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    Sorry,ignore the above comment. It was meant for bittersteel. Somehow old text still popped up to cause problems before I could realize it.

    I took Proxima because she has a synergy with Corvus that makes him have true strike when he has glaive charges. That means they cancel out autoblock, so Iron man is at a disadvantage. True strike also ignores evade so he’s an evade/autoblock counter.

    Thx. Geez, I need to pay more attention to what different skills do. It’s tough when I only have a few high ranking champs to work with—high ranking as compared to what I have. Lol.
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    Great events, but the difficulty of the event quests should be looked at...
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    The new infinity war event challenge has been the best so far, thanos on uncollected was hard but fun, glad to see you only needed to complete once which again was fair. Well done Kabam more like this would be great!
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    I beat Thanos after practicing a few times. It was frustrating and I still had to use some items but considering the short path and single clear requirement I don't think it was too bad. I disagree with those who think it was fun, but it wasn't the worst ever either.
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    Well this looks................
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    I beat the master quest Thanos I can only imagine how hard the uncollected one is dkh1yiih9wrw.png
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    This was great best monthly quest yet, short and challenging, every month should have the same format.
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    Just about to start 3.2 of Master, liking it so far but Thanos might be painful.

    Props to giving nameless Hype increased power gain and SP2 bias, knocked him down with a 3/30 starlord who was sitting on 2500 health lol.
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    Also, really good for my SW to get regen on the chaos node while proxima got power lock :)
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    You guys really came through on the Thanos fights. I gotta admit, at some points I hated every minute of it, especially on the second Thanos whenever I missed the dex. But when I saw that final KO, all the frustration just vanished. I might've spent a bit more units than I hoped to but it was worth it for the most fun I've had playing this game. I do hope we can go back to the seven paths after this though lol
    The Battleream is in chaos. Thanos has collected all 6 of the Infinity Stones and is about to take on the cosmos. The Avengers are the only one’s standing between Thanos and the total annihilation of The Battlerealm. Will you gather all your strength and fight with The Avengers or will you bend to his will and serve The Mad Titan?


    Two new Champions have entered The Contest to put an end to Thanos’ plans to rebalance the cosmos. The Avengers will need all the upgrades and fire power they can get. Thanos and his children are formidable foes and will stop at nothing to take down The Avengers.

    Captain America might have given up his shield, but thanks to Wakandan technology he has brought his new Vambraces to the fight. Steve Rogers’ new weapons can store kinetic energy and release devastating blows upon his enemies. It is time Captain America emerges from hiding and puts a stop to Thanos’ plans.
    Meanwhile, Tony Stark has been working tirelessly on his Iron Man suit as he prepares for the inevitable attack on The Battlerealm. Tony’s Model 50 suit uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to change form and mass at will, providing extreme adaptability and a wide array of weaponry. Iron Man will need to use all the the tricks up his sleeve to stop The Mad Titan.
    How long does this quest run for?
    This quest will be starting on the 2nd of May at ~10:00AM PST and will run until June 6th at 10:00AM PST. Those attempting Legends runs will have until May 16th to 100% explore both Heroic and Master difficulties.

    I can’t see some of the rewards under “View Rewards” Are they missing?
    No, they’re there! Currently we can’t fit all the rewards in the preview. In Particular, the title on Heroic difficulty cannot be previewed but you will still receive it upon meeting the required criteria.

    How do I get the Legends title associated with Master Difficulty?

    The Legends title and rewards will be given to the 100 players who 100% explore HEROIC AND MASTER difficulties in this Event Quest the fastest. Just like recent Event Quests, this quest will take advantage of the Time Attack system we’ve put in place for our Monthly Quest Legends Program. This means that the players that completely explore Heroic and Master difficulty the fastest within the first 2 weeks of the event being live will win the title. More information on that can be found here:

    In addition to this distinction, these first 100 will receive the following rewards:
    #1-5 - 3x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
    #6-100 - 1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal


    For completing and mastering all of the Beginner quests, you earn:
    4000x Premium Crystal Shards (2x Crystals)
    150x Units
    900x Tier 4 Generic Catalyst Fragments
    2x Generic Tier 1 Catalyst
    2x Generic Tier 2 Catalyst
    15x Tier 3 Generic ISO
    18x Tier 2 Class ISO (3/each class)
    200,000x Infinity Dust
    1x Armored Avenger

    For completing and mastering all of the Normal quests, you earn:
    1x 3-Star Spider - Man (Stark Enhanced)
    5000x Premium Crystal Shards (2.5x Crystals)
    2000x 3-Star Crystal Shards (1x Crystal)
    150x Units
    2700x Tier 4 Generic Catalyst Fragments
    1x Alpha Catalyst
    3x Tier 2 Generic Catalyst
    5x Tier 3 Generic ISO
    7x Tier 4 Generic ISO
    30x Tier 2 Class ISO (5/each class)
    300,000x Infinity Dust
    1x Armored Avenger

    For completing and mastering all of the Heroic quests, you earn:

    4000x Premium Crystal Shards (2x Crystals)
    4000x Premium Crystal Shards (2x Crystals)
    3x Premium Hero Crystals
    1x 3-Star Hero Crystal
    800x 4-Star Crystal Shards (40% of a Crystal)
    1000x 5-Star Crystal Shards (10% of a Crystal)
    150x Units
    x1 Tier 4 Generic Catalyst
    1x Alpha Catalyst
    2x Tier 3 Generic Catalyst
    12x Tier 4 Generic ISO
    30x Tier 3 Class ISO (5/each class)
    400,000x Infinity Dust
    1x Armored Avenger

