Alliance Quest Miniboss and Sentinel Refresh - April 2018 - Discussion Thread [Updated April 13]



  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★
    IDK how many alliances will be able to keep this up. If we can't finish we don't get our donations back and the rewards deep significantly. We're used to expert tier and completion of all BGs all five days but we won't complete even 2 BGs today. I cannot imagine what tomorrow will look like.

    How many seasons is Kabam planning to leave it as it is? How many alliances will have to stop doing AQ, or how many will lose members, if it doesn't change soon?

    Certainly Kabam is hearing these concerns. I'm sure they're scrambling now trying to fix it.
  • NinjaiXNinjaiX Posts: 40
    The sentinels are clearly a cash grab because obviously Kabam don't generate enough money from us!

    Miike's comment about them not being ready to make changes to rewards system does not seem very believable as they can clearly makes changes to the difficulty whenever they feel like. i.e. replacing Symboids with Sentinels can't be much different from change rewards x to rewards y, if anything it would be easier! And the content is more difficult because you can only use certain champs. Unlike the symboids you can use any class and still be able to get through. Now you have to be very picky with your champs otherwise you will get wasted, timed out etc. @Kabam Miike if you honestly think the content is not harder then I really would like to see fight a skill or mystik sentinel on day 5 with over 9k prestige. Show and prove to the community that the sentinels are not harder than a symboid and we will accept that we need to get better.

    For too long know we have been treated like we don't matter and this takes the biscuit!

    Get your house in order Kabam, and think of the end users for once!
  • NinjaiXNinjaiX Posts: 40
    Certainly Kabam is hearing these concerns. I'm sure they're scrambling now trying to fix it.

    LOL I am sure they are! :D
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    I just wish they wouldn't talk to us like we're children who don't understand what's going on.

    We know when something is going to be more challenging and we know that it doesn't take more than a few min to change the values on glory rewards.

    Stop lying to us Kabam.
  • BrainimpacterBrainimpacter Posts: 578 ★★★
    edited April 2018
    Kabams Employees/Community Mods could not be anymore patronising if they tried, who do they think they kidding with the talk about it being no more difficult than before, they act as if they know better than us who actually play the game at a very high level, day in, day out, when all they know is what their bosses tell them, they are rather being fed lies or are in on the lies fed to the community.
  • Crilla420Crilla420 Posts: 96
    .50 of a second for purify a stun my character doesn’t react fast enought to hit him and he just blocks it cause the lag. Bleed and poison immune. Unblockable specials after passing 40 strategy charges. Every one of them counters every type of class differently with strategy charges. The more charges he gains the better he fights with a increase in armor and attack. Decrease in crit hits. Speacials cost less to activate them. It’s just special and special and don’t forget these are unblocke able after the 40 statagey charges. I could keep going about it. It’s all there in the charcter description. So please tell me how it didn’t get harder? Also don’t you think this should have waitied till you did a total refresh of aq with the increase in rewards? With how the game is so broken right now instead of fixing it you just drop this on us. I got a suggestion for the next charcter and his abilities. He should just make every champ lose control of his charcter block and spacails don’t work ever. He should have a power gain of 1000%. Regan with 1000% regan in health a second. Ohh I almost forgot come up with some bs for a champ to have some sort of unavoidable damge given by 1000% too.
  • starGORDstarGORD Posts: 3
    To Kabam Mike
    Most of the players are so disappointed from this new AQ .You make us to looks like newbys with Sentinels , spending a lots resource for map5 and for what rewards? I hope you boys and girls from Kabam are jokening and you will fix this soon.l3lksw16hjtw.png.immune to debuff effect with unstoppable sp1 and 2 :smiley:
    Yes this is a joke
  • PennsyltuckyPennsyltucky Posts: 59
    the monotony of AQ has now shifted to a more frustrating monotony. Regen champs/lane clearers have been ruled obsolete by the sentinels. If you look at it through kabam's perspective it makes sense. If you keep dying you spend your resources on potions and revives - which leads those with credit cards/those that spend money on the game to do that generating an income for Kabam. It just doesn't legitimately make sense because we don't have the abilities to constantly rank down and up champs to accommodate the changes, which is great if we didn't have to use the glory for potions and instead can be buying t1 alpha and t4 basic which seem to have disappeared entirely from the game. there is so much more to be said about the illegitimacy of the sentinels and what they have the ability to do to a 5/50 champ, but we all know this is going to fall on deaf ears.
  • So this will probably offend the easily offended people. You can stop reading if that is you. This new “refresh” is a joke. The addition of the sentinels to map 5 without any rank down tokens appears to just be a money grab by kabam. This refresh was accompanied by 5 star shards and catalyst options, all expensive. This whole refresh appears to be a way to insulate the best alliances by making map 5 a money pit for Kabam so that if players want decent rewards, gotta fork over the cash. If that is the purpose than kabam should just make this a pay to play game instead of whatever this is now. I have made several purchases in the past but I started today by deleting all my payment info so no further purchases could be made in those wee hours.
  • I think if we actually stand together as a community and let Kabam know we are not happy with the sentinels at current they might surprise us by making them a bit more manageable, maybe it’s the evade bugs going on right now, maybe it’s an intended mechanic of the new sentinels, I personally can’t tell, usually when you do a light hit intercept at a distance you just hit the air if they don’t dash in, however with the size of the sentinels, even when you are at a distance they can intercept that light hit as if you were too close, I understand if they were to clip you if you dash in but this feels like a bug and I for one would like some clarification as to if it is intended or not, this is especially important if you run the debuff immune lane in map5, if you can’t intercept, and can’t parry and evade isn’t reliable then what are you as a player to do? The sentinels act really defensive and don’t take the bait fast enough when you are baiting specials, for me they refuse to bait to the point that my evade stops working and I end up getting tagged and would like to also know if this is a high priority fix.
  • KuvelLaKuvelLa Posts: 2
    NC is broken and the sentinels need to have the unblockable removed. And they are boring. There’s toooo many. AQ is too difficult now and not very fun.
  • ChosenUnoChosenUno Posts: 5
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    @Kabam Miike I am just tired of your tirany and greediness. This is total ****. Yes you ..ker, It IS more harder! I used 15 precious items in day 4 and I didn't even finished the quest. Never happended before. So YES! It's harder you pos. Why not increasing the damn rewards anyways?? What does it cost you? You were in the position of make changes, make it harder but not for anything else? Damn you all there. I am really really disappointed and tired after all the money I've spent, time, lost jobs because playing this satanic game, lost income by not doing Uber because of playing this game. When someone else get so mad and do the same as in Youtube maybe you will come to senses. Bring the symbiods back!!!! And give like a 100 rank down tickets. Game have changed so much is not even fun anymore. I must thank you because I am about to be free from this satanic game. I'm quiting.
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 858 ★★★
    Mcord117 wrote: »
    They know what they did and they don’t care. If you want to make them care, run free maps and don’t use items till something changes. If we all just keep pushing through, they are right not to care

