Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]

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So I’m not sure if this is an issue for anyone else but while I’ve been working to get better with my SL in ROL, I go to block sometimes and I lose control of the character. He attacks for no reason. It makes me lose my streak and cost me a good run. Very frustrating.
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  • MalMal Posts: 18
    This just started happening to me. Questing 5.2.4.

    In gameplay, mostly after a combo. But its happened as well at fight start. I parry, like the 5 million times before, but its deadstick. Even when the enemy just stands there as well, then attacks...
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    @Kabam Miike any input?
  • Apparently a lot of ppl are having this same problem. There was a front page MCOC Reddit post about it yesterday morning:

  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 382 ★★
    It seems to not matter which champs I use. At some point one or the other ends up doing the same thing. In story, in AQ, and AW! I've had it happen facing Quake, Ultron, Green Goblin, Yellow Jacket, multiple others, specifically remember Ultron because it was Node1 in AW my character just randomly started just standing there while I'm clearly tapping or holding down on the screen to block!
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    As above. 2 different devices all champs at some point in all events. I'll think it's just my sym spidey in war one day, then star lord will do it in AQ n anyone in arena.its been happening for ages.
  • My champs affected are quake, x-23, voodoo, ronan, crossbones, and vision. These are my aq and aw champs. All champs are affected though. Arena isn't as bad. I use a Samsung Galaxy s5. All enemies.
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    Apple iPhone 5s has this problem in act 5 along with parry working like 1 in 10 tries I still also get the ai launching special attacks while I'm mid combo on them. And I also get various other issues. Champs blocking fails champs become non responsive mid combo they also evade short at times and about every 1 in 10 heavy attacks from the ai is double its normal length 95 percent of the time u take that sucka like a man and die lol. Been saying this for months now always ignored. Running iOS 10.3.3 latest game update also been far mor apparent since the game went down the other day.
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    iPhone 7+, iPad mini-4 events Act 5.1,5.2, AQ/AW, t4bc daily hard path boss fight. Any champ in my roster against any champ in those events. It's a bug in one of the AI scripts. We all know th AI scripts are random for any given fight with a select few for the more advanced fights - it's one of those. I know this, if lag is horrible at the start of a fight, odds are this is going to happen.
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    Happened to me multiple times over the last week in AQ and AW, using multiple champs, and against multiple enemies. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it, but in at least 7 fights now, my champ has randomly dropped his block, refused to dash back, and stopped attacking mid combo.

    I'm on galaxy s8, and have tried restarting my phone multiple times and even reinstalling the app with no effect
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    I reported this a while back. I see it most on m 5* Storm. I don't use her anymore. I am playing on an iPad Pro. It is difficult to tell what is really happening because I have to start frantically tapping to try to survive the fight.
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    Just happened in AQ fighting howard mini boss with Thor. Made a five hit combo and tried to block and Thor just stood there and ate a five hit combo in return. Unbelievable. As bad as it is having your champ just stand there after a five hit combo its only slightly worse than the fact that you cant do anything fast enough after a five hit combo but block and take block damage. If you do a four hit combo you can evade back no problem.
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