Mass lag, overheat, battery drain [Merged Threads]



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    Mishman07Mishman07 Posts: 52
    Kabam replied: That is a performance related issue, and one that we have been working on improving. So while there is no fix to address specifically devices heating up, we have worked on performance that should help with a number of performance issues.

    My answer is: Instead of asking our device details, please provide your device details, on which you test your updates, we will purchase that device for playing this game.
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    cookiedealercookiedealer Posts: 260 ★★
    Device: Le Max 2.

    Lags very frequently in arena, crystal section.
    Lags periodically in all other sections, including fights. Never had this problem before the update
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    PaulfPaulf Posts: 11
    Please Kabam sort this out asap enjoyment has gone it's not about the compensation I ain't interested in that I just want you to get it correct and the game to be enjoyable again please consider the players and not the amount of $$$ you're earning each month this is the worse update you've brought out since I started playing 18 month age
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    In-Game Name: Shubhrayu 01
    Device: Asus ZenFone Max
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi - both
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: ALL modes, but most noticeable in Crystal screen, Arena, Champions screen, and Quests, extreme lag now, arena fights halt for 2-3 seconds than speed back up, Crystal menu Virtually unusable have to restart the game numerous times just to claim and open crystals. Quest tile movement lags takes 5 seconds to move to next tile. This is all new for my device i want to play the game but it's frustrating.AW is horrible how can someone play with these kind of lag.ve0d9h43ms06.jpg
    game is so lagging I can take so many screenshots.hope you understand our concern...
    Thank you
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    MagonusMagonus Posts: 521 ★★★
    Anyone else experiencing this? I am finding the "Loading" screens taking ~twice as long as normal to complete and clicking on menus and navigating in general noticeably slower that v19. Actual game-play (fighting) seems decent but everything else is much slower. Thanks.
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    DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 21,262 ★★★★★
    Prepare to have this thread merged.
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    Matt1985Matt1985 Posts: 51
    My phone is freezing in fights again!!!
    Its doing the exact same thing it was on 19.1!!!
    @Kabam Sophia
    Galaxy s6 active
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    GivMeABeerGivMeABeer Posts: 202 ★★
    Update: post 20.0.1 intstall
    Iphone 8
    IOS 11.4.1
    Verizon (US, EST)
    Wifi & Cellular
    MCOC 20.0.1
    Any game mode and load screens for crystals/champs list ect
    No Boosts
    Once something has loaded whether it's a fight, new screen ect the game lags for several seconds. Before 20.0.1 it was 3-5 seconds. After 20.0.1 it is down to 1-2 seconds but it still has issues. No freezing or overheating issues, at least not yet.
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    SuvenduSuvendu Posts: 177
    1. When selecting champs for fighting in arena game is freezing.. all champs in my roster is blank in picture then loading one by one then after a while freezing is over...

    2. Ehen ever a fight starts its lagging.. frame by frame lag... after few seconds laggings getting over.

    Last days update it fixed screen freezing at crystals tab alittle but still its lagging sometimes ehen claiming crystals..

    Please fix these.. i cant even play arena well..
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    What’s with the new update’s lag?!
    #lag #meme #workingasintended

    iPhone 6s: latest update.
    Game: latest update
    Issues: crystal vault lag, losing arena’s streak/losing easy battles in arena, a lag in questing & AW, blackout, overheating & severe battery drain.
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    This issue of overheating had not been resolved. My iPhone continues to overheat. I have to shut down or even worse put the phone in the freezer so I can continue which I believe is just rediculous.
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    I'm sure you guys are working diligently or at least I hope you are but ever since 20.0 there has been extreme lag in the fights and in any loading operation... For example when you click on to Crystal's it takes nearly 5 minutes before you can even scroll up or down! I mean what gives is this just an Android problem it appears to be as I have friends who play on iPhones but if it continues like this I guess I will have to quit the game until y'all can completely fix it. I believe you all may be putting too much content into two little server space
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    Device Operating System: 11.4.1

    Mobile Carrier: No

    WiFi Only

    Game Version 20.0

    Latest update

    Device gets hot after a few minutes of play, lag at the start of fights. I was expecting to test MD on all level from 1 to 5. But its locked so can not really carry out test on different mystic champions. Its good that support could test all level of MD and we can only test 1 level before its reset. I do have MD at level 5 its a pity I can not test as it is now locked. I was expecting to carry out test on different mastery builds with MD at different level. But thats in the bin now.

    Will reduce my game time as device gets hot

    Members/players play safe


    Game Version 20.01

    The MD testing on different mastery builds with MD at different level. has been resolved. But felt i should keep in my log

    I can confirm after several hours in all game modes that the lag overheating and network alerts are still a ongoing issue

    Expect to lose in fights to AI and arena in your match

    I think the latest update has failed

    will update soon but don't expect any changes to a unstable game

    Comments please
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    BraderSawBraderSaw Posts: 76
    Yeah me too I gotting lagging and overheating about issue?!! I want fix this game
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    ios is still experiencing extreme battery overheating and drainage. and experiencing their champions not moving in fights.. or even moving on their own while blocking. and blocks and swipes and intercepts not registering. and special button will not work. the game is completely broken in every mode.. cant play arena or it will fry your battery in 5 fights.
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    Thanks to those who have been giving the info requested in the forum bug report template! For those who haven't, could you provide the info that is requested in the template? This could provide us with some valuable data.