    We just stopped asking people to revive or heal... just not worth it
  • oskurososkuros Posts: 8
    I'm share the disappointment of all those who wrote before I do.... and only want to say that I'm not happy at all whit the game right now.. those centinels are f.... frustrating .... so dame you kabam !!
  • Kryptic81Kryptic81 Posts: 34
    This is just a way for kabam to increase their profits. I've dumped alot of cash on this game but i'm done filling their pockets. If i'm ko'd in the first section well so be it. If my alliance kicks me because i'm the first one ko'd well so be it. I'll just run eq and sq. And if that becomes to a point where i hate playing well so long kabam thx for wasting my time!
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 697 ★★★★
    The sad thing is the recruitment pool will be dry as there will be far fewer recruits than spots to be filled since hundreds of alliances will have multiple vacancies simulatneously. Many players who have been doing 5x5 will not be happy doing anything less and will leave instead of stepping down to lower maps. Amazing that Kabam doesn't understand or care about the community they are tearing apart.
  • NinjaiXNinjaiX Posts: 40
    Oh @Kabam Miike where are you? The MCOC community needs you!!!
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 3,252 ★★★★★
    Can we please have some elaboration on the statement that Aq is not harder? Mike and DK have both stated that AQ may seem harder at first but that’s just due to it being a change. I’d personally like to say that is utter nonsense. When adaptoids were changed out for symbioids after AQ season 1 I believe it was. Kang was replaced with venom for boss and with him came symbioids. Did you see any sort of response of the community given now? No you didn’t. Perhaps that’s due to time passing and different reactions. But even then, there is a clear difficulty change.

    Saying that Aq is the same difficulty means that sentinels are the same difficulty as symbioids. Adaptoids are the same difficulty as symbioids. Which means when aq changed to season 2, there should have been this same amount of people finding it tough on the first few runs of aq. But there wasn’t. The reason is that Sentinels are NOT the same difficulty as Symbioids and anyone who says they are don’t play the game seriously enough to comment on it.
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