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    @JJW that sounds like a great idea. When is it coming ?
  • With currently only 107 playable champs, how are we suppose to keep diversity for 150 champs in war?
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    1. Not all champs are created equal.

    Some are more effective than others.

    Trying to get a more diverse set of champions placed on defense will never work unless THROUGH FORCE where strong champs are punished because they're stronger. Stop forcing us who to place and who not to! They're our champs and we worked for them. Knock it off Kabam!

    2. This is a game of millimeters. If champ A has a 1% advantage over champ B, EVERYONE (or anyone with a brain) will pick champ A as their defender. This isn't unfair, this isn't discrimination, it's common sense and strategy.

    Players will always go where the advantage is, if you take out any advantage, you create a flat boring game involving no strategy. No one wants to play a game like that.

    In fact, games where everything is "equal" don't exist! Imagine playing rock, paper, scissors, and they all beat each other. Does anybody win? No. Games HAVE TO have a value differential within it or else there's nothing to strive for.

    If you value diversity in AW, you're going to destroy any sense of competition and deincentivize investment from players, monetary or otherwise.

    Don't mess with human nature. Some things are just better than others.
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    Change is good, bring it on, but think it through first and be reasonable and roll the changes throughout the entire game.

    They want us to use our other champions? Make them useful! Who is interested in wasting any resources to rank up otherwise entirely useless garbage, such as Kamala, Joe, Luke, iron parrot and similar? They have absolutely no use in the game otherwise and there hasn't been one single instance of them being handy in any game mode until they brought diversity.
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    Badrose wrote: »
    I agree with most of this. Diversity is the new metric. The majority of Players against it have many Champs available. It's not difficult at all to shift focus. Whether by principle or not, it doesn't make sense to lose by not applying the existing paradigm. I'm not sure what further changes will be made, but I'm pretty sure Diversity will still be here. Personally, I'm all for it. I don't want to play a mode where it's fully elective, but the same few Champs are used everytime. That's not really elective at all. The real issue is it's change. People may have to use Champs they are not used to using. I understand that people are upset, but it's really not a bad thing. It's just different. Nothing can stay the same forever. Certainly not when issues arose from the old system. It's just change. The game is always changing, and it's been long-overdue for some change in Wars.
    So, after spending months in arenas grinding for the best champs, using every resources to upgrade them (why not, real money), now we have to sit there using our worst champs in order to win because you (and kabam) like to see diversity on the battleground? Don't you understand how stupid is it? It's a war against another ally, our best champs vs. their best champs.

    And speaking about diversity, aren't you tired to see the same stupid champs in AQ day after day after day for a whole year? Why don't they change that?

    It don't matter to him cos he only has 1 r5, it's not like years of build up resources go to waste for him
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    How does one go about blocking kabams valiant white knight?

    Click on their name so it takes you to their profile page, just to the left of the profile pic is a little yellow box with a downwards pointing arrow, click that then hit ignore. Enjoy
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    Don't wanna give us rank down tickets. Fine. Then atleast give us rank up materials, so that we can quickly rank up **** defenders. Because they are already ****, to make atleast viable for AW we need to rank them up. Otherwise it'll be a faceroll for opposition in the attack phase. **** defenders @3/30 , how does fighting them makes things interesting? That's absolute boring.
    No body will have to use a single item to fight **** defenders, so kabam's benefit from AW is going to be much lower than it was before!
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    Diversity is a good thing, but it doesn't really work without defender kills.

    The strategy for an alliance should either be to field a strong defence to stop your opponents (and earn points for kills) or to field a diverse defence which may not earn as many kills but would give you more points for unique champions.

    This is what needs to happen and would bring a bit of strategy back to the war.

    As it is at the moment it's more about maths than fighting, bringing 3* champions for diversity is just as bad as placing no defence.

    We need defender kills back but keep the diversity points.
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    Wars are being decided by factor that have nothing to do with skill. That's all that has to be said. War was taken from a contest of skill to a contest of who has suicides to boost pi, or who has thanos or kang
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    hariharesh wrote: »
    With currently only 107 playable champs, how are we suppose to keep diversity for 150 champs in war?

    Create 43 champions yourself and place them

    Seriously, why are people asking these stupid questions? If you don't have 150 unique, you place 107. If you don't have 107, place 100. If you don't have 100, place 50 or whatever number you have
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    Just remember, you are a mvp

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    The level of hypocrisy is astounding.

    Kabam heard that people didn't like facing the same opponents over and over again. How do they fix it? Screw over half of their player base out of half of their rank ups. But then they leave more than 3 MAGIKS IN ONE AQ MAP! Why can't we place duplicate champs, but they can? They don't have to spend time, effort, and sometime even money just to place a Magik in AQ, so it wouldn't be a problem to place someone else. We, on the other hand, have spent our time, money, and effort on rank ups, and that just gets taken away. And yeah, I get that Kabam has to make a profit, so they want to make the content in AQ as hard as possible, and they can do that by placing multiple Magiks that are hard to defeat. But then we get punished for doing that same thing, even though we actually worked for it. Remove Diversity NOW.
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    No game mode is diverse. In AQ, all you face is Magiks and Symbioids, and Dormammu is always the boss. In Event Quest exploration, we have to fight the same losers over and over again. But in War? The only game made where the users are spending money to create their own quest and have to rank people up to place? No, that has to be diverse.
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    zero7 wrote: »
    it seems that there is a certain goal of a certain member of the community, when there are concerns expressed by the player base which warrant a kabam response (in this case absurd changes to aw): derail the discussion...

