Champs stuck in aq [Merged Thread]



  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,938 ★★★★
    Can I raise something else.. my AQ champs are locked for 6 more hours.. the next AQ cycle starts in 4
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,404 ★★★★
    crogs said:

    -sixate- said:

    Champs are still locked in AQ because you didn't clear AQ. So here's the new issue. AQ will start at normal time today, but the champs I need for AQ won't be unlocked for 2 more hours until this AQ day ends to unlock my champs. Either clear out this AQ day or push the start of the new AQ cycle until tomorrow.

    With maintenance tonight you'd think pushing off until tomorrow would be logical since it's been nothing but a mess so far, and why risk it today with maintenance going on tonight?
    I would agree. Hopefully that's exactly what happens.
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 310
    I want to do Northern Exposure, but my champs from AQ are not showing up. Are your AQ champs still locked?
  • BonzodavidBonzodavid Posts: 455 ★★★
    An alliance mate of mine also has this problem
  • adramelchadramelch Posts: 68

    Can I raise something else.. my AQ champs are locked for 6 more hours.. the next AQ cycle starts in 4

    People have been posting the same question for hours and still no response from anyone on the matter. Those 2 hours can possibly destroy an alliance's score especially for the ones with members on different time zones
  • FabiusBRFabiusBR Posts: 202 ★★
    Kabam - just so you are aware of how messed up AQ is, champions are still locked in Map 2, which is not supposed to lock up champs at all and never has before.
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 310

  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 310

  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,404 ★★★★
    If you joined AQ, your champs are locked until the AQ day is over. Those who didn't join the second AQ yesterday do not have champs locked. Those who do have champs locked will have their AQ champs locked for the first two hours in the old AQ even though a new AQ is starting. So you'll have to join AQ two hours late unless Kabam fixes or just waits to start AQ tomorrow to sort all this mess out.
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 310
    If it ended then they should’ve been released. Not sure why Kabam wouldn’t release them. If I don’t have AQ I’d like to do Northern Exposure
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 310
    That sucks.
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,658 ★★★★★
    I think you can continue aq from chat, but it's going to be difficult if your ally mates aren't there
  • TO_GOTO_GO Posts: 5
    Are you going to just do nothing and just wait for us to give up on this problem over time?
    Please delay the start of AQ by another day.
    Why nobody responds?

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Lyra
  • KnightZeroKnightZero Posts: 753 ★★★
    Yes would rather us have a proper fix for this rather than a random one. Even if we have to skip an entire week, it's worth it compared to a bugged AQ.
  • KDSuperFlash10KDSuperFlash10 Posts: 4,950 ★★★★★
    Champs still stuck in AQ
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    Yeah still waiting on mine to be released, this is some stupid ****, I'm bored as ****, cause AQ is down and I cant run other content, need my top 3 to run what's left in EQ
  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 815 ★★★
    We managed to get doom down and champions released in one BG.
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 399 ★★★
    edited July 2020

    Hours after the ending of AQ my champs are still locked in AQ, I hope you'll find a solution before the beginning of the new session in 3 hours
  • No_oneukNo_oneuk Posts: 420 ★★★
    My alliance completed AQ and my champions are free now
  • KnightZeroKnightZero Posts: 753 ★★★
    Are we going to have any update? Or do we just go in blind?
  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 59 champs are free finally!!
    The broken AQ is gone!!

    Now what happens to my day lost from not being able to work on other game content that others were free to do 😏
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,938 ★★★★
    Unlikely.. they said they fixed it 13 hours ago, guessing before they clocked out and went home to sleep 🤷‍♂️
  • Mine have been released already
  • Captain_HCaptain_H Posts: 8
    Will there be more compensation than just alliance tickets?
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 465 ★★
    I was able to fight the whole AQ myself and 1 alliance mate finished the map
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,938 ★★★★

    Mine are still in at 17:42 GMT
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    We had to clear the map to get them released. Can still get in using chat - battlegroup - continue. Didn't want them being locked out or some other worse interaction if it's supposed to start at 12pm pst again today, yet the current timer wouldn't end for 2 more hours. Don't know how they botched this one up.
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 399 ★★★
    in my battlegroup only 2 could join before AQ were locked down, it's nearly impossible to clear the map in those conditions
  • TsmittTsmitt Posts: 23
    Just another question, but, what about the 22 hour Alliance Brawl event that people couldn’t fully run through?
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