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  • As said earlier that this string issue will b fixed bt it is not yet fixed and it troubles m too much.rmr0xpjunhtx.png
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    Usually it's simply caused by a poor connection to the server for numerous reasons. Restart when it happens and it almost always clears up.
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    I think you are an Indian and u know indian network connection its network problem ,trying to connect n number of times to server cause that problem i face that too bro
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    Bro I am using WiFi and have 2mbps speed
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    rj7896 wrote: »
    Bro I am using WiFi and have 2mbps speed

    wow... that's fast. ;)
    (I apologize for the sarcasm...)

    That being said: I had the same issue for a short while yesterday, after I restarted the App and connected to my wifi (only 100 mbps) instead of cellular everything was fine again.
  • Kabam. Your bug fixes created Bugs.. ip761m5t325w.png
  • I opened my game today and it looked like this almost everywhere. Its really anoyinggzte32st3dvi.png
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    It’s a problem that happens every now and then. Shutdown and restart game and it should return to normal.
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    Ok I know you are already aware of the problem, but it is getting progressively worse. Rebooting device, exiting and launching the game over and over and again is getting painful.

    Being in a fight and the buff/debuffs being variables is making the game harder to play.

    Variables in inventory making it impossible to tell how many and of what items we have so we know what to sell.

    Can't see what exactly the nodes are you going up against because the node descriptions are variable names.

    It's like pRNG is deciding do we show the variable or the value and most of the time it is no.

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    Hi. So the problem appears to be in the refresh rate. When I use my phone hotspot no ID error, but home wifi it does.
    Homes are set up to manage large amounts of data with buffering embedded to allow streaming, up and downloading. Phones are use to many smaller data packages that constantly update apps and interactive data.
    Idk if theres a router setting to change at home, but there should be a way to update the code to allow but types of connection types.

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    It doesn't matter if you are on wifi or mobile data, it just happens constantly, it's worse now then ever before.
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    Very informative...
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    Same problem here. It is getting worse the last few weeks. I am using a iphone8.
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