Mass Exodus?

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*Disclaimer: First let me be clear, this is not a KABAM complaint post. They know about the problems already and I do believe that they are working on a fix.*

As a leader of an Alliance that is part of a family of Alliances, I have noticed a disturbing trend that I am curious whether it is limited to ourselves and those other Alliances we have befriended on Line app or if it is a global occurrence. We are suddenly losing many long time players who are completely leaving the game.

Most common reasons are:

• The current state of the game has bugs that make winning impossible.

• They have removed revives and heals from AQ rewards making it so that you must spend to win.

• Why spend time and money on Champions or Masteries when you know that if you get good Kabam will soon be nerfing them.

• The constant grind in arena (required to get the resources to be competitive in the game) is just to much.

Now I know that people leave the game or just switch alliances. This is a fact of life in gaming but this seems to suddenly be a daily occurrence where players are either leaving or stating that they are seriously considering leaving the game completely. Is this happening to you all as well or are we just having a run of bad luck? And if it is, how are your alliances handling the constant revolving door of losing members and trying to recruit competent active replacements? Do you think once KABAM fixes the bugs things will calm back down or is this the new norm?


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    No one has left yet but this is a daily topic of conversation in our line groups
  • I just quit the game myself, I wanted to see if it was just me having these issues before I left, and it isn't, it's across the board and for kabam to no issue anything for their mistakes is rediculous! All they have to do is say whoops we made it too hard and also there are a ton of bugs, we know about it and we are fixing it, but until then here are some potions.... I'd have stayed if they would have done that, but the fact is they are enjoying every penny spent on their "mistakes" I mean why fix it as long as everyone spends....#boycottkabam!
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    The mood in our alliances is generally still OK, but we generally are not at the top tier. The top ally fights AW usually between tiers 2-4 and runs AQ 5x5. The leadership really does try to control item use for AQ and AW - if people start having to drop items they dial it back and change it up. That helps ease pressure. AQ is still rough on days 4 and 5 but in general we're doing all right.

    A lot of "frustration" I think can come from expectations of always being at the top.

    So I'd expect top allys are seeing people pack up and go. Because the quality of the game is definitely a problem for even map 5 runs. (That evade bug ... grrrr.) I couldn't fathom expecting wins at AQ map 6 or tier 1 AW at the moment.
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    I just quit the game myself, I wanted to see if it was just me having these issues before I left, and it isn't, it's across the board and for kabam to no issue anything for their mistakes is rediculous! All they have to do is say whoops we made it too hard and also there are a ton of bugs, we know about it and we are fixing it, but until then here are some potions.... I'd have stayed if they would have done that, but the fact is they are enjoying every penny spent on their "mistakes" I mean why fix it as long as everyone spends....#boycottkabam!

    I can understand your anger towards Kabam, but they do not make you spend. Your (not you specifically) desire to be at the top is what makes you spend. Alliances do NOT have to run Map6 (or Map5 for that matter), but they do. Those maps are going to cost revives and potions currently.
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    It's not just you bro. We've lost a ton of players who have quit completely and dropped off the radar. Many others are still talking about it daily.

    One of my real life friends in a different alliance lost literally half his entire alliance. They had to merge with another alliance who had the same issue.

    The game is in a dire state and the "glory days" are well and truly gone.
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    Arena aside, the time requirements are starting to be too much. I'm burned out. You have to play AQ to get the rewards necessary to advance in this game, and the 1-hour timer makes AQ incredibly demanding. This is the source of my frustration and probably what will drive me away from the game. When the 30-minute timer is running, I don't have a problem grinding arena or any of the other things that are going on. With the 1-hour timer, I have to plan certain times of day that I can log on. It sucks.
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    We have had quite a few people leave as well. I think it is a combination of a lot of things but the combo of bugs and the introduction of Transformers seemed to cause a big spike in multiple of our long time members leaving the game.
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    I bet they can revive the player base and spending by doing 2 simple things:

    - Make AQ and AW timers 30 minutes permanently.

    - Delete the absolute garbage champions in the 5* crystal, and grant us the useful ones. Who the hell wants to play this game when it takes 2 months to save for a 5* champ to get ant man, iron patriot or magneto over and over again.
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    Ofc ppl are leaving, look at the track record since 12 and the boycott. AI got twice as fast, potions and revives removed from milestones, double dash gone, pure skill busted, parry busted. It goes on, stuff that was working before now isn't (looking at you, now miserable and pathetic shadow of omce self Karnak) and there's not tangable to give you and hope othet that team is looking into it and we think we have a fix. I wont be spending anything and prob no one will in my alliance as well until we feel glad spending on a game instead of feeling extorted oit of our money. Now excuse me, I'm gonna go await my inevitable ban because my opinion isn't to Kabam HQ liking.
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    This weekend was my first time I wanted to walk away. It's getting closer and closer to me taking that step back. I still enjoy some parts of the game, but the drag that has become AQ with poor lag and bugs that just eat you alive. This week will be telling for many long time players as you can expect 15-30 Mordo's in every AW which should be fun. Just getting to that boiling point. Low returns on crystals, pulling the same champ over and over again from your 4* and generally not having much to look forward to.
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    Oh look they just put out more offers again...

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    'bugs' were told to believe, but anything that benefits players, is fixed within hours.
    money-grabs at every turn, making the game harder & COST MORE Units, health, time, energy.
    revives 4 free are extinct, but glitches & regen issues, cause more deaths & i grind like a mad man, to struggle affording the units required, just to finish war & AQ.

