Remembering Chadwick Boseman [Merged Threads]



  • Aziz5253Aziz5253 Posts: 472 ★★★
    "A small buffed black panther to fight against"
    I'm sorry but some people over here are straight out horrible. An icon for a lot of people died today and all you're thinking of is your interest in rewards/events in the game?
  • Coolc5050Coolc5050 Posts: 16
    Black panther was my first 4* and black panther civil war was my first 5*, Rest in peace king #wakandaforever
  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,072 ★★★
    rip Chadwick Boseman u will always be remembered especially throughout the Marvel Community #WAKANDAFOREVER
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,879 ★★★
    I was shocked when I heard this news :(
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,071 ★★★★★
    "In my culture death is only the beginning"-Tchalla
    Rip Chadwick Boseman
  • Xxx6667Xxx6667 Posts: 11
    edited August 2020

    RIP Chadwick Boseman.
  • FrankCYoungFrankCYoung Posts: 239 ★★
    Free Black Panther avatar tribute to use on LINE or whatever, just save image and use it anywhere, my way of saying thanks for the late actor. RIP.
  • FrankCYoungFrankCYoung Posts: 239 ★★
    Just a quick mockup I made, hope everyone likes it. Wakanda forever!
  • GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 236 ★★
    This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,912 ★★★★
    This is legit.
  • Jedi_HawkeJedi_Hawke Posts: 812 ★★★
    He was an awesome actor and person. Black Panther was great, he was perfect for that role, and 42 is one of the greatest films of all time in my opinion. He was a very inspirational person.
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 226 ★★
    Truly an amazing talent who was still scratching the surface of his journey but made every performance just as powerful as the one before. Than you for all that you gave, RIP King.
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 727 ★★★
    RIP Chadwick, you'll never be forgotten.
  • MadEyeMoody_333MadEyeMoody_333 Posts: 113
    edited August 2020
    RIP King #WakanadaForever
    Hey Kabam, if you could change the animation of Black Panther any minor change would do for e.g after winning anyfight he makes a Wakanda forever action 🙅🏿‍♂️.
    also.. this for my fellow community members.. don't think it's a good time to ask ofor an event/crystal or anything.. somehow that does not sound appropriate
    Will miss Chadwick 💔
  • MegavokMegavok Posts: 327 ★★
    I have 2 opinion about what can Kabam do, both of them very simple.
    First , they can send every summoner a profile pic with BPCW does wakanda forever move.
    Or second, they can make OG BP and BPCW do Wakanda Forever in their character screen.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★
    AntoGrey said:

    Buff, restyling and new name, please.
    The first black superhero deserves that.

    As much as I loved Chadwick as black panther, blade would like to have a discussion with you on that last sentence.
  • blastrangerblastranger Posts: 2

  • blastrangerblastranger Posts: 2
    This was the idea behind the concept art. Chadwick used to be a varsity basketball player back in high school. The number 66 on his shirt is for 1966, the year Black Panther was first introduced.

  • BcrushBcrush Posts: 0
    Possible to gift players a “Wakanda Forever“ badge to honor Chadwick Boseman? It’s possible there was an event that gifted this badge but I’d love to receive one as well if possible. Heartbroken over the loss.
  • Reece0911Reece0911 Posts: 1
    Dear Creators,
    Could you please add a special mission or quest with the prize being crystal shards to get the champion Black Panther or possibly a badge in his memory. You could also 9ffer some type of special gamer tag in honor of his memory and legacy. Chadwick Boseman donated a lot of his time to kids who were sick with cancer all the while battling the disease himself. Please do something in his honor and memory. Thank you.
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 4,243 ★★★★★

  • CtcIsGamimgCtcIsGamimg Posts: 16
    In honor of Chadwick Boseman, both Black Panthers should be buffed. There have been many people that have requested a Black Panther buff and I think this is the right time for that to happen, and if that’s too much to ask for, at least give everyone a Wakanda Forever title to pay respect to Chadwick.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★
    These last 12-14 months seriously need to just stahp.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 26,690 ★★★★★
    Buttehrs said:

    These last 12-14 months seriously need to just stahp.

    I know. Someone needs to do a Hard Reset on 2020.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★

    Buttehrs said:

    These last 12-14 months seriously need to just stahp.

    I know. Someone needs to do a Hard Reset on 2020.
    I've tried CTRL ATL DLT several times. No luck yet.
  • andre98andre98 Posts: 17
    hulkbuster is shocking me as a defender while his armor ups stay on.
  • NeurogodNeurogod Posts: 22
    What if Kabam created a profile picture to remember Chadwick Boseman and the proceeds go to a Colon Cancer Research Foundation of his family's choosing.
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 905 ★★★
    In honor of Chadwick Boseman and BPCW

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