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    You're proud of a Win like that?
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    I’m 100% that this is a correction and a righting of a broken system that screwed alliances like mine. But kabam could have done it better, starting it in season was dumb, we all know the locked ratings isn’t really doing much, should have implemented the change off season and not frozen the ratings so the settling could happen outside the season. Secondly they should have left a parameter like closest war rating within 1k Of prestige for say the 5 wars, thing is alliances like mine who have been absolutely left to rot for the last few seasons in silver 1 can only be happy about the discrepancies that have occurred to war rating that these matches are actually showing up. It’s just the brutal suddenness of it that going to cause these complaints, we all knew they were coming
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    What are your war ratings?
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    Gmonkey said:

    Here is my war match exact same rating and tier, regardless of prestige this is the new normal that always should have existed. Gold 2 vs gold 2 with same rating.

    Let me guess. You're the 38. Would it look fine to you if you were the 18? I'd say not.
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    lower rates alliances are not getting shafted. this is how the system is supposed to work. everyone will eventually be placed into where they deserve
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    @Plinko, as it is players like you that literally keep the lights on at kabam, it's a travesty that it's taken this long for them to fix it and that your alliance has been purposefully penalised.

    I admire your patience in waiting this long to fix it!
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