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Mass lag, overheat, battery drain [Merged Threads]



  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    iPhone SE
    Current iOS

    My phone has been running hot soon after starting this game ever since early July. The issues got a little better (but not gone) when you pushed a fix (without an update) for the heating issue. WIth this latest 20.0 update, the heating issue is worse than it's ever been. The game will drain the battery completely in under 90 minutes.
  • What’s with the new update’s lag?!
    #lag #meme #workingasintended
  • FenrizulvFenrizulv Posts: 13
    phone: HTC One M8
    android: 7
    Lagging in crystal vault/arena team select etc.
    An update came few hrs ago but that didn't help more than 10 minutes!
    please fix this
  • With the new update, on my Android device the game lags bad at beginning of fights. Been able to get through most of it but in war was to much to recover on mini boss node 52. It froze on me in begining of fight and I could not recover from lag. This issue has me not liking this game for the first time since I began. Now I don't want to play, but I am an avid player on daily and love my account. I hope this issue has a resolve soon. I can deal with loosing in fair game but not loosing with these issues. Please look into this issue and if there is a quick fix please notify me asap. I won't give up on the contest but I won't be happy till this issue is resolved. I do want to say I really do love what you are trying to do for us, and overall I love this product but I do hope to resolve this issue. It is very stressful. Thank you.
  • J0hnnyM78J0hnnyM78 Posts: 5
    Dear Kabam,

    It is not possible that every time lunch an update we encountered a lot of problems.
    The lag issue occurs this time is very very frustrating for game experience.
    I hope that solve this problem ASAP.

    Best regards
  • King363672King363672 Posts: 403 ★★★
    Lenovo k6 note
    Android version : Nougat
    Problem: heating and battery draining
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    So far I've got:
    • Black-outs (screen turns black but music continues)
    • Freezing
    • Overheating shutdowns
    • Shut-downs for no particular reason
    • Total crashes
    • Ability and health bar falling away
    • Lag
    • Disconnections

    This has been plaguing this game for weeks. I do not know why no one of the management has intervened or fixed it.
  • Description of the Issue: Severe lag and freezing of the screen. Started with 20.0 update; overheating and battery drain is minimal.

    In-Game Name: PhantomStarr
    Device and Model: Alcatel Pop4+
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi - I only play on WiFi.
    Game Version Installed: 20.0
    Game Mode: ALL modes, but most noticeable in Crystal screen, Champions screen, and Quests
  • In-Game Name: Phr3ak
    Device and Model: HTC U11 life
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi - both
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: ALL modes, but most noticeable in Crystal screen, Champions screen, and Quests, extreme lag now, arena fights halt for 2-3 seconds than speed back up, Crystal menu Virtually unusable have to restart the game numerous times just to claim and open crystals. Quest tile movement lags takes 5 seconds to move to next tile. This is all new for my device it's making the game to the point to where I don't even wanna play anymore as its taking longer and longer to complete content with every update .
  • kabam any updates ? i'm bored i want to play.. it's too much.. every month we have to deal with a new problem..
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    Got Kicked after taking Meastro down to 42% health in a single go (had to start fresh) and had non stop lag since the recent patch.

    My phone is baking hot yet again and swipes aren’t registering properly.

    I’m on an iPhone 7-Plus with most recent IOS.

    Doesn’t matter whether I use WiFi or data as these issues are persisting everywhere.

  • Hey guys. Anyone having issues with lag? I've been lagging at the start of a match and mid-fight which caused me to lose hard fights, especially in AW. What's worse, the longer I play, the laggier it gets at the point that during character selection (before the quest or arena),my roster buffers to the point that it took me a minute just to load. My phone is an 1 year old android, and I'm wondering if anyone has the same issues in android, too.

    yea same here.. i've been waiting for a carnage buff for a year now.. he's gonna get buffed but the game is not working it's lagging.. we should be having fun playing mcoc but it's not fun.. a new problem every single month.. btw i'm still waiting on a update or fix for 20.0 lagging :/
  • jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    Iphone 7
    ios 12 Public Beta
    MCOC 12.01
    Wifi and Cellular Data

    Game is essentially unplayable after 3-5 minutes of normal gameplay. Phone becomes hot 2 fights in. This is incredibly frustrating, and I’m mostly dissappointed in the continuous lack of quality in product and communication regarding this issue. The fact that we’ve dealt with overheating recently and now again is infuriating.
    Would really appreciate quick action on your end.

