New Iron man too Overpowered



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    While that is true @Bajjsbwuqjw what is that team then doing for let's say Magik on arc overload then maybe Sabre on Regen mini. Plus whatever nonsense you had to get to that node. Maybe cable before so you can't use an sp and a nc before that. While you have a true solution it is not a practical aw team. I would definitely take killmonger I'm not taking those side kicks.
    9 players close the map and you have to use reserve player co kill 38 with 0

    U need at least winter soldier with u
    Only killmonger willnot kill him

    Only killmonger activates true strike after special intercept and u cant jump on iron man after his specials because he counterattacks immediately
    If u take winter soldier u can first just intercept him and after that u will have true strike forever
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    Get your wallets ready gents

    The biggest thin this shows, and something the poster didn't even mention, was he still has armor when fate sealed.

    Fateseal can’t stop passive armour. Kabam did this so mystic champs can’t counter him.
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    Wow he seems totally BS.

    It seems that the answer against IWIM is Iron Fist.
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    Cosmic spider can put on him huge armor break stacks for long time
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    Yeah he could work but good luck trying to parry IM. Maybe Classic Spidey would work as well. too bad he is in most cases busy on defense.
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    This has nearly 10k views :joy:
    Just use Karnak
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