    It's almost like it's his job to derail threads that point out Kabams screw ups. Sounds like a terrible way to make a living.
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    Our loss. We clearly outplayeded these guys based on kills. I also wonder if there is a bug as both alliances thought they had diversity maxed by got 149, not 150. Their alliance was 3 million PI higher than us. We lost on defender rating. Go figure.

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    off topic but can we stop feeding the troll...you can always ignore him...
  • zero7 wrote: »
    it seems that there is a certain goal of a certain member of the community, when there are concerns expressed by the player base which warrant a kabam response (in this case absurd changes to aw): derail the discussion...

    It's almost like it's his job to derail threads that point out Kabams screw ups. Sounds like a terrible way to make a living.

    But think of the job security
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    War is an absolute joke now. We lost the last war to diversity. Now we are placing 4* 3/30s over champs we have ranked to maximize diversity. War was the best part of the game for a lot of our players and people are talking about retiring. Taking away defender kills so that people don't get "discouraged" when they lose one champ and then give up with two healthy champs is a horrible fix for a problem that didn't actually exist. Emphasizing diversity to the point where people can't use the champs they spent time and money ranking for defense is a horrible fix for a problem that did exist, but the cure is worse than the disease. Beating another alliance with skill, strategy, and teamwork is what made war fun. Even losing a war that was well fought on both sides was fun. Winning or losing a war in which both sides complete the map 100% easily and one side wins based on diversity or defensive PI isn't fun. You have ruined the best part of the game. Please fix it.
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    INTEGRAL wrote: »
    Why am I still banned? It expired Sept 9th @Kabam Miike

    Log in game and go to forums from in game and it'll fix it
  • Perfectly said imo. This change is even worse than the nerfening bc it affects even more champs in the end.
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    Sith_Lord wrote: »
    As a very top player in this game who has been playing since original beta (November 2014), who has exactly 41 rank 5 4 stars, 5 rank 4 5 stars with his 6th rank 4 5* coming in 2 weeks. Who has a 550,000+ Total Base Hero Rating. Who has 100% fully completed every single piece of end-game content 100% the game has ever released, including LOL... I have to say, this new AW format is by far the most unintelligent, nonsensical, shortsighted decision that this company has ever made. And I am really trying to say that in the least degrading way possible.

    First, we were forced to rank up high prestige champs for AQ. Even if said champs were garbage as per ability wise, for the sake of playing the "prestige game" in order to rank in for AQ. Then, we were forced to rank up super dope champs for the last season of AW, & max certain masteries for the sake of it as well - which are definitely NOT cheap! NC's, SM, all mystic champs, along with 5/5 MD mastery.

    Now, we're being penalized for doing so, because we have to be "more diverse", & use horrendous champs for this season of AW, that came at a moments notice without fair warning to prep us with details prior of what "defender diversity" actually was or really meant. It's like, all of our endless time, hard work, dedication, & money that was invested was for nothing. Who in their right mind is going to say; "OMG! I cannot wait to rank 4 my 5* Kamala Khan for defender diversity"? Or said champs that before this, have held no such purpose what-so-ever.

    YES... Kabam could have at least been courteous & issued out 4 & 5* rank down tickets for this, at least in my opinion, because now, we cannot have a duplicate champ from anyone placed on this map in order to secure a win. All champs in every single BG cannot be one of the same, or you will not win! This has nothing to do with skill, & it doesn't matter how many items you use. All nodes in Tier 1 are different now, & more than half of the champs we are being forced to place on this horrible map do not go hand-in-hand with said nodes. So, all those champs that were ranked up for last season's AW are now completely useless. All those masteries, MD 5/5, that we paid to unlock are not useless too, because we cannot place repeated champs on the map.

    This was a horrible attempt at something that could have been GREAT!

    And please, I say this without trying to offend anyone... If you are not over a certain rating, have multiple R5 4 stars, or more than 3 R4 5 stars, with every single unlocked mastery, or are not in Tier 1 AW or rank in for top 300 AQ, PLEASE do not pass comment on something that you are unfamiliar with!

    Again, I am not trying to offend anyone on any playing level field with what I stated. Only those who are also on top can relate to this.

    This was & is a total failure..................

    Perfect explanation man! Now I'm hesistant to rank up any champion past rank 3 or 4, because who knows what surprise they're gonna throw after 4-5 months from now, & make the champions I would like to rank up completely useless.
    Either they should issue RDTs to let us reuse our resources elsewhere n reshuffle or at the very least should provide us enough freebie upgrade materials so that we can rank up craps. Thus we don't have to waste our time n effort to upgrade trashes for the sake of diversity quickly!
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