB Posts: 4
    This is just another way for you to make money. A complete disregard for the average player. Total nonsense on the upgrade in AI and the unbelievable sentinels IMUNITY to everything. Bad move. Maybe you should fix the lag first, with all the money you made on the first season of war.
  • MilkthewhalesMilkthewhales Posts: 81
    Another lazy cash grab by Kabam. They could be bothered to change the symbiods fight but couldn't be bothere'd to adjust rewards, sounds about right.

    Job half done @Ad0ra_ @Kabam Miike

    If your gonna make a change take the time to do it right or not at all. After all the debacles with the bad updates you've pushed out you'd think you'd have figured that out...

    Oh and what happened to the famed increase in comm/transparency and beta testing with this one...

    Maybe the real issue is revenue's have dropped with the release of drop rates? Is that why we've been seeing so many deals on a nearly daily basis also?
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    D14rock wrote: »
    Has anybody even mentioned the fact that kabam clearly stated that they didn't want AQ to be the focus anymore and they wanted AW to be the game mode everyone focused towards for the better rewards. Why then am I spending more pots in each of the first 3 days of AQ than I ever do in AW, even against a really good defense?.... it can't be just because I'm not used to sentinels.. i have fought plenty of them in master and uncollected eq on 2 different a count and they near as bad the AQ ones.. you tell us to use class advantage to bear them.. exactly what skill champ can i use against science sentinel on heal block path? Or right there as garnet any bleed immune skill Champs... and the only science champ I can use against the mystic sentinel on that same path is LC.... give me a break?! Of course there are other bleed immune champs, but how many of them have strong armor break to counter not being able to have a class advantage? Ultron has armore break.. used him.. he sucks too..So you guys had to go ahead and rush this new map out even though it wasn't ready or even the end of the season yet and just lazily switched syms out for a sentinel of the same class when they don't even fit with a path..

    Hulk, Captain Marvel, Storm, Crossbones, SpiderGwen, Thor and many more Destroy the sentinels.

    U dont get to chose the champs u get rand whatever they say about AW being the focus then why dont they give t4cc and upgrade items as war rewards ? the things u get from AQ itself is like 1 in 100 for one upgrade item. and now they just made it even harder to do. Plus the season rewards are a joke for a 3 month war which eats up all resource and time that could be spend otherwise
    purely nonsensical move from kabam
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,866 ★★★★
    Since Kabam is supposedly monitoring the feedback, I'll throw my 2 cents in.

    The Sentinels are objectively harder than the symbioids to fight. That's an undeniable fact. The problem the community is having is that the logical avenues would have been to leave AQ the same until a large update (including an update to the rewards) could be rolled out OR to increase the rewards along with rolling out this soft update until a large update could be completed. Even a small bump in rewards would have probably reduced activity in these complaint threads by 50%. Instead, the team decided to take the worst of both worlds and increase the difficulty while maintaining rewards, which is effectively a big slap to the face of the collective community.

    When the symbioids were still around, I would often mix up my teams to keep things fresh. I'd brought just about every champ you can think of into AQ and I was able to deal with the symbioids. Admittedly, I haven't had to use any additional resources to deal with the Sentinels, but they have successfully killed several of my champions since the rollout. As I stated, these guys are objectively harder to kill than the symbioids.

    I'm in the camp that would much rather see unique champions on every path. Adaptoids used to fill the map back when there weren't enough unique champs to fill the board. Now you've got plenty of champs to fill the boards. Get rid of Adaptoids/Symbioids/Ultron Drones/Deadpooloids/Sentineloids completely and just fill the map with the dozens of champs who aren't currently represented at all in AQ.
  • NorthwestbrosefNorthwestbrosef Posts: 156
    So, since y'all will be reviewing this round of aq, any chance yall will disable the next round to take a good look? That would be nice so we wouldn't be wasting potions on a broken mode that we have to play or lose our ranking.
  • rischiorischio Posts: 74
    Most of us work for a living and we know everyone makes mistakes.
    The developers thought that this was going to stay at the same level of difficulty? that's fine, just admit now it is not. And if you can compensate for the mistake it will be great.

    Thanks the mods for reading all this s**tload of ranting and sorry for making you sad.
    I emphasize with you gals and guys, luckily I'm not in your shoes!

    Said that, I hate sentinels for all the well stated reasons of 32 pages of comments, I'm not going to add more.

    Said that, I'm going to make a few proposals. Quite obvious I admit, but still I like it more than just saying "please roll back time and don't do it the way you did".

    - Remove the third bar of power. They cannot shoot S3 anyway (luckily) and it only serves them to shoot our arses twice in a row.
    - Reduce the rate at which they analyze: either reduce the amounts, increase the thresholds or do not consider multiple instances of the same repeated move more than once. Class disadvantage has also become NOT an option because of the extra boost they get ON TOP of the regular advantages.
    I understand that the intent was to have the players adopt a different play style, but there are moves you simply CANNOT avoid (like dashing back twice to avoid their specials) They increase the analyze counter even if you dash back several times, which you have to do to bait those bloody specials, or even if you block a combo.
    - Rethink the mechanics of the different sentinel classes. For one: the green one debuffs you when you KO it, which is often the way to apply armor breaks (i.e.: Hyperion S2. The Sentinel melts you after two or three S2s). If armor break "melts them", then please let us use it.
    - Reduce health, or armor or both. They are double immune and armored as tanks, it takes forever to take them down. On top of this attack decreases with analyze charges.
    - Increase the points they award when they die. at least let us climb the rewards ladder a little higher, even if you do not want to adjust the rewards (which you should, anyway...). The way you did you actually REDUCED them.
    - Give us full retrocession tickets with ISO and gold, especially since the sentinels are going to stay with the next season. You cannot just say: "yeah, they are immune, but you know what? use another champ!" because most of us spent their hard earned resources in ranking up, guess who? champions that were useful WHEN we ranked them. We do not read the future and we did not get enough advance warning to prepare. I for one, ad just ranked my Archangel to R4 spending a ton of everything which is now totally useless and I do not have resources to rank up Medusa.
    - Provide dummy duel targets for practice. The lucky ones that have sentinels as main champion DO NOT have the same thing. Not even close. Basically the only practice we can make is by crushing on them DURING AQ, which means without any chance to retry without spending our hard earned resources.