    I DAYDREAM OF DELETING CHAMPS & assuming the life i had 2 years ago, before MCOC. I wish i never picked up this addictive grief riddled, time consuming, money pit....

    but like a sucker, i am gambling on false HOPE that the bugs will eventually be fixed.
    U may just catch that desired champ in next pull.
    those t4cc's will be whole soon.

    & RANK DOWN TICKETS will be availible again & I can change what i dont like in my roster.

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    This is a discussion daily in our line chat group. Most important reason is state of game . Bugs , crashing , freezing all that . In my alliance nobody wants to leave but if this keeps happening we will be left with no choice. Waiting for next update and hope they sort it out
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    I didn't even buy the 99¢ offer with the 3* crystal. I know I'll end up quitting the game again and there is no point to spending money on it. I walked out after the perfect block nerf and finally returned to the game after several months. Now I realize how far behind I am and how far away that first 5/50 4* still is. Hope Injustice 2 can get better as I'll be looking for a new game soon and it won't be a Kabam game.
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    They need to fix it quick or it will crumble. Having people talk about retiring every day. The game is just too much right now. The bugs and the added aq time needed for map5. The list goes on, but I don't even want to waste my time making a long list in the forums anymore lol. I keep hoping for things to be made right, but that won't happen.
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    I am one of those people who used to buy there offers and used to feel good gettiing ahead of others but now I joined a low tier ally. And they treat me like some super powerful dude lol and I have no intentions of growing as you can't fight your way through bosses of over 100k health and crazy boosted nodes with a not working evade, sometimes working parry, a game u don't know when it's gonna crash and u will lose half of your health and opponent will be back at full and God knows wt else...kabam you planned to piss people off and congrats you got me atleast ..sometimes I wonder if can get back all the money that I ever spent on this game but mistake were made but won't repeat them for sure
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    There are so many people leaving the game right now it's crazy. The amount of top tier alliances breaking up because people are leaving faster than they can recruit is staggering. I made a post:
    asking them to remove the blackout period or change it in a way that it doesn't result in more people leaving because they are stuck in a constant state of reward blackout. Got the usual "no plans at this time" response.
    The game has been in a really really bad state since v12.0 it was better for a while, but has been in nose dive since that glimmer of light was shined.
    In the 5k+ prestige chats I'm seeing so many looking for 5+ players, or multiple BG mergers. My previous alliance tag LOOK had 21 people leave after last AQ! Luckily the 9 of us who remained found an alliance that had lost an entire BG so it was a good merger, but we are stuck in blackout and just hoping things work out in this alli...
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    We survived 12.0 without any losses. Had 4 leave in the last couple weeks and the story the same every time. Thinking about taking a break for a while(since 12.0) and with the bugs seems like a good time. Check their profiles and sure enough they haven't joined up somewhere else. They've just gone inactive. These are pay players too with decent accounts, r4s and 300k+ total rating.
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    The blackout period needs to go away this was for alliance jumping for better rewards. You can't do this anymore so no point to have it.
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    Draco2199 wrote: »
    The blackout period needs to go away this was for alliance jumping for better rewards. You can't do this anymore so no point to have it.

    It's been addressed and kabams stance is the lockout was for more then just alliance swapping prevention. I agree with you

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    I'm guessing a lot of people are hyper focused on the negatives and regularly espousing their beliefs and hardships, joking about it and keeping it front and center. At some point continuing with this behavior will drag everyone down and create uncertainty which is not the type of environment people want to participate in and it certainly doesn't foster a healthy group.

    Promote a positive environment if you want positive results and don't dwell on past and present negatives. This can be hard though, good luck.

    "Being positive is like going up a mountain. Being negative is like sliding down a hill. A lot of times, people want to take the easy way out, because it's basically what they've understood throughout their lives."
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    Our ally has faced players leaving and/or take a break from the competitive aspects of game in a vacation ally.

    I recently took a break from the competitive side of the game and it was great doing what I wanted when I logged into the game. Got alot of questing done, grinded arena only for milestones. Chasing the coveted CT4 rank reward in AQ is tiresome as the cutoff keeps increasing. When you get a run of only CT4 shards and basic rank rewards, then AQ becomes tedious and its too repetitive. It also hinders ranking certain champs (if you get them at all) to boost prestige when that happens as that bs system is still intact.
    Others left from being burned by nerfing champions that they invested time and money in. Others got burned out by MCOC's repetitive gameplay.
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    I try not to comment on trolling but just to be clear our alliance tries to always be uplifting to each other but you can't ignore a lion that's in the room when players are constantly stating that they are dying because of glitches and bugs in the game you try and tell him hey there working on them to get them fixed but when it starts affecting those players wallets they start to get upset and eventually you're being positive by yourself in an empty Alliance
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    I'm in an alliance that runs maps 66555 in aq. I haven't once had to spend an item in aq since I joined this alliance. There's opportunities to earn revives on other maps if needed as well as SA. Glory can be used to purchase aq potions. I get that people hate the bugs, but if you're skilled the bugs don't affect you too much. I haven't had any problems with evade issues except on dormamu in aq. I liked the nerfs that were made because some champs were too powerful. I still enjoy this game as much as I did before patch 12.0. If you're a skilled player the bigs barely affect you. Most players in my alliance don't spend items in aq and we spend if we want to in aw. If you can't keep up with 5x5, go find a different alliance
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    I get that I really do but the question was not how good are you. The question was are alliances losing a lot of players because of the problems with the game right now and how are you handling it.
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    I don't have a problem with the game in its state. Most players in alliances I've been in since 12.0 have joined more relaxed alliances due to irl things such as work and family. I was addressing that some people leave because content got harder with bugs and they don't want to invest anymore in this game because of it. Most people in my alliance don't have this issue
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