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Game down? [Merged Treads]



  • Woz22Woz22 Posts: 57
    its back for how long ?
  • HarvesterSorr0wHarvesterSorr0w Posts: 112

    Kamr05 wrote: »
    "Cut off one head, two more shall take its place" They don't rectify issues they just create more.



  • Game is always down it is a joke. About time to find a new game to play. A game that has good customer service and not just generic response.
    axelelf_1 wrote: »
    But guys please stop giving Kabam a hard time with this, with the over heating issue, the need for compensation, and the recently frequent server outages they have a lot on their plate to deal with.

    If I go to a restaurant and pay premium money but get terrible service and bad food, should they be excused because they "have a lot on their plate to deal with"? No. In no other business does this make sense.

    Huge difference here 1. Coding is way trickier then that and 2. You don't have to pay premium money on this game.
  • UlysseOdysseus75UlysseOdysseus75 Posts: 188
    I hope they will fix it before Heimdall's arena is coming or I'm gonna be really angry !

  • Redback8uRedback8u Posts: 25
    edited August 2018
    My AQ champions Health
    Additional time to use my AQ energy
    Additional time to use my quest energy
    Etc etc

    I don’t get any of the above once again because I worked all day. Now I try to play before sleep - server dies again. Need to sleep cant stay up hoping it will work again.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and be booted from Alliance for not using energy before I go absent for hours to sleep.
  • CovaMachineCovaMachine Posts: 16
    At least fix the defeat we received in the WINS, or in fights that have not yet happen. I just lost my x3 in versus.
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    It’s back up
  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    Tfw a multi million dollar company cannot keep its servers running for a full 24 hours. Y'all are cheap and pathetic. Its just sad. Upgrade your servers.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    You are complaining that you can’t be a top tier player when you have a real life and aren’t either a retired billionaire or a spoiled kid living off his parents success?

    I would say legitimately good for you. (If you’re getting too stressed, just drop the ally and the game becomes much more enjoyable. You won’t get a ton of rewards, sure, but it will be more fun)
  • Y2kCruiserY2kCruiser Posts: 22
    Kabam, Why all the time Emergency Maintenance, Can't you guys inform via mail or via Trucos or via Concierge

    It is really getting difficult to play the game (Story, Events, Arenas, AQ and AW)

    Health is getting half every time without even taking a single hit damage.

    And because of that we are not able to Finish Map 5 AQs, same happens in War.

    If it is a case of Maintenance then do not cut the health of Champs in Half and provide extra time to finish AQ and AW, that will be a great help

    Please consider this request.


  • Ortem420Ortem420 Posts: 76
    It's as easy as focusing on fixing what is broken right now, and adding to it less frequently. Making events run a bit longer so they can have time to test the new updates and have less bugs in the game before they add anoother update with a ton more bugs cuz they didn't have enough testing time.
    That's how the game is going to die. Update after update of bugs and bugs and bugs until they eat their way throught the whole program and it becomes infected beyond repair
  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 881 ★★★
    The reason they don't tell us what's wrong, is because they shouldn't give specifics about their infrastructure and vulnerabilities. It's a standard.
  • 19.1 update is overheating the servers
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,254 ★★★★★
    Game back up for me guys. Get on quick before it goes back down!
  • LysiszeroLysiszero Posts: 296
    They use Google servers. They don't have there own server banks. But Google has updates to there hardware all the time. Unfortunately for the game to be compatible on the servers it has to be updated frequently. Kabam has missed that memo 3 years straight.
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,043 ★★★★★
    Jmd82 wrote: »
    What a piss take how many times this week. You going for a new record or something

    I think this is #6
  • LysiszeroLysiszero Posts: 296
    I was going to push for 3.7mil in killmonger arena but with all the outages I'm sure I'm safe at 2.3 mil.
  • Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 772 ★★★
    edited August 2018
    Is the game down again? Or is it actually my connection for once?
  • GK_23GK_23 Posts: 282 ★★★
    Must be mine too (eye roll)
  • IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
    I'm having trouble
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