Special one and two keep getting blocked!



  • Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 424 ★★
    My champs are getting blocked on special attacks specially in AW and in the Champions clash. In the other modes it happens on and off. Is started happening since august. I don't even use specials anymore. I have android moto g4 and now on moto g6 phones. I have submitted the bugs to Kabam but the only thing they do is close the ticket without any further communication.

    I just got a Moto g 6.

    And it's happening all the time
  • DemitriMDemitriM Posts: 303
    PureRage13 wrote: »
    I've only noticed this with specific characters. Superior Iron Man, Ms. Marvel and Doctor Voodoo. After the 18.0 update I also noticed this happening with Hulk's L1.

    exactly,only with these heroes I sometimes fail to combine,classic iron mas as well
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 877 ★★★
    oh yeah I've been having this problem with a fair few champions... mostly with Thor (Ragnarok)... it might be cause of his shallow dash but I doubt it cause I've been unable to consistently chain on specials even with seemingly perfect timing...
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    The worst trouble I have with specials is that sometimes I tap the button to launch my SP and my character doesn't fire his special until like 1 second later and that's enough time for my opponent to block my special
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 423 ★★

    Hey All,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is something that the team has already been looking into, but if you can tell us what Champions you see this occur with, where you're seeing it (mode/quest, etc.), and who you're fighting against, that would be very helpful!

    Thank you!

    Happening with Ghost in war mainly and against everyone
  • BikemcBikemc Posts: 8
    It is all champs in all modes and it’s getting ridiculous.
  • FatherSuperiorFatherSuperior Posts: 6
    KM Sp2 is constantly blocked and I’ve had numerous champs have their specials blocked after this past Tuesday’s update. Domino SP2, others champions too many to name while I’ve been grinding arena and during AQ. Playing on IPhone 8plus
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