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Do you think that would have individual rewards in AQ? Reason: in many alliances, the leader decides some players have to be responsible for finish map 6 or 7 , and the others (his friends) can stay on map 4 or 5 (for example). The consequence of this is that many players just don’t have too many time to finish event quests or any other thing. With individual rewards (by map) everyone would prefer go to the limit instead of do nothing.


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    Mate you can never say never, but both AQ and AW are Alliance based events so I can't see that would happen.

    What I will say is that if you join or are in an Alliance like that then it is not the right place to be so look for a new alliance is my advise, there are always Alliances looking to recruit so just take a look at something like readit.

    If you need directions on where to go just shout sure plenty will help you.

  • I completely agree with you. But the problem is that I’ve already been a part of many alliances and , not all, but the most part of them does does that. Sometimes, I’m lucky to be in the easiest AQ group, sometimes not. But I even can’t say “lucky” because play with lazy layers is not too much fun.
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    I can understand that, just something I've not really seen myself maybe I've been lucky then!

    What are you looking for in an Alliance? i.e. AQ maps AW tier etc.
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    Find a new alliance. There are so many alliances, one of them will meet your needs/wants. Anytime you’re not having fun or are frustrated it’s time to move on.
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    I think the structure is right if it isn't abused by the leadership of the Alliance.

    I'm currently in a Map 6x5 Alliance we hit around top 275th week on week not too serious but good rewards for the effort, leadership is great we all pull our weight but if for some reason people are busy with RLS then not a problem to drop down a Map.

    Equally I was an officer in my old Alliance very chilled and relaxed place ran 543 each day, the older more mature accounts handled the heavier stuff to allow for the other guys to grow and when they could start helping out more they did when the odd member would move on.
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    First and foremost, this a game and you should be having more fun than not. Like others have stated, there are tons of alliances that will fit your needs. You just have to find them. Best way is through forums or reddit.

    We used to do 766x5, but that grind created burnout for a lot. We ask chose to downgrade to all 6x5, less stress but still competitive. Everyone shares mini and boss kills. I make sure this is emphasized when I recruit. I can't stand slackers or anyone who wants to be carried in an alliance higher than they're skill presents.
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    AQ Rewards divided up based on how many AQ Points you put up ?
    Imagine the confrontations and complaints that would follow in the alliance. “Hey, that miniboss was mine.” “Hey, you jumped up to kill Thanos with a link still up (just for points) when another path still needed clearing.” etc.
    Or if divided by BG... “Hey, you joined BG1 and took my spot.”
  • I think should be by map. Only the players that participate in that map should receive something different for that map. That way, every BG would like to play the same map or a more challenging map. Of course that the rewards to the alliance would still exist.
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