    Additionally, we have a few follow-up questions for those who may have this info and may have not listed it yet:
    -For those who have been reporting lag, could you let us know where specifically it has been occurring? Is it in fights, particular game modes, or particular menus?
    -For those reporting long loading screens, could you tell us if these are occurring in particular places? Is it only when opening the game or is it when loading particular fights or menus?
    -When did you notice the reported issue started occurring?

    Thanks again for those who have already provided all of this info! It can be a huge help throughout this process.

    -switching between menus
    -at the start of the fight
    -at the middle of the fight
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    Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Really laggy on and off today only an issue with kabam and mcoc
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    JohnRebel0JohnRebel0 Posts: 2
    My Phone is a Sony F3311. Android 6.0. Super laggy when a fight starts. When crystals screen opens the same occurs. Those are the main problems.
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    Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    Moto E4 plus
    Cellular data

    Lags in the opening
    Lags when moving
    Lags when checking defense and trying to move them
    Lags when moving in quests and slow loading
    Getting disconnected
    Game quits in background
    Lag before dialogue
    Lag opening the events page to collect my rewards

    It is only happening with this game everything else is working fine including other more demanding games
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    is just me or the EQ is lagging worst every day?
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    Evil_Monkey88Evil_Monkey88 Posts: 125
    Lenovo k6 power
    Android 7.0
    Cellular data

    After each fight across all modes, i have to stare at the loading screen for atleast 1 minute, the game is even lagging while going through the map on any quest. You've screwed up the game, don't add new stuff every month if you can't stabilize the game properly. And whenever I submit a ticket, your only response is that my phone is too slow and that i need to upgrade, I've already upgrades from a 1 gb ram to 3gb ram phone in 2017 and have been using this device since then. Can't buy a new phone every year.
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    BraderSawBraderSaw Posts: 76
    I opened phc I spin out then is LAGGING and Overheating!!!!! :s:s
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    Drummer16Drummer16 Posts: 324 ★★
    Massive FPS drops (I could run a projector with my hands faster than the framerate I get) during fights, quest maps, menus, everywhere. Load times take longer and longer the longer the app is open/more fights I play until the game eventually just crashes t desktop.

    It's unplayable to the point I that I don't think I can play seasons unless this is fixed.

    ios 8.4.2

    @Kabam Zibiit....this is some sort of memory leak/resource unloading issue. I can prove it. I have crash reports from when the game actually crashes an I check my phone memory during the lag and it's fully maxed out.
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    FenrizulvFenrizulv Posts: 13
    TN_JED wrote: »
    What ever you guys (kabam) have been doing server side has made a change... Step in the right direction so I feel you've made some progress but still a long way to go.
    I'm not lagging as bad or as often, it's no longer continually but it's still there quite a bit and very noticeable.
    I have also noticed it's not chewing up RAM like it was but still using more than normal.
    Many of us are loosing out on valuable prizes, hero CRYSTALS AND other rewards not available due to us not being able to play normally if at all.
    How about a reward SHWAG bag for those of us reporting severe issues or the bones who have submitted trouble tickets pertaining to these issues. At least it would be a step in the right direction to making our losses actually count. Some suggestions...
    Rank down tickets
    4* or 5* CRYSTALS
    T4 cat CRYSTALS
    Awakening gems
    Some stuff equal to the massive headache and loss so many loyal, money spending players have been forced to endure.
    Those of us that play daily to in order to achieve the things needed to grow and better our accounts are greatly suffering through all this...
    I'm sure kabam and all of us experiencing this ordeal can agree that a major shwag bag costs kabam nothing and would greatly apeease those suffering and make all this a little more bearable... Just my 2¢

    No need those mentioned above. Just need a fix!!
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    vikasjoshi9617vikasjoshi9617 Posts: 49
    edited September 2018
    New update, new quests, new champs but same old story with bugs, overheating, crashes.

    1. Some champs are not able to land special attack after 5 hit combo successfully.
    2. Game crashes were not frequent pre 16.0 but after that every update has this issue. Each update post 16.0 made crashing worst.
    3. There should be a limit to graphics enhancement. Most members run this app on average Android phones than high end androids or iOS. Most of them won't be able to handle the app in future.
    4. Over heating is one more issue. It happens on Android as well.
    5. Finally what's wrong with connection issue warning message while in game? Get rid of it asap.

    I use Moto G5+ with Snapdragon 625, 4GB running Android 7.1. Hope this will help you improve while doing test.
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    BraderSawBraderSaw Posts: 76
    I nearly got captain america iw from phc today because kabam I got lagging behind my phone
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