    Good luck and hold tight, the storm will be over and everyone will be OK.
  • PennsyltuckyPennsyltucky Posts: 59
    The most frustrating thing about this is that its driven 6 veteran people of my alliance into retirement because there's no sense in getting this angry with the game that's supposed to be fun...
  • NEONEO Posts: 347
    edited April 2018
    I feel my alliance has given up on AQ. We only had 10 of 30 members join on day 5. We used to have all 30 join eagerly to take on the old AQ. We are a 9.4 million alliance with 200k-650k members.
  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★

    MCoC is the most successful mobile game ever, profiting over $25 million a month. They are slated to hit $1 billion a year within the next 5 years.

    A company that large can certainly be smart enough to figure out how stupid these AQ changes are?

    Certainly you could have more moderators, and PR people to at least make us feel like you care.

    Certainly you can afford to sweeten the pot with some better rewards.

    Business is about profit, yes, but here's this wild concept. You can listen to your customers, satisfy the bulk, and still make a profit.

    I refuse to spend a single cent now that I clearly see how greedy you are. If it causes me to uninstall the game, so be it.
  • Logansdad_16Logansdad_16 Posts: 2
    I’m sorry but the sentinels are a joke. The skill one is harder than dormannu boss and I consider myself a decent player. Kabam I think this has been a terrible move and purely aimed at getting people to spend of resources.
  • LBSLBS Posts: 4
    Please forgive me for my yesterday’s message... I was literally angry with those changes, angry with Kabam and I wrote a bad message in reply to yours
    That was no my willing to hurt you...
    Sorry again...
  • JamagJamag Posts: 6
    Well if you didn’t think it was going to be more difficult then I think it’s only fair that you:

    1) Greatly reduce or remove sentinel difficulty/immunities.
    2) Provide rank down tickets that cover all costs, since despite what you told us before about needing certain champs for things well we do now.
    3) Refund all the potions that people have had to waste because of your error and misjudgement.
  • Sakic19Sakic19 Posts: 80
    Another cash grab from Kabam. Make it harder with no increase in rewards. Increased difficulty is not the issue, it is you increased it without an increase in the rewards. That makes it VERY obvious to us players that was your main goal with this change. Not to mention that you still refuse to acknowledge and fix all of the control issues in the game that cuase us to lose fights. I am sure that is also a way you try and make us spend money. Shame shame!!
  • Vincew80Vincew80 Posts: 195 ★★
    edited April 2018
    If kabam is truly listening to & not just seeing player feedback (big difference) they’ll

    1) simply rollback to the previous update to this one.
    2) starting working on the many, many things that were already broken before changing anything else.

    That’s the only realistic option I see for me personally to keep playing this game. This isn’t coming from a long time player as I had just started prior to 12.0 & didn’t get to feel the effects from it. I may not be the best player ever but I’m not some scrub either that just enjoys complaining to just justify my lack of skills. In just over a year of playing I’ve done 100% of everything except LOL (only did the easy path so far) & routinely put up over 3M in aq with guess what?... the champs I worked hard to rank & actually enjoy playing with only for you to make them paperweights. If your goal was to alienate/tick off the community then I commend you for a job well done. If that wasn’t your goal then please show it through actions ASAP before more damage is done.
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 698 ★★★★
    The game team is going to review week one of the new AQ and assess the current situation. Good.

    The problem is that even if the sentinels are toned down and compensation is given for this week's cluster**** it will not keep a lot of people from retiring. Sentinels are BORING and TEDIOUS to fight. I play games to have fun. If a game is not fun I QUIT playing it. I honestly can't see myself continue playing MCoC if sentineloids stay in AQ in any form. They just plain suck.

    Maybe if a MLMLM combo was introduced the sentineloids would be bearable. Maybe if block/parry/evade/errant control issues were fixed the sentineloids would be bearable. The game is still broken and sentineloids have no place in this game until the basic mechanics have been repaired.

    Kabam, if you care at all about the customer base please address these issues first. Dump the sentineloids until you have a stable product.
  • ljdr77ljdr77 Posts: 49
    Let me add my voice to the unhappy masses. I love this game. As others have said it's the first and only mobile game I've spent any amount of time playing. I've been playing MCOC since before 12.0 and have never had any real issue with any changes. This aq change, however, is a game breaker for me. It's not so much the fact that the sentinels are substantially harder, it's more the fact that they are not fun to fight at all. I'm finding myself more frustrated than entertained now by the game and that's not what I play for. If something isn't done I may sadly have to move on.

    Please listen to the community and address this issue.
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