To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.
**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

We'll fixing an issue with the Side Quests where all difficulties had the same Selector rewards.

We've fixed the Selectors in Threat Levels 4, 3, 2 and 1 to no longer contain rewards for Progression levels above the target audience.

Threat Level 4 rewards cap out at Thronebreaker
Threat Level 3 caps out at Cavalier
Threat Level 2 caps out at Uncollected
And Threat Level 1 has rewards for Proven

Where is the summoner appreciation package [Merged Threads]

BK_1BK_1 Posts: 145
edited August 2018 in General Discussion
Got the crystal. But there was no package I could choose. Restarted the game twice and still nothing. Please help @Kabam Miike

**MOD EDIT** This is a known issue and we are working to resolve the error and have the gift packages sent out today. For more information see our announcement thread.
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  • KingsumKingsum Posts: 62
    They said you can claim some package such as AQ,AW arena and some other rewards,
    How do you claim it and when do we get our 1k 5* shards?
  • DRTODRTO Posts: 1,560 ★★★★
    I too was wondering that
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Yeah can’t see Any options, didn’t it say as soon as it starts you could choose
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    There's nothing there but a crystal no shards no units no nothing
  • KingsumKingsum Posts: 62
  • XXGhost_RiderXXXXGhost_RiderXX Posts: 240 ★★★
    I am very confused!
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,895 ★★★★★
    It says at the bottom of the in-game mail to choose your gift at the bottom. But it doesn't appear only the crystal
  • Player9876Player9876 Posts: 32
    Yup. Coming to ask the same thing. No possible way there was some kind of error made. That’s such a rarity in this game.
  • Aleks112358Aleks112358 Posts: 51
    Same problem here
  • XXGhost_RiderXXXXGhost_RiderXX Posts: 240 ★★★
    Where’s the shards, units, potions and revives!?
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    That's the real gift nothing more jokes on us
  • Bdavis_2017Bdavis_2017 Posts: 245
    Leave it to Kabam to screw up “compensation” lol
  • boss0600boss0600 Posts: 76
    @""Kabam Miike"
  • XXGhost_RiderXXXXGhost_RiderXX Posts: 240 ★★★
    I was planning on doing 5.2.6! I needed those units and revives!
  • KingsumKingsum Posts: 62
    I was planning on doing 5.2.6! I needed those units and revives!
    Good luck you will need it collector is op lol
  • DRTODRTO Posts: 1,560 ★★★★
  • CazathuulCazathuul Posts: 57
    Some of the emails apparantly only included the 7 hour crystal and not the gift. On my main account I only got the crystal, my other account got both.
  • KingsumKingsum Posts: 62
  • KyleMKyleM Posts: 129
    Only got crystal kabamed with compensation for being kabamed this is a most kabam thing to date
  • FineDogFineDog Posts: 403 ★★★
    Yeah I also got just the 7hr crystal. The message says pick your reward below and there are no options and no way to pick anything.
  • BrainimpacterBrainimpacter Posts: 578 ★★★
    I had a present and crystal in the message i pressed claim to get crystal and now present vanished so cant pick my bundle set
  • Aleks112358Aleks112358 Posts: 51
    I was planning on doing 5.2.6! I needed those units and revives!

    I just beat the collector. I can give you some advice. Patience. Is. Key. You will not 1 shot him. In my best fight i managed 30 hits. You will need quite a few revives.
  • Only got one of the two boxes. Come on dont mess the compensation at least.
  • Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
    no package to choose from. Kabam couldn't even get the compensation gift right without a bug happening. Unbelievable.
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
    This seems to be a problem for some, but not for others. I too got the email, but wasn't able to choose a gift. Someone in my alliance, though, is.
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,859 ★★★★
    I hit claim in the in-game message and the option to choose came up immediately
  • Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 786 ★★★★
    @Kabam Miike can you look into this not every summoner is getting the option to choose our gift
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