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ÆGON: Fixed Combo Shield to be a true Buff ?



  • Darksun987Darksun987 Posts: 83
    edited January 2020
    CRE4TOR said:

    It also bothers me that people think he’s OP. While he may be a good champ... you’re not able to use 90% of his abilities in the game. LOL is the only content I’ve been in where I can get his combo up to his top abilities that he was built with.

    He carried me through act 4 and act 5 as a 4 star 4/40 with NF/AM and Starlord synergy. He doesn't need 999 hits to be a complete truck. I was able to get him up to 300 hits in Maestro chapter for instance and truth be told he starts owning hard around 100 hits. After that he takes down a 2x PI champ who isn't bleed immune in like 30 hits.

    Not sure why I'm even saying this because I don't want him nerfed but I love me some Aegon.
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