Naughty Symbioid



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    Bungyman_BMBungyman_BM Posts: 45
    My little.... sh#T no more is needed..
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    My little one is telling me all of Kabams upcoming secrets, shhhhh!
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    DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 21,344 ★★★★★
    Mine made 3 RDT threads called spidermans sister.
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    FR33_HUG5FR33_HUG5 Posts: 1,196 ★★★★
    My symbiod decided it would be okay to chase down and savagely kill the local mailman.

    I was upset at first, but then I saw some of the bills, said mailman delivered. I tossed those bills in the trash and let the symbiod run around the neighbourhood.
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    SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 615 ★★★
    Mine got into some fights and refuses to eat anything until i give it the food it likes.
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    Drew462Drew462 Posts: 28
    My symbiote just came in hear and wacked me in the face, and he just broke my couche I want a refund
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    Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    my symbiote is a picky eater, it only eats Egg McMuffins and Golfish Crackers.
    It also threw my pet Turtle at the wall but I think he'll be fine.

    The symbiote is fine he means. The turtle got smashed into a pulp.
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    Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,042 ★★★
    Since my symbioid arrived, he’s been pretending to shoot webs at stuff, then proceeds to go knock over whatever he “shot”

    What a goofball
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    ExHavokExHavok Posts: 519 ★★★
    edited October 2018
    Megavok wrote: »
    Where can I get some Symbiote litter, I'm literally racing against time...

    Forget it guys, I just woke up and now it's too late...
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    Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Dang, mine bonded with my neighbors cat.
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    abqberabqber Posts: 230 ★★
    My boi looked at my roster and his first words were like...
    "Sso many ssnacks, ssso little time" (only one month right )
    Need assistance Kabam please...
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    godsquad891godsquad891 Posts: 779 ★★
    my symboid keeps licking his lips dressing as a school kid and taking creepy back to school selfies and planning to eat....... The Kardashians :D:o
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    Update mine just grew 100 feet and is now eating hospitals. What's the appropriate punishment? I'm thinking no Treats for a week.
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    EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 957 ★★
    My symbioid ripped my shoes trying to wear them. He ate them after, along with the rest of my clothes.
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    Cryptic_CobraCryptic_Cobra Posts: 532 ★★★
    thats strange, mine has been a little angel o:) so far... Guess I'm just a better caretaker then you guys :p
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