Any ideas on what's it going to be, where to find the Deadpool and what is it all supposed to mean?


  • TheSaithTheSaith Posts: 377 ★★
    What's this???
  • I think that was an april fools joke
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 866 ★★★★
    New champ acronym for PlatinumPool.... :#

  • AnaxagorAnaxagor Posts: 34
    @GinjabredMonsta well, the 1st of April has passed away, but the key is still there. Maybe Americans celebrate April fools all the month I dunno, but there was a newsletter recently, which suggests Deadpool is somewhere there, so as far as I can assume from my background, it's more than a joke
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,470 ★★★
    edited April 2020
    Part of a Side Side Event coming later this month 20 of April.
    I don't think platinum pool was ever actually coming but the los mercos is supposed to.
  • AnaxagorAnaxagor Posts: 34
    @NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE well that was what I actually meant. This half real half joke quest whatever it is that was introduced with a sticky key and so on
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