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Hitting into block being countered by specials. [Merged Threads]



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    ericolorericolor Posts: 238
    @Kabam Miike it still isn’t fixed at varían 3-3. Opponents suddenly attacks in SP during he is blocking.
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    CobraCobra Posts: 126
    Road to the labyrinth
    My Iceman vs Moon knight, I was pushing his block in middle of arena and after MLL he activated SP1. I’m not even sure if that 2nd light attack did damage.
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    Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 464 ★★
    Usually the issue happens when I am using Omega red and hitting into block sometimes could be punished
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    NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 61
    Please please please fix this. It’s been too too long. Happened in arena just now. Spider-Man stark enhanced vs cable. Hitting into cables block and he dexed out between 2nd and 3rd hits. This is just ridiculous.
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    SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    NaTiSaAd said:

    Please please please fix this. It’s been too too long. Happened in arena just now. Spider-Man stark enhanced vs cable. Hitting into cables block and he dexed out between 2nd and 3rd hits. This is just ridiculous.

    Had quite a few people in my alliance say that as they were hitting into their block, they dexed out... and yes, still firing specials from hitting into their block.

    Would love to get ANY update on the status, do they need more vids?
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    Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 464 ★★
    edited November 2019
    Was able to record it at variant 1 chapter 3.1. Red hulk versus x23. Link: https://youtu.be/TploauzYS30

    Really annoying with the champs that benefits from hitting into a block. During this fight this one recorded was second time when she hit me while I was blocking.
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    NaTiSaAdNaTiSaAd Posts: 61
    Happened again in UC EQ ch 2.1. My Omega Red versus Symbiote Supreme boss. I was hitting into his block and between 2nd and 3rd hit he dexed out of the combo.
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    XJonesXJones Posts: 40
    Happens both playing as or against Mr. Sinister, esp. while charging heavy, which is supposed to pause any stun debuff on AI.

    Seems to Happen with other what I call “Parry/charge” champs whose abilities depend on the timing of original game mechanic.

    Something seems to be preventing my inputs before the AI’s. Beats me every time....

    The AI seems “allowed” to throw a special attack while it’s “my turn”.

    So yes, while I am attacking into a block, the AI is attacking me back almost simultaneously.

    And sometimes the AI seems to throw Two specials in a row ...which I cannot seem to do...Even with Mr Sinister’s heavy charge
    Which is supposed to hold the opponent until power is drained and then able to throw his next SP.

    Basically Mr. Sinister throws his Special Special 3 and he just kinda stands there ....and I seem unable unable to make any input.....unable to charge, or block, or sometimes even move/dash before hit being hit by the AI.

    At first I thought I was crazy but it seems to me to go back to April as well and I think it’s related.

    My Mr. Sinister is 5 star 200 sig on a full synergy mutant team. Part of his abilities is 100percent crit. chance on all specials with abilities that also cannot be blocked or avoided, so it’s very frustrating when attacking into a block the AI immediately attacks back.
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    TheBennyXTheBennyX Posts: 66
    Kabam just need to reduce the time to leave block. AI has time to leave block and launch specials while we attack into block. that is the same reason why we can leave block and parry while ai attack our block. Fixing the bug will be bad for kabam, because no potions or revives spent and for the players because u wouldnt be able to parry mid combo
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    Jawarrior2001Jawarrior2001 Posts: 303
    Using Thor(ragnorok) vs Groot in 5.3.5, hitting Groot with a combo, 3 hits in I get killed by his sp1
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    SubhiltSubhilt Posts: 6
    Seems like this had gotten worse/more prevalent. V3 1.1 stun immune path. Not only launching specials but dashing back and just dropping their block as well. All champs on that path have been doing it, but the Modok is practically unplayable with this bug. You pretty much have no option but to hit into his block the whole fight...he just keeps blasting you
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    Mr_Rager27Mr_Rager27 Posts: 35
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious any feedback on this. I thought this had been fixed and I have noticed it starting to happen again. Video in this thread shows it
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    iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,252 ★★★★
    This is still an ongoing issue, happened to me against Agent Venom with Omega Red on AQ.
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    Dfour24Dfour24 Posts: 80
    Happened to me using 5r4 Corvus hitting into Bishop's block in the Uncollected event. On two separate occasions he evaded and used his S1 while I was hitting his block.
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    paulosrmpaulosrm Posts: 29
    edited December 2019

    I agree

    BUSTED :)

    I agree this is a problem, but a few of these fights being posted against Thing is not the issue.

    When Thing has a special ready and you push him past 15 rock stacks, he will immediately go unstoppable and unblockable.

    This is expected behavior and that’s exactly what’s happening in the video above.

    When fighting Thing, the moment you get 15 rock stacks, stop hitting him and then bait the special. He’ll lose the rock stacks and you can fight him again normally.

    This is not normal/expected. Thing should not intercept a mid combo when he is blocking. You suggested bait his special but what if he doesn't have a full bar? The only way you can fight him is hitting against his block...
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    dcw_dcw_ Posts: 130
    This has got to be fixed this recording is the 6th time it’s happened to me in the last hour! Thanos killed me in AQ earlier this way. The recording is in V3 (second time in that fight!) it’s happening when both landing strikes and hitting into block.

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    LormifLormif Posts: 7,369 ★★★★★
    Dont do multiple attacks in block if they have a bar or more of power.
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