    For completing and mastering all of the Master quests, you earn:
    3x Premium Hero Crystals
    1x 3-Star Hero Crystal
    6000x 3-Star Crystal Shards (3x Crystals)
    2000x 4-Star Crystal Shards (100% of a Crystal)
    1500x 5-Star Crystal Shards (15% of a Crystal)
    150x Units
    3x Alpha Catalyst
    1x Tier 4 Generic Catalyst
    3600x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments (10% of a Catalyst)
    55x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
    10x 4-Star Signature Stone Crystals
    5x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
    28000x Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragment
    500,000x Infinity Dust
    1x First Avenger

    For completing and mastering all of the Uncollected quests, you earn:
    4020x 4-Star Crystal Shards
    7500x 5-Star Crystal Shards
    2500x 6-Star Crystal Shards
    12000x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragment
    10x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystal
    9000x Tier 5 Generic Catalyst Shard
    1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
    600,000x Infinity Dust

    Take heed Summoner, Thanos is unlike any Champion you have faced before! Summoners that choose to take on the Hard, Master, or Uncollected difficulties will be facing a brand new Thanos, while Summoners that fight in Easy and Normal will face off against the Thanos that you might remember from as the Boss of Act 3.

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    Does this means thw whole day 16th is still considered? Or what time exactly the cut will be?

    "How long does this quest run for?
    This quest will be starting on the 2nd of May at ~10:00AM PST and will run until June 6th at 10:00AM PST. Those attempting Legends runs will have until May 16th to 100% explore both Heroic and Master difficulties."
  • How do I get in to one of these quests? I'm new here but hardcore in to the game now.
  • ZippsZipps Posts: 11
    How do I get in to one of these quests? I'm new here but hardcore in to the game now.

    As far as I know there are available for everyone
  • How About me
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    It's wrong, I got 4000 5* shard from uncollected, 3500 missing????!!!#
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    How are you suppose to hit him when this is all that happens?!?!!!
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    Can't even leave the video because you guys have a file size limit. Such BS how can you claim to want to fix the game but make sure no one can post stuff that shows where the problems are?
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    Thank you for doing the last chapter the way you did it. Uncollected Thanos was a challenge. I put on a 30% Champion Boost 20% Attack Boost 25% Health Boost. I used a team of 5/50 sig 40 Gwenpool, 5/50 Sig 20 Thor, 5/50 sig 60 Stark Spidey, 5/50 sig 50 Blade, and 4/55 Ghost Rider. Took him down with two 40% team revives. I was glad to know that 3.2 was done in one run!
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    Personally I think defeating the Mad Titan should have rewarded us with a 5* Awakening Gem Crystal!
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    Lol stop arguments and bring thanos down, KABAM know this month THANOS is candy,
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    Can someone explain the last Thanos to me. I get him down to below 70% and then without warning hes back to 100% health. Nothing is listed on the tile info that gives any indication of what hes actually capable of. The first one at least it told me things like inverted controls or unstoppable ect.. this one did an auto block and then he was health. A lost of capabilities would be nice.
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    My strategy for Thanos was to do everything else and leave the Master Thanos and the Uncollected Thanos for absolute last, so I could do them back to back. I was going to then practice on Master Thanos and hope that would carry me over to uncollected Thanos.

    I just finished step one of my plan: I've been practicing against Master Thanos for the past few days, using basically 5/50 or 3/45 and going at him until I could beat him without using potions or revives. I finally got him with a team of Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Gwenpool, Archangel, and Nebula, although I cheated at the end and revived SW to finish off the last bit of health on Thanos #2.

    I'm now working on Uncollected, and the practice seems to have paid off. In my very first run I managed to get the first Thanos down to just a tiny stub left without using potions or revives. I've got 14 days left to take him down, and its already clear if I spend potions I will get him. But I'm going to keep practicing to see how far I can get without potions, although I may decide to push past stage 3 of each Thanos with some revives from the stash if it looks like I can't quite get the timing right consistently.

    So my original impression of this boss being a good design because you can practice against him seems to have been true, at least for me. It isn't costing me anything except time to bring him down so far, and because the energy costs are much lower this month I have a lot of time to practice. But there was a huge benefit to practicing dodging specials and getting used to reversed controls on the easier Master mode Thanos.

    One thing that is true for me and I believe is true for a lot people is that practice is not just about hours. I find that I can't just force my way to acquire a skill by just pounding on it enough. What seems to be working for me is practice as my energy refills, but taking breaks in between. And even more: sleeping on it and trying again the next day. I found my performance against Thanos would actually get worse towards the end of the day after so many tries against him, but it would then be a lot better the next day. The practice during the day tended to kick in more the next day. In particular, it seemed like I couldn't track and evade the nightmare projectiles consistently at all on day one and day two, and then suddenly on day three it seemed to me like evading them was dramatically easier.

    Is Thanos a harder fight than, say, Ice Phoenix or Guillotine? Yes. But is the last map harder than the last map in the previous uncollected missions? That's a tricky question to answer. I may end the month finishing uncollected while spending practically nothing, and probably fewer revives than I spent on Guillotine total. In that respect, it might be harder *and* cheaper, and to me that's a great property for uncollected difficulty to have.
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