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    So your saying when they add items to the unit deals then kabam should still charge 100 for just the extra added item? You know that's bs. The daily deals are there every day.

    Say I'm wrong. Say your mates spent the 5 bucks and your right.

    What do you get for 5$ in compensation again? They already got it when they ran the rift. So they should get nothing?

    You make it sound like they got nothing. People think that spending 5$ and getting the rift item anyways that they deserve some huge reward.
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    You’re totally missing the point. Some people bought the deals purely for the intel, which provided access to extra rifts and their desired awakening gem (if they had previously bought the chronometer and still not obtained their target gem from a rift).

    Awakening gems are difficult to obtain and expensive items usually so being able to obtain one via the rifts was amazing. Prior to the compensation, buying the deals was the only way to run more rifts. However these purchases were then rendered unnecessary.

    I was super happy with the large amount of intel we received. I’m sure we all were. I think the event overall was fantastic. However it still remains true that some people paid for “exclusive” items that they ultimately didn’t need to buy.
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    Hey guys,

    You've been very patient, and we really appreciate it, but we don't have our finalized plans yet. As soon as we do, we will be sure to let you all know, and are working to get that stuff together and out as fast as we can

    Hey @Kabam Miike how much time does it usually take to decide for small things like these. I am just asking in a non sarcastic way so please don't take it otherwise.
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    I think I bought 4 or 5 of these which I otherwise wouldn’t have. I bought them for the extra entries into the rift. I don’t really understand kabams business plan here. The part of the community that is being effected are the ones that have paid actual money. One of the biggest determiners of future behaviours is past behaviours. Those who have spent in the past are more likely to spend in the future, so most companies would look to keep there’s customers happy. So you’d have thought they would want to get something like this sorted ASAP. Why would I choose to spend anymore money on this game in the current climate. I cannot honestly believe there hasn’t been a decision made as to what the compensation will be. I think Kabam just go with the tactic of trying to make the gap between any issue and it’s compensation as far apart as possible so we don’t have the energy to argue it. It would take 5 minutes to hash out an appropriate level of compensation and update us on it. Absolutely it will take much longer to implement, but I can’t believe they haven’t yet decided. They would have probably had the amount in mind when the gave the 1000k in intel to everyone. But this is Kabam so, yep, we will just have to wait.
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    Compensation just dropped
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,530 ★★★★

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    I didn’t buy the deals, but considering the time this seems just as underwhelming and not thought out as the cmm comp
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    Think i brought all cavalier except 1, and a grandmaster too on one day
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    After buying the shards I have literally no need of the other things. I haven't got any worthy champions to invest in since January, I'm overflowing in t2a and t5b, and have every class of awa gems. So this compensation és like nothing....
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    Strange that you were 100 coins more than me and I did buy the Cavalier offer every day. Makes me sad as I would not have dropped the money had it not been for the intel and then had to bust my butt trying to spend the 10,000 that they gave us all. Wonderful they were generous with the intel for everyone but not generous with the gold coins to the player that actually spent money.....
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    It's not a perfect solution but I'm impressed that it's reasonable compensation.
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    benshb said:

    After buying the shards I have literally no need of the other things. I haven't got any worthy champions to invest in since January, I'm overflowing in t2a and t5b, and have every class of awa gems. So this compensation és like nothing....

    You don't need Sig Stones?
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    Thanks for the Coins. :)
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    Seriously though, I’m happy with the compensation.
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    Got mine. It’s nice they drop down on the same day as this thread. It’s not exactly the most generous of compensation packages but I guess it’s fair enough.
  • Wozzy101Wozzy101 Posts: 513 ★★★
    benshb said:

    After buying the shards I have literally no need of the other things. I haven't got any worthy champions to invest in since January, I'm overflowing in t2a and t5b, and have every class of awa gems. So this compensation és like nothing....

    But other than something like a 6% chance at 1k in 6* shards there isn’t anything extra from the rifts that isn’t available from the MODOK store. If you don’t need anything from the MODOK store I’m struggling to see what benefit there was to you in purchasing the extra Intel to get more Rift attempts.
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    jschweri said:

    For the amount of gold coins I received...I would have preferred a refund instead.

    They would never give a refund because you still received the intel, and technically the intel was a "freebie" despite it being the only reason many of us brought the deals. Kabam a year or two ago, probably wouldn't have even given us compensation. Of course I want more, and its underwhelming with the current store - with this I can now get all the T5B, T2A and sigs, might have a little left over for shards? Need to count out
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    @Kabam Miike 420 gold coins is about 10% more than a T2A in the MODOK store. Seems like the three additional runs in the Epic Rifts I would have been able to do with the purchase of the Cavalier daily deals would have been worth more than that, no? I understand not wanting to give out things for free, but I find it difficult to believe that those runs are worth no more than a T2A and 500 4* shards. Shouldn't you scale it more towards what the $35 I spent would have bought me in units? Roughly 1,000?

    Normally, I find the compensation you guys provide to more than fair and adequate. I have not dealt with CMM in the Abyss so I can not speak to that, but as far as the compensation for the server issues, I felt it was more than fair. It feels like you guys are preparing to offer 60 gold coins in daily Cavalier deals for each day of the last week of the MODOK event and that is how you gauged the compensation here. I don't know if I would consider the comparison between the two events apples to apples though and thus this compensation feels underwhelming and disappointing. Furthermore, it feels as though we have now moved into the territory of only being able to fully acquire side event rewards by purchasing additional offers. It is rather disconcerting to be honest.

    Certainly, my opinion is my own and many will agree that it was fair, but I just wanted to provide my two cents.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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