  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,111 ★★★★★
    Hey guys. Anyone having issues with lag? I've been lagging at the start of a match and mid-fight which caused me to lose hard fights, especially in AW. What's worse, the longer I play, the laggier it gets at the point that during character selection (before the quest or arena),my roster buffers to the point that it took me a minute just to load. My phone is an 1 year old android, and I'm wondering if anyone has the same issues in android, too.

    What kind of phone?
  • after the new update , the game lags a lot , i havent able to play smoothly as before , especially during crystal openings it lags a lot
    i m using android device..
    resolve this issue as soon as possible as im not able event quest properly..
  • EggmanPEIEggmanPEI Posts: 16
    Nvidia Shield K1 tablet
    Android 7.0
    Wifi only

    Massive lag moving around on any in-game map (especially bad on the monthly EQ). The screen literally stutters almost frame by frame as I move between nodes. The fight profile screen is slow to load.. can take up to 5 seconds for champs to appear. Longer load times than normal (up to 30 seconds between starting the fight and actually getting into the fight, compared to pre-20.0 load times of 6-8 seconds). Once in the fight, the game magically starts running lag-free. Finish the fight and go back to the map.. aforementioned lag returns.

    Oh, can't forget to mention the heat issue has returned in 20.0. My tablet is heating up way more than it should while playing MCoC, to the point where I need to stop using it for fear of it being damaged from the heat the device is putting out. The game is not crashing like it was with the 19.0 heat issues, though.

    Is this the death knell for Android support and MCoC? Since 19.0, it sure feels like it.
  • sakura0606sakura0606 Posts: 3
    lag issue getting worst. playing the quest, AQ/AW and it stucks my attacker champ for few secs. also I can’t even grind to arena coz my iphone is starting to overheat. i tried to uninstall then install again this game but still no progress.
  • GivMeABeerGivMeABeer Posts: 197 ★★
    Iphone 8
    IOS 11.4.1
    MCOC 20.0.0
    I have been having severe lag issues at the beginning of fights, regardless of mode of play. For the first 3-5 seconds the screen is very choppy and controls are hit/miss. I have had to hold block until it stops before trying to fight.

    I just updated to 20.0.1 and it seems to be getting better. I will report back when I have play a decent amount.
  • Android lg stylo 2
    The lag is terrible, can't play war, arena, events, game play in general. Worse I have ever seen it affecting all aspects of the game and getting worse every time I log in. Now to the point I can not play losing all my potions to try and help the alliance. Kabam has more than enough feedback just fix the game. Unreal they are letting this go on for so long.

  • iPhone 6s
    Major lag in all areas of game and battery drain that is insane. I thought it was my last home but now I see others in same boat. I just started playing on iPad and it is the same.
  • Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC
    Android Version 4.4.2

    Almost in every game mode is super lagging now, almot freeze. Event when moving from tile to tile its super slow. Happen right after finish updating to 20.0
  • Hey,
    This is regarding the newest update.
    It's lagging a lot in my android, I cannot open my game properly, fights sometime stops for a few seconds etc.
    If y'all just check that would be great.

    PS: last update and previous ones were working as good as one can expect in an android, but this one is just losing it.
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    Thanks to those who have been giving the info requested in the forum bug report template! For those who haven't, could you provide the info that is requested in the template? This could provide us with some valuable data.

    Additionally, we have a few follow-up questions for those who may have this info and may have not listed it yet:
    -For those who have been reporting lag, could you let us know where specifically it has been occurring? Is it in fights, particular game modes, or particular menus?
    -For those reporting long loading screens, could you tell us if these are occurring in particular places? Is it only when opening the game or is it when loading particular fights or menus?
    -When did you notice the reported issue started occurring?

    Thanks again for those who have already provided all of this info! It can be a huge help throughout this process.

    It's lagging EVERYWHERE. I can barely navigate the menus and fights turn into freaking Powerpoint presentations. It started the first time I opened the app after downloading the update. It's making the game nearly unplayable.

    My phone info
    LG Tribute HD
    Android 6.0.1
    Virgin Mobile
    MCoC 20.0.1
  • jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    @Kabam Zibiit no acknowledgment of the overheating issue?! please tell me this isnt being ignored!
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