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Where is the summoner appreciation package [Merged Threads]



  • Smitty138Smitty138 Posts: 104
    Still haven't gotten mine..
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    Still nothing.
  • Kampoe88Kampoe88 Posts: 5
    edited August 2018
    We just gone get a messege saying sorry we working on it but f**k you Guys its weekend see ya all monday
  • no apreciated. :(
    i me fell a clown, dispending time here again.
  • BK_1BK_1 Posts: 145
    1 hour to go until 12:00AM PDT and still nothing.
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    Still nothing. 2 supposed fixes and nothing. Awesome.....
  • @Kabam Miike I have restarted many times and still have not received anything how would we get it? Would it be through the mail box again?
  • Dmo1973Dmo1973 Posts: 43
    13+ hours in now, several hours since the last update, and still nothing.

    Really disheartening to see Kabam continue to treat the community so poorly.
    Is this Kabam showing us their ACTUAL level of appreciation for the players?
  • The game was refreshed again, but never received a gift. What's happening? What to do? It's harder to celebrate the day!
  • NastyJ74NastyJ74 Posts: 26
    edited August 2018
    I'm on an iPhone had to put up with my phone having to turn itself several times a day and still waiting to receive compensation. Such a joke.
  • CptMuffinCptMuffin Posts: 85
    My in game name is CptMuffin... just got the crystal in the mail. No choice of offers. Restarted several times today. Hopefully works itself out tomorrow but if not I guess it’s ok too? My interest has been waning anyways.
  • PHILLYB781MAPHILLYB781MA Posts: 41
    I just signed on and didn't get mail but was able to choose a gift right away, it's 436am eastern time were I am...check to see if you got it guys cause I was having the same problem all day
  • JiNTarkanJiNTarkan Posts: 22
    I still have not received the gift IGN JiNTarkan...it is so unfair
  • A gift came to me. Thank you!
  • HollowbornHollowborn Posts: 345
    Thank you @Kabam Miike
  • FrnkieloFrnkielo Posts: 311 ★★
    Even more bugs and nonsense from kabam..what’s new ...same old story..garbage
  • NuclekerrNuclekerr Posts: 194
    Still missing gift, restarted app multiple times.
  • Vegeta9000Vegeta9000 Posts: 204 ★★
    When your game is so bad you need compensation for your compensation.
  • SwappydooSwappydoo Posts: 21
    I got my gift this morning. Thanks for getting this fixed.
  • jlamadisonjlamadison Posts: 274
    Opened the game this morning and it popped up
  • SilentSavagesSilentSavages Posts: 5
    Patience people. I too was frustrated, but like @jlamadison mine popped up this morning when I opened the game.
  • Jdub1250Jdub1250 Posts: 38
    Finally got mine too
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