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Champs stuck in aq [Merged Thread]



  • Finalflash8Finalflash8 Posts: 72
    Coming up on 2 hrs since my champs should've been released. Restarting isn't working. What's going on with this?
  • KiwimaleKiwimale Posts: 35
    How about releasing our champs that are still locked into AQ???
  • SarcasticTaurusSarcasticTaurus Posts: 444 ★★★
    Hey, no ganging up on the new guy

    I’m still able to join AQ through the AQ chat and do fights. That’s probably the issue there. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit
  • Scud77Scud77 Posts: 86
    Just wanted to point out that while Kabam is doing what they can to address AQ issues, there are those with champs still stuck in AQ, due to this issue I cannot use said champs for other content that I would normally use when AQ is down.
  • hellrazurrrhellrazurrr Posts: 122
    So AQ is showing two timers.

    One outside at 20 hours and one inside the window for 18 hours.
    Right now all champs are locked in AQ. If AQ ended why are our champs locked in AQ still?
    Also what's going on with that timer outside that's 2 hours later than the one inside?

    Can u guys get our champs released? And synchronize those timers?
  • Behemoth_HammerBehemoth_Hammer Posts: 2
    I need my champs released from AQ. If you can’t get it running correctly today then at least release my better champs so I can get thru some content. I’m wasting energy at this point!!!
  • UrmylilbitzUrmylilbitz Posts: 19

    Those who said AQ is still running are correct
  • crogscrogs Posts: 656 ★★★
    Ca5520 said:

    Aq is still going if you have already joined, kabam haven’t closed it down properly

    This. When they end it they usually end it. They don't half @$$ like they're doing now and leave it active. Kind of what I was driving at in my thread that got closed. Couldn't reply to the [email protected] who probably hadn't joined before it was "ended".
  • crogscrogs Posts: 656 ★★★

    So I saw the message that AQ is being restarted tomorrow due to the initial timer issue. However, I had joined AQ before AQ was stopped and now my champions that I was using are locked from being used. Any help?

    You can still use them in an AQ that doesn't matter because kabam apparently forgot how to shut it down.
  • Fantasy_91Fantasy_91 Posts: 243
    edited July 2020

    Another question....will rank rewards be sent out since the leaderboards calculated rank. That's alot of rewards if it does for a couple hours work.
  • DjrbDjrb Posts: 17
    AQ is still running. I noticed my champs were still locked out. I was just about to get in via BG chat.
  • DjrbDjrb Posts: 17
    edited July 2020
    AQ is still running. I noticed my champs were still locked out. I was just able to get in via BG chat.
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,523 ★★★★★

    Just hit continue, AQ is still up. That is why our champs are still locked
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,523 ★★★★★
    Yeah, very annoying they can't even shut AQ down correctly. Would like to use my champs for something else.
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 733 ★★★
    Champs still locked out? AQ shut down?

    That means better package compensation for everybody =)
  • Fantasy_91Fantasy_91 Posts: 243

    Another question....will rank rewards be sent out since the leaderboards calculated rank. That's alot of rewards if it does for a couple hours work.

    They've put a point requirement on ranked before ending the first one, one of the guys I play with had the same idea
    Thanks. I see that now. As long as they remember to take it off for the next series. Smh
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    the AQ ended in disastrous fashion a few hours ago and I still cant use my champs, just wondering if I'm the only one or if it's a widespread bug
  • hellrazurrrhellrazurrr Posts: 122
    @Urmylilbitz yeah u are right. My AQ is still running too *sigh*

  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 7,085 Guardian
    edited July 2020
    And AQ Peak Milestone Rewards just sent out, even though can STILL access your current AQ from Chat Pane and still do more fights.

    Was trying to get us above next Milestone Level of points, when I happened to see Mail Reward sent out (just before we were able to reach next Milestone level, lol).
    Now, doubt any extra points will count to any Peak Milestone, since already sent.

    Same with Rank Placement, those have been calculated and are visible.

    Edit... And this was for the 2nd (current) AQ (that was closed to new joiners, but still avail for those with still-locked champs). Not the very much shorter one that ended after about an hour earlier,
  • Hey all,

    We're still working on this. Unfortunately, It's going to take a little while, but we will update you all as soon as we have more information.
  • Thanks_D19Thanks_D19 Posts: 1,424 ★★★★
    Yeah we are still running AQ as usual just going through the bg chat
  • Big_Daddy_D_82Big_Daddy_D_82 Posts: 1
    My 3 champs are locked in an AQ that isn't even active, this is some stupid **** to have to deal with, i dont understand this mess and its frustrating to say the least
  • Champions should be starting to be released now. Give it a little while, but if yours are freed up, please let me know!
  • MazraMazra Posts: 60
    Same champs are still locked
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 16,119 ★★★★★
    There's a mega thread on this already. Miike just said they should be released soon. Why can't people look before